The Major deaths of Game of Thrones Season finale ; GOT Season 5 episode 10 Mother’s Mercy

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I’m not going to sugar coat it, a lot of people died! The season finale of Game of Thrones season 5, was devastating. I mean, we all expected there to be deaths. What would Game of Thrones be if they didn’t end the season with a great slaughter? But seriously, I’m almost considering never watching the show again. I know that the novels are known to break hearts, but if you kill enough of the characters that I’m rooting for, I’m going to have to take my devotion elsewhere.

But don’t let me be the judge. Read the re-cap and figure out how you feel about this tragic episode.


Meryn Trant is enjoying his time in Braavos. Spending his nights filtering through young girls that can take the best beating. In a line of three, there is one young girl with her hair pulled over her face, that bears his beating like a pro. Meryn sends the others away and chooses this girl. The whole time I thought it was Arya,  but she pulls her hair back to reveal another young girl.

Before he can get down and dirty with his new found fresh meat, she stabs Meryn in the eyes and a few times in the chest for good measure. I was trying to figure out how much Arya paid this girl until she pulled off her face and revealed herself to be Arya.

She tells Meryn that she is killing him because he killed her sword trainer back in Kings Landing. Then she finishes the job with a dozen or so stabs to the chest. When Arya returns to the house of black and white, she returns the face that she used to the storage area of many faces.

And to the surprise of no one, including your cat, Jaqen is waiting. He tells Arya that she killed someone that was not assigned to her and has broken some law of the god of many faces. Arya has her agenda, and the gift of taking lives can only apply to those that are on the list of the many faced god.

The bratty girl that has been doubting Arya all season, happily reminds Jaqen that she had predicted that Arya was not ready. She grabs Arya’s arms, and I quickly imagine Arya being whisked away to a prison cell similar to Cersei’s current accommodations. But that doesn’t happen.

Jaqen tells Arya that a life wrongly taken must be paid with another life. He pulls out the vile of poison and Arya struggles to get free of the girls grasp. Before you begin to mourn the death of Arya, know that he never forces her to drink the vile, instead, he drinks it himself. When his body drops to the floor, Arya rushes to his side crying her eyes out over his death.

The brat asks Arya why she is crying. Arya tells her because he is her friend. DUH! The girl tells Arya that he is no one. Yea we know, we’ve been hearing it all season. Jaqen comes out of the shadows, at the same time that the Jaqen that drank the vile lies lifeless on the floor.

WTH! I know that this is one of those many faced god games, but the rest of what happens is beyond understanding. Knowing that the Jaqen on the floor must be a fake, Arya pulls his face off to reveal an older woman. Jaqen explains that the person on the floor is genuinely no one. She left her money, former life, and somewhat left her sword hidden outside the walls of the house of black and white, but she did not leave her Arya emotions. Therefore, she isn’t a no one.

Arya continues to peel the face off the person on the floor revealing different people, and in a sense, no one at all until the last face is her own. Her eyes begin to cloud over white, and Arya screams that she can’t see.

Arya took out Meryn’s eyes, so I guess blindness is an appropriate punishment. I think the whole point is that she can no longer mope over her list because she won’t be able to see anyone anymore. Arya’s on her way to be a no one this time, for sure. What a rough way to make this happen though.


Dany is still nowhere on her adventures with her dragon. Tyrion, Daario, and Jorah are left to figure out the next move. After much arguing, Tyrion is left to govern the people with Mereen, with Grey worm as his mouthpiece. The people would not listen to Tyrion who is a foreigner and someone that they don’t know and therefore, won’t trust. But Greyworm, who is still recovering from his wounds, is a very well respected person. The people also know that Grey worm is devoted to his Khaleesi.

Daario and Jorah head north to try to find where Drogon has taken his mother. I see a lot of butting heads in the future, especially since the two heroes are in love with the same woman. A point that Tyrion gladly aired out.

From the shadows, we finally see Varys, who has finally caught up with Tyrion’s location. Tyrion doesn’t want to stay and rule; he would rather be out there looking for Dany, even though he doesn’t have any of the skills needed to either fight or survive in the search party. Varys makes him feel better about it, especially when Tyrion is reminded that Varys has a web of spies that could assist him. Tyrion’s next steps seem to be weeding out the moles of the operation and devising a plan against the enemy, once he figures out their plans.

It will be interesting.

Dany finds herself on an isolated plot of land alongside her wounded dragon. She begs Drogon to take her back, but the spears that had lodged themselves in his wings and back, have caused too much damage and he needs time to heal. Because Dany is so damn impatient, she decides to find her way home on her own.

I would have waited it out a while and possibly tended to Drogon’s wounds. But that’s just me. Before long, men appear on horses from every direction coming towards Dany. They look like Dothraki. Technically, Daenerys is a former Dothraki, but she no longer holds the protection of Khal Drogo. We also don’t know how her former people feel about her.

