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An attack on fantasy disguised as a witch problem

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American Horror Story: Coven

When does calling out the cliché, become cliché?

You’d have to be living under a rock not to notice the massive boom in fantasy related books, movies, and TV. It has been an amazing and wonderful change to witness for lovers of the genre. The nerds and geeks of the world are rejoicing. With the growing amount of fantasy followers, TV and Movie executives have been looking for ways to cash in on the enterprise. Vampires alone have been featured in everything imaginable. I mean, we even have sparkly vamps.

american horror story coven review critique


Like everything else in entertainment, there comes a point when over usage equals hatred. If something attracts too much attention overtime, it becomes overrated. You could be the most talented singer in the world, as soon as they over play you, someones out there claiming that they don’t think you are as good as everyone else says you are. Someone always has to go against the grain.

american horror story coven

Which brings me to the article that sparked this blog rant. I’m not going to give the specifics on the writer or the publication because neither is important to my point. I’m just reflecting on something that I feel should be discussed. Plus, I’m not anyone of importance. I’m sure the writer of the article I’m about to discuss, doesn’t give a rats behind about what I think.

But the article in question claims that American Horror Story Coven is mediocre because there are so many witch movies and TV shows currently out there. The writer implies that the witch genre is overdone. Bitch, where?

The article also claims that American Horror Story Coven creator’s focus on “looks” over actual “substance”.

Angela Basset American Horror Story Coven

Let’s reflect on that for a sec. The problem is that there is only one other witch related TV series currently on TV (Charmed doesn’t count). I’ve heard of some witch related movies coming out, but have yet to see any. I mean, it’s been quite a while since Hocus Pocus, don’t you think?

So if there isn’t any witch related content out there, what could be so played out about AHS Coven? This writer is not crying that witches are overrated and overused; he is speaking of the fantasy genre itself. Say what it is and don’t claim that it’s something else. If a series came out based on flying goblins that own an airport, that too would be overdone.

I’ve just about had it with these goblins everywhere.


Saying that the series is corny and overdone, shows the writer’s lack of knowledge and clear bias. Nothing in the “American Horror Story” series can be described as cliché because it hasn’t been done before. The writers risks and have plot twists that most series would never dare to attempt.That doesn’t mean I always agree with their choices, but I recognize originality.

The writer eventually claims that the series is happy with its own sick way of startling viewers and that eventually viewers will need more then the content of nightmares to keep them interested.

Okay, wait. First, the American Horror Story Coven is boring cause it’s been done so many times. Then the creators are overdoing the horror. Horror could be boring if done incorrectly. But in this case, this writer speaks as if there is another series so exactly the same that they are sick of seeing witches in grotesque bloody horror shows.

Is that right?

The issue lies in the writers already made up mind that Fantasy is overrated. Yes, fantasy, because there aren’t too many recent witch movies or shows. It’s fantasy that’s causing the stir here.

Technically, American Horror Story is a horror series. This season just happens to be about witches, a fantastical element, but the underlying factor remains that the basis of this show is horror. How exactly would this writer like a horror series to look? A few women discussing politics and philosophy over coffee with an occasional ghost in the closet?

American Horror Story Coven Boar Head


What matters is that there is true “substance” in the series. This means that we don’t have witches running around creating bloody havoc, squeezing a love story in all the right places, and having no basis for any of it. There are roots in American Horror Story Coven.  It has a backstory that is well fleshed out for a television show that will only be lasting a season (Remember that! American Horror Story Coven is not a series, it is just for one season). This season is exploring the world of the scariest component ever to exist in this world, SLAVERY. And they’ve extracted an actual historical figure to show an even scarier premise, a psychopath with the right color skin able to go to extremes on people who are allowed to be mistreated, abused, and neglected legally. THIS is what nightmares are made of.

Most importantly, the plot twists aren’t petty romances added for the sake of variety. The plot twists are wonderful gems like: Finding out the husband of the headmistress, who has been trying to find a fertility miracle to bare him children, is actually a murderer, and seeing the racist Madam of the house, who is now immortal against her will, become a maid and have to serve others, including people of color.

I feel the creators of American Horror Story Coven have put in a lot of creative work. Their audience for the most part, recognizes and understands this. Finally, the fact that the cast is filled with stars just makes them lucky, because thats apparently another issue. I guess there will always be those that are never satisfied.

Rant Done.

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american horror story coven review critique


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