What You May Have Missed From the Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

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The Superbowl may have been exciting, just not a match for the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer. We’ve been waiting for half a year for a sign of even the smallest morsel of the second season. I don’t even think waiting for Game of Thrones was ever this painful.  The Superbowl commercial was a collage of scenes from our little town of Hawkins, that interrupted a nostalgic 80’s Eggo waffle commercial that would make Eleven drool.

There are some major plot hints in the little clips from the trailer. I’ve made a list of the hidden information you may not have noticed in the short preview.

Things you may have missed in the Stranger Things 2 Trailer


Eleven’s return to the Upside Down

Eleven Stranger Things Season 2


At the end of season one, we were a bit confused as to what happened to Eleven. She disappeared with the Demogorgon, but Jim Hopper’s Eggo waffle drop off in the woods seemed to confirm that she was still alive. This clip of Eleven waking up suddenly with blood dripping down her nose seems to confirm that she is going back into the upside down. What needs to be clarified is under what condition she’s going back. Is she stuck there? Does she find herself going back without any assistance? Or is the lab giving her saltwater baths again?


The Arcade

Arcade Monster Stranger things 2


There’s a strange red storm on the horizon in the backdrop of the local Arcade store. The arcade store will more than likely be a very important location this season that the boys visit often. Could this be a storm from the other side? Has the Demogorgon mastered the weather to create the perfect storm?


Will’s Visions

Will Stranger Things Season 2


Stranger things ended with Will still throwing up slugs. They may have saved him from the upside down, but Will brought back something with him. I think he has a connection to the Demogorgon and it’s tormenting Will with visions.

A New Monster in town

monster stranger things season 2 Demogorgon drawing Stranger Things Season 2

The monster that appears in the red storm is different than the faceless creature of the first season. Is this another being from the other dimension that has traveled through the same opening? This thing is a lot bigger than the Demogorgon from the first season. It’s huge. Im not sure if this an actual event or if this is just a dramatized vision, but if this monster is built to scale, we’re going to need an army to get rid of this one.

Will’s recorded Doctor’s visit

Eleven Lab Stranger Things Season 2


A year after Will’s return, Joyce ends up having to take him to the doctor. It looks like Will’s upside down issues are not resolving on their own. However, this private session is being recorded by the Lab. They too are interested in what problems Will has been having since his return from the upside down.

Hopper’s up to something

Jim Hopper Digs Stranger Things Season 2

Jim hopper Upside Down Stranger things season 2


Hopper is up to something. He get’s to digging and the question is whether he’s digging up something he buried in order to keep it hidden, or he’s trying to bury something now. He also gets a  surprise visit from the upside down. In that last shot, it looks like Hopper’s room gets picked up in a tornado.

Back at the lab in a suit

haz mat lab stranger things season 2

The hazmat suits are back. Which can only mean that someone is going back into the upside down. This time, their bringing a nice torch for some chicken-fried-demogorgon-goodness. Could this be Hopper again?


Ghostbusters Stranger Things Season 2

I love that the boys decided to go as the Ghostbusters for Halloween. I hope they have to use some of their Ghostbuster knowledge to defeat this new towering cross-dimensional monster.

Remember when the Ghostbusters fought off the marshmallow man?

The World is turning upside down

Finally, the text during the clips– “The World is turning upside down.” Seems like the other dimension will be spilling into Hawkins. Will there be more creatures coming through the opening? Will some have the ability to go to the upside down without even trying?


These all great revelations, until you realize that Stranger Things Season 2 will not be available till Halloween.

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