As she sees the men on horses approaching, she drops her ring into the grass. The ring may be a way for these men to identify her, so getting rid of it may mean that she may lie about who she indeed is.

Next season, I’m hoping Jorah and Daario find her quickly. She may become a prisoner to these people, and she’s going to need their help.


The snow begins to melt and ceases to fall around Stannis’ camp, Killing his daughter worked out after all. Although its good news, Stannis gives Melisandre the cold shoulder for being the catalyst in his daughter’s death. That of course, is debatable, since he could have refused to kill his daughter as a sacrifice to the God of light for a bump up to the throne. Yea, I’m still bitter about that.

Half of Stannis’ men left during the night. Also, Stannis’ wife has hung herself from a tree. I saw it coming before I even saw Stannis approach the tree, where her lifeless body hung. The guilt of not being a good mother to her child and ultimately not being able to save her, was too much for her to live with.

With the weight of all this, Stannis’ and what’s left of his troops, make their way towards Winterfell. At the border of where they will start their siege, Stannis prepares for an attack at sundown. Unfortunately, Ramsey and Roose Bolton, have been incredibly prepared for Stannis’ presence. Their army, which is about triple of what Stannis has, attacks before Stannis has any time to prepare. They surround the Baratheon camp, and the rest is history.

Stannis survives. There’s this small glimmer of hope when two surviving Bolton men, try to finish off Stannis and he kills them although he is wounded. But somewhere close by, Brienne of Tarth was watching for a chance to see him.

She finds Stannis and asks him if he was responsible for Renly Baratheon’s death. Remember now, Brienne was ever faithful to the man that made her a kings guard. Renly has always been first. Stannis admits to using blood magic to defeat Renly, and Brienne sentences him to death on behalf of the man she served. Stannis’ had no reason to continue living, so death by her sword was a mercy kill. After all, he killed his daughter in hopes of becoming king. There is no way this was going to end well for him. And there is no way I will drop this as a point.

Now I’m wondering where the competition lies for the throne?


When the husband is away, the mouse will play! With Ramsay away from his castle, Sansa is desperate to take advantage of the opportunity. Brienne is right outside the castle walls looking at the tower that Sansa had been directed to light a candle if she ever needed help. Sansa in a full hood is dodging witnesses and Ramsay’s men that may provide him info about her whereabouts so that she can make it to the tower with her candle.

Just as she makes it inside, Podrick informs Brienne that Stannis’ army had finally arrived. And since Brienne had been waiting for so long for a sign from Sansa, with no luck, she steps away and chooses a new priority. Stannis murdered Renly, and she wanted the opportunity to get revenge.

Just as they head in the opposite direction, Sansa lights her hopeful candle. So sad that the timing was so off. On her way back from the tower, Sansa meets head-on with the arrow on the bow of Ramsey’s obsessed fan. She is accompanied by Reek who strongly recommends that Sansa follow the girl’s orders.

Sansa is a bit done with the torture and victim phase. It would be better to die at the hands of the obsessed girl, then to die at the hands of the psychopath, who would have cut her up and done something weird. Being that she doesn’t care for Sansa too much anyway, the girl aims to shoot Sansa, and Reek interjects, throwing Ramsey’s fan over the edge of the bridge to her death.

Theon (Reek) had been so broken that he could never defend himself from Ramsay. But the guilt for what he had done to the Starks, was more profound than anything else in his life. Since Sansa walked into Winterfell, he has broken from the Reek that Ramsay had created.

A few seconds later, Ramsay and his victorious men enter through the walls of Winterfell. Shit just hit the fan! With no time to think, Theon grabs Sansa, and they both jump off the side of the castle walls to make their escape.

The thought of what Ramsay would do if he ever gets his hands on Sansa now brings chills down my spine. Could you even imagine?

Hopefully, Theon and Sansa can find refuge out there somewhere.


After an unknown amount of time in the prisons of the faith militant, Cersei gives up and decides to confess. She confesses to the Septon her sins with her cousin. She won’t acknowledge the crimes with her brother, because these charges were never brought against her. And apparently, she’s not going to admit to that willingly. The Septon says that she has to do some atonement and she’s free to return to the red keep before her trial.

Her trial is needed, although she confessed because there will be other charges brought against her. These “other charges” are the claims that her brother fathered her children. But Cersei just needed a way out, so who cares.

Atonement is an act of humiliation for the faith militant, it seems. Cersei’s hair is chopped off, and before all of kings landing, she admits that she slept with her cousin. She is then stripped of her clothing and has to walk with guards to the red keep. All the while, the people of the city are screaming obscenities (whore, cunt, etc.), the faith militant nuns shout out SHAME, and the citizens throw food, drinks, spit, and feces at Cersei’s naked body.

