The Biggest TV Character Deaths of 2013

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This year’s TV lineup left us with some tears to complain about. There were more TV character deaths then anything else. Yea, we know everybody dies, but why does that have to include our favorite characters? And the worst part is that you know that the best characters die for our reactions. The only time fans are truly accepting of the death of a character is when we know the death is justified.


Maybe, we can deal better with Catelyn Stark’s death, in Game of Thrones, knowing that she had spent so many years making Jon Snow’s life miserable for his father’s mistakes. Even if we aren’t satisfied with the amount of karma involved in the deaths of our favorite characters, it’s going to happen.

Here are the biggest losses of 2013:

Walter White


Everyone felt the pain of a man with a terminal illness trying to make ends meet and leave his family financially stable. He ended up knee deep in murder and crime to achieve his goal. In the end, he admitted “I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really … I was alive.” He may have eventually lost his focus and enjoyed what he was doing for the adrenaline rush and the importance of being good at something, but the 9 million going to his children gave us all the satisfaction of a true ending. As for Walt, he will be missed for being the smart son of a bitch he was.

Robb Stark

Game of Thrones Robb Stark Character Death

Robb Stark was the golden boy of Game of Thrones. In the midst of a war, to avenge the death of his father Ned Stark, Robb was the son we all wanted to win, he deserved it. What he didn’t deserve was to die and have his wife, unborn child, and mother, be slaughtered. Although we can all understand how the consequences of the famed Red Wedding came to be, due to Robb ignoring the pact he made with Walder Frey and marrying another woman instead of one of Frey’s daughters. But still, he was too amazing to be murdered so maliciously. He didn’t need to become the King of the seven Kingdoms; we just wanted him as King of the North. And George R.R. Martin robbed us of that gratification by killing off our beloved King.

Catelyn Stark



Lady Stark was just trying to get her home back. They killed her husband; she didn’t know where her two daughters, her crippled son, and youngest were, and she was still managing to keep it all together. This woman was a tough cookie. After seeing the bloodbath at the hands of Lord Frey and Lord Bolton, she killed Walder Frey’s wife, who he said he would easily replace, taking the battle into her own hands, though death was certain for her.  She was the strong figure of a mother and warrior that will be sorely missed. I’m sure her daughters will live up to her legacy in the coming seasons if George R.R. Martin doesn’t kill them first. (We need to gang up on this man before he eliminates any more faves.)

Richard Harrow


He was the humblest man with just half a face. After Jimmy Darmody’s death, the only thing that mattered to him was the safety of Jimmy’s son, Tommy. That included making sure Gillian, Tommy’s grandmother didn’t get custody of him since she was a conniving woman who traumatized her own son and was capable of doing the same to her grandson. The sad part is that he had lost his Sniper Mojo and that is what he was truly great at. What’s even sadder is that they had to cut him off just when he had met a girl who loved him and was going to help raise Jimmy’s son. The only thing that made it all worth it was the expression on Gillian’s face when they tell her Jimmy’s body has been discovered and she would be going to jail for killing an innocent man. Priceless!

Tara Teller

They made it look like all she intended to do was rat out the MC, but Tara was just feeling hopeless like every other character does at one point in this show. They think they have no one to support them and they hide behind some selfish form of defense. Gemma took Tara out thinking she would rat them out and obviously always thinking of the power Tara has to prevent her from seeing her grandchildren. In the end, she was the only one that could have provided the best future for Jax’s boys and everyone lost sight of that.

Otto Delaney

The webs we weave on Sons of Anarchy. All of Otto’s problems were always related to a miscommunication or the misleading of someone outside his circle. Otto went to jail for the MC. Once they killed his wife a few season ago, we should have all knew his days were numbered. He spent most of them in solitary confinement, having FBI agents play with his emotions and force him to flip flop his allegiance. After Clay slipped him the shank, he could have just ended his own life. Instead, he got rid of Toric, before they gunned him down. No matter what, Otto was the most loyal biker in the entire team to his last day.

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