Why Clifford DeVoe ‘The Thinker’ is The Flash’s Biggest Obstacle yet

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If you’re tuning in tonight to the Flash, you’re probably nervously wringing your hands and anxiously waiting to find out how Barry Allen is going to get out of his latest headache that was orchestrated by his latest villain, Clifford DeVoe aka the Thinker. Although Barry has faced an array of criminal meta-humans ranging from scary to silly, Devoe has brought about a new way of attacking the Flash, and is, therefore, in my opinion, one of the most terrifying villains yet. It doesn’t help that his intelligence and somewhat omnipotent presence are his strong points.  As we saw with Savitar and Thawne, the villains are usually after hurting the Flash emotionally, by singling out a loved one, and physically, with hope in permanently putting an end to the speedster’s life. But DeVoe’s first attack was on Barry Allen the person, which subsequently hinders the Flash, and places the show’s hero in a scenario we’ve never seen before.

Spoiler Alert: If you aren’t caught up with The Flash Proceed with caution, Mucho spoilers ahead.

If I had to point out the villain whose appearance alone was the most threatening, Savitar would be the reigning champ. He was big, menacing, a speedster capable of leaving the Flash in the dust, and he knew everything. But for Barry, the greatest threat was that Savitar had the intention of killing his love, Iris West, and there wasn’t any way around it. No one seems to be content with just killing the Flash or Barry Allen as a civilian; they need to see him with his heart cut out before they focus their attention on ending his life.

It was even more frightening to discover that future Barry was the danger lurking underneath the Savitar suit the whole time. Who could possibly know Barry’s weaknesses and thoughts better then Barry?  I figured that Iris West would be a loss that I would have to begin coping with mid-season. At the cost of another loved flash character (miss you H.R.), Iris West was saved and Savitar was erased from existence.


The reverse flash was my favorite because he was so damn likable. If you put to the side the red eyes and creepy vibrating. He may have been a bad guy but you can’t negate the fact that he was father-like, fit in like a glove at S.T.A.R. labs, and had the aura of Mr. Miyagi when he was posing as Harrison Wells. The access to Barry that Thawne had made him a threat lurking right under everyone’s nose.  Unfortunately, the fears associated with Thawne’s close proximity to Barry were only felt by the audience cause no one had a clue.  At the time of Thawne’s post at S.T.A.R. labs, Barry was also extremely inexperienced. This made all of Thawne’s speedster tricks seem like they were light years ahead of Flash. Lucky for the world, Eddie Thawne sacrificed his own life to ensure that the reverse flash was wiped from existence.


I don’t think that a human sacrifice is going to save the day this time. Barry is the sole suspect in the murder of Clifford DeVoe, well, the soulless remains of DeVoe, and the Prosecution has a ton of circumstantial evidence to back it up. This is a considerable threat to Flash’s existence because if Barry is convicted, jail time would put a damper on the Flash’s lifestyle. Technically, the Flash could escape from jail and become a fugitive but you have to consider the consequences on Barry’s personal life. Barry would have to go into hiding and his relationship with Iris and his family would have to be boiled down to to meeting infrequently and in secret.

Barry is not dealing with the speed force or matters that can be solved by Cisco and Caitlin figuring out a scientific fix. Being the fastest man in the world won’t help out with DeVoE either. Also, the truth about DeVoe setting Barry up next to his corpse and transferring his mind to another human being is not going to set Barry free. The jury is not going to buy it. Barry would either have to find some way to prove that he was framed. If that doesn’t go well, we may see Barry trying to figure out how to defeat DeVoe as a fugitive of the law. Either way, DeVoe is a superior villain because he has knowledge akin to Savitar, only he can also think up ways to make Barry’s life a living hell and know the outcomes of his choices in a mathematical sort of way.


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