She’s a broken woman when she entered the doors of the keep, naked and covered in nastiness. But her ever faithful scientist greets her and introduces her to what used to be the mountain. The mountain’s life has been restored, but he is a shell of a man. Not that he had much personality before Oberyn almost killed him.

The mountain picks Cersei up to bring her inside, and you can see the look of revenge across her face. There will be plans made here. The Lannisters may once again become unstoppable with the presence of the mountain. Just what we always wanted, right?


Jaime, Myrcella, and Trystane pack up and head out on their ship to Westeros, with Prince Doran’s blessing. Ellaria shows Prince Doran that she has put her grudge behind her by kissing Marcella, before her departure. It’s just a show, of course.

Jaime returns Myrcellas necklace, and they have a little heart to heart. He intends to reveal to her that he is her father. But before Jamie could find the guts to tell the story, Myrcella surprises him by admitting that she already knew. Myrcella tells him that she is proud that he is her father, shutting out any ideas he would have had that she would have been embarrassed by him.

Such an emotional and beautiful scene. That’s until Myrcella starts bleeding through her nose. It seems that Ellaria’s deep kiss was laced with poison. Back at the docks, Ellaria and Oberyn’s daughters watch after the ship in the distance, as Ellaria sips on the antidote.

Now Jaime has to return to Westeros with the body of his deceased daughter. Is this going to initiate a war on Dorne? What will they make of Trystane who is now caught in a distant land without his betrothed and his family? What will happen when Cersei finds out she has lost her only daughter? Soooo many things to think about here. What do you think will happen?

Jon Snow

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.54.07 PM

At the wall, things are hectic for Jon Snow. Davos has finally reached the wall and is begging for assistance for Stannis. Why not use the wildlings? But Snow knows better and picks his battles. The wildlings would never participate in a war that involves the kingdoms of the south. He only needs them to make sure they can help against the white walkers. The real threat that everyone seems to forget.

Shortly after Davos’ return, the red witch, Melisandre,  arrives at the wall. Davos and Snow ask her what happened with Stannis. With her head hanging low, she can’t even speak. A woman that promised victories to Stannis who put the lives of many men at risk for what he thought was certain. She told Stannis that she saw the banners of the Bolton’s on fire.

The only banners I saw, were the broken ones on the ground with the sigil Stannis Baratheon. He killed his daughter for nothing, at that. I’m always going to go back to that. I can’t get over at how big his sacrifice was, to come out in the end with absolutely nothing. Not even his own life was spared.

Later, Sam and Snow discuss being the most hated individuals in the night’s watch. Sam decides that it would be best if Snow were to send him to the citadel with Gilly to become a maester. Now that maester Aemon has passed, Sam would be an extraordinary addition to the nights watch, if he were to study for the part.

After much debate, Snow agrees. This decision also leaves Snow as the single most hated man in the night’s watch, and that very night, he finds out just how hated. Olly calls Snow out in the middle of the night, as Snow was in his study reading scrolls. He claimed that they had found Snow’s Uncle Ben, the missing Stark. Snow bolts out and finds a wooden slab with the word “traitor” written across it. When he turns around, the entire night’s watch is before him.

Starting with Alister Thorne, they all take turns stabbing Snow in the chest, in the name of the night’s watch. The last to take a stab is Olly. The same little boy that Snow saved and tried to help, put a knife to his chest. Snow falls to the frozen ground in a puddle of his blood.

I immediately wanted to throw my remote control through the TV. I CANNOT deal with the death of such a significant character. Not because he is so loved, because yes, I do adore the role, but more so because of his influence in the show. First of all, it seems that we have killed off all competition to the throne and any man that would have had any sense in guiding people through the winter that’s about to hit, is pretty much dead. (minus Tyrion and Sam)

Then there’s the issue with closure.  There are so many things that have been happening to these characters that you know are going to develop at a later time, but they never do. Where is the closure here?

For example, Eddard Stark made a big deal about telling Snow about his mother and then he died. Fine. We all were waiting for the point where Snow would find out who his mom is and we were expecting it to be some dramatic twist. Now what? What was the reason for pressing his mother’s identity?

Then there’s the whole seduction scene with Melisandre. Snow has this connection to her that may be more than physical. She sees greatness in him, and you can almost sense that they will be involved together in some plot twist involving the god of light or one of her prothetic quotes. Now he’s dead now what?

I will throw out a hopeful theory to deal with this loss. Melisandre is on the wall, so she will soon find out about Snow’s death. She could bring him back to life. But that is just me clutching at straws at this point.

How do you feel about Jon Snow’s death? Any theories?

What did you think about the season finale? Comments, please 😉

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