The Last Chance to Escape; American Horror Story: Freak Show ep 12 Showstoppers

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American Horror Story Freak Show Episode 12 ShowStoppers

At the end of the midseason finale on American Horror Story Freak Show, Maggie had fainted when she discovered that the new entry to the museum of oddities included Jimmy’s lobster hands. At the moment, she’s sitting with everyone from the freak show at a lavish dinner and Stanley is their invited guest.


Stanley’s honorable Diner

There’s no coincidence there. Maggie and Desiree told everyone that Stanley had been recruiting dead members of the freak show to donate to the museum in exchange for large sums of money. When Stanley realizes that something is off with this little dinner celebration, Elsa surprises him with a gift. He unveils his present to discover the head of the woman who had been funding his freak murders. It was the head of the host of the museum.

After tying him to a wheel of misfortune and slinging a few blades at him, Stanley is let loose for the freaks to chase and claim. Unfortunately, we never get to see what they do, once they catch up to him.

Jimmy is unwilling to forgive Maggie. He lost his lobster hands because she didn’t come forward sooner. He’s sick, most likely from an infection of his wounds, and aggravated that he can’t care for himself with freshly cut nubs. Maggie changes his bandages, an act that causes Jimmy more pain then the idea that the person who he loved was part of a betrayal. The good part is that Elsa called the the italian craftsman that created her wooden legs to help create hands for Jimmy.

American Horror Story Freak Show Chester

Back at the ranch, the twins finally get a chance at real physical affection.  Chester, the new owner and ventriloquist, has courted them into his bed. Elsa has sold the show to Chester, so technically the girls are screwing their boss. Bette and Dot are amazed at how much they both enjoyed having sex, but these poor girls are not slated to have a happy ending with this guy. He is as crazy as they come. He believes the doll he uses is real and speaks to it frequently, and often, blames the doll for his actions. Neil Patrick Harris does a great job of playing Chester, very reminiscent of  Jekkyl and Hyde.

Chester’s final act

Dandy stops by with files he received from a private investigator he hired to look into Chester’s life. He dug into his background after he discovered the twins had a new beau. Chester had killed his wife and other past loves. Although the girls tell Dandy that he can take his investigative papers and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine, they keep it in mind when Chester requests to saw the girls in half in his final act. They had declined to be his assistants for the show. The way he quickly requested they be his subjects for the sawing act, made it clear that he was going to enact some type of revenge on them for rejecting him.

As the twins exit the rehearsal, Maggie steps in and volunteers to be the woman sawed in half. Her desire to be a part of the show is more about her guilt and her need to prove to Jimmy that she is a part of the family like everyone else.

Maggie knows how the box for the act works. Once he starts sawing, she has to pull her feet in. To make it seem like he cut her in half. But after she’s cozy in her little box,  he handcuffs her feet so she can’t pull them in. Chester is seeing his ex-wife and even the human version of his ventriloquist doll in the box, not the frightened Maggie that doesn’t understand what is going on. And when his audience, the rest of the freaks, stare at him because he is having arguments with these imaginary people and looking in Maggie’s direction, he asks them all to get out.

They do. He saws Maggie in half, screaming as the saw cuts right through her midsection.  Chester proudly exhibits, to his non existent audience, that there are now two small boxes. Unfortunately, Maggie’s intestines and parts are spilling out of both. When the freaks return and question him for his actions, Chester suddenly realizes what he ACTUALLY did. It seems this freak show can’t help but hire acts that have psychological issues.

Desiree is not too heart broken over Maggie’s demise. After all, she was a part of Stanley’s plans to kill all of the carney folk. Desiree suggests taking all of her jewelry and burying her. No tears shed there.

Chester goes back to his trailer and has an argument with the human version of his ventriloquist doll. Jamie Brewer plays Marjorie, the human version of the doll. And after Marjorie claims to be leaving Chester, he stabs her to death. Not necessarily a winning scene. We all know the damn doll is not a human.

But some time later, Chester shows up at the police station, covered in blood, with something covered in sheets in his arms. He is taking the blame for the murder of a young woman.  Just imagine what the Jupiter police would do to all the strange carney folk that they fear so much, if they could prove that a woman had been murdered on the premises? Before viewers could worry about the future of Elsa’s freak show, he un wraps the woman’s body and reveals his doll. Chester just bought himself a ticket straight to the looney bin.

Jimmy’s new hands

When Massimo Dolcefino arrives to make Jimmy’s hands, he is sick with fever. Jimmy is considering getting hooks for hands, although he knows it will prevent him from being able to masturbate. Jimmy’s priorities are little off, possibly on account of the fever. Elsa shows Jimmy the extent of Massimo’s work by showing him her own wooden legs, something that most of the carney folk were unaware of. Jimmy is told that he could design his own hands and they could work out the functionality of it all. But first, Massimo gives him a shot of antibiotics. If Jimmy’s infection gets any worse, there will be no one to make these hands for.

All the rest of the gang begins to question their future with Elsa, now that her Hollywood dreams have gone up in smoke. They all decide that there was truth to Stanley’s claim that Elsa killed Ethel. If there is one person in this show that was loved all the way around, it was Ethel. They all know that Ethel was not the type to commit a murder with her son still walking this earth. She may have been dying, but she was putting together plans. She needed Jimmy to be okay in her departure. There’s no way she would have left him willingly. And if Elsa killed the true loving mother of all the freaks, then she deserves to die. By the freak show laws, of course.

Amazon Eve lets Jimmy know that Maggie passed away. Jimmy doesn’t want to know the details, I imagine he figures it was all done on purpose by the freak show participants. She also tells him Elsa is next. Although Elsa has granted him the ability to get new hands via her Italian carpenter, he is unfazed and unresponsive to the news that they plan to kill her.

The twins pay Elsa a visit and they also get a glimpse of her wooden legs. They advise Elsa that her staff plans to kill her and that she needs to leave. Why would the twins save the life of the person that sold them to the serial killer Dandy? Bette and Dot claim that they are now even. Elsa had saved their lives by bringing them into the freak show family.

When the freak show crew head toward Elsa’s tent, in the middle of the night, and in Ethel’s name, Elsa is long gone. The next morning they awake to Dandy showing off his new rights to the cabinet of curiosities. Elsa sold the show to a serial killer and has fled the scene. To his delight, Dandy discovers a creature reminiscent of Meep in the back of the stage. It’s Stanley. Somehow they cut off his limbs and covered him feathers, the way Meep was dressed when he was alive.

Finally, Massimo delivers the wooden hands to Jimmy. When Jimmy puts them on, we finally realize that he had not been designing normal looking hands. Jimmy had no intention of living a different life then the one that he had been raised in. The hands are replicas of his lobster hands. No true functionality, but to look like they once did.

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