Recap of The Walking Dead episodes 9-12: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Due to the launch of the new site, I’ve missed out on recapping the last 3 epsiodes of The Walking Dead Season 4. These are the episodes being covered here: After, Inmates, Claimed, Still.  Last season ended with the prison war of all wars, forcing everyone to abandon the prison. Our favorite people of the zombie apocalypse are now separated and braving the wilderness with little knowledge of whether the others have survived. Here is a mini recap of where everyone is and whats ahead:

Michonne Rick Carl The Walking Dead Season 4
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The Walking Dead Season 4 : Rick – Carl – Michonne 

The Governor gave Rick a good beating,  leaving Rick a little impaired on his new journey for shelter. His son, Carl, is still on his high horse, believing he is a grown man and having little respect for his father. Thankfully, the tables have turned. After finding a house, Rick lays down to rest and Carl is left to protect them. Only thing is, Rick does not wake up from his sleep even after walkers are trying to force their way in the house. With only a few walkers to defeat, Carl gets them all, but almost fails. Guess you’re not the action hero you thought you were Carl! Rick is so far gone, he can’t come to his rescue and Carl realizes he needs him, as he turns into a young boy who needs his father. I don’t appreciate the attempt at making it seem like Rick died, my emotions were stuck in my throat till Rick woke up again. (Evil side-eye to TheWalkingDead)

Michonne looks like she’s going ahead on her own, until her past begins to haunt her dreams. We find out the two walkers she had chained to her from the beginning, were actually her boyfriend and friend (or brother). You could always tell that those walkers were not a random choice. She had an emotional connection to them. We also see that she had a baby boy, who she somehow lost. Now we can understand her reluctance at handling Judith in the beginning of the season! She can no longer go back to being a loner and we are now getting pieces of what makes her who she is. Luckily, she tracks down Rick and Carls new home.

Michonne and Carl are true BFFs. Out on a supply run, Michonne reveals to Carl her past, because of their bond and he is dealing with the idea that Judith is dead. This is something that she has not shared with anyone. And although she feels Carl is old enough to handle that type of responsibility, she protects him from entering a room filled with children that had been killed by their parent, who later committed suicide. Carl is growing up in a more adult environment then most, but he’s still a kid. It’s nice and motherly of Michonne to want to shelter him from at least something.

Rick is left at the house to rest, but of course, the poor man can’t get five minutes to himself. A group of men find the house and decide to make it their home, while Rick hides under a bed. These are not your regular scavengers, they are looking out for themselves individually. One of the guys chokes out the other over a bed. (What kind of people are these?) They find Michonne’s freshly washed clothes and are eager for her to return.

Cue Rick’s exit.

Rick sneaks out through the rooms slowly, managing to kill one of the intruders sitting on the toilet and leaving the door open for a lovely surprise when he turns into a zombie. Like clockwork, he’s able to intercept Michonne and Carl before they reach the house, without the men seeing them, since the zombie on the toilet became mobile and attacked everyone in the house.

They reach a train track and see a sign for Terminus, some type of sanctuary, and that’s where they are headed. Will it be another Woodbury? or maybe even worse?

Tyrese Mica Lizzie The Walking Dead Season 4
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Tyrese – Mica – Lizzie -Judith

Tyrese deserves the Patience of the Year award for having 3 children in his group and never losing his shit.  Judith has become a real complication, since she is a baby that doesn’t understand the reasons why she shouldn’t be crying during the zombie apocalypse. But we are all happy she is safe, since last seasons finale implied she may have been dead. (Bloody Carseat)

We’ve also discovered that Lizzie is a psychopath that enjoys murdering rabbits and Mica has a problem with running off. Tyrese was handling everything pretty well, till he had to leave them alone in order to fight off some zombies. Lizzie tries to quiet Judith by almost smothering her to death on purpose. With oncoming zombies and no Tyrese, I was sure that Judith and Mica would have been done for due to Lizzie’s psychopathic urges.Carol makes it in time to make sure they are all safe.

I didn’t know whether to hug Carol or choke her, for possibly sparking up the psychoses in Lizzie with those self protection lessons. Carol apparently had been watching the prison, while the Governor attacked, and had tried to follow Tyrese and the girls but had lost them. She realizes Tyrese still doesn’t know that she was the one who killed his girlfriend to protect the group from the flu. But knowing Carol, she’ll probably crack and tell him. Hopefully, no time soon. Who knows what his reaction will be to that. Now the group with the children is also on their way to Terminus, based on a dying man’s suggestion.

img source: screenshots of episode

Maggie – Sasha – Bob

Maggie, Sasha, Bob made it out the prison alive. Well, Bob has a shoulder injury. No biggie. But after losing her father, and who knows who else, Maggie’s mind is on Glenn that was on that school bus at the prison.  They find the school bus on the side of the road, filled with zombies. I don’t understand if someone was infected on the bus or if it was attacked after leaving the prison, but now all the survivors are zombies. Maggie risks her life killing off all the zombies including one that was hidden in one of the seats and begins happily sobbing that Glenn is no where to be found.

But clearly, she will not stop here.

Abraham Rosita Eugene The Walking Dead Season 4
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Glenn- Tara – Abraham- Eugene

Glenn is still alive! He was knocked out during the prison battle, after getting off the school bus  and is still back at the prison. The prison is over run with zombies, so his escape was a miracle in itself. On his way out, he grabs Tara who doesn’t seem to know what she wants to do. She watched her sister die and her niece is dead. Plus, she feels like complete crap for following the Governor thinking she was doing a good deed. But she’s going to help Glenn find his love Maggie, and hopefully that will make her feel better about herself.

They leave the prison and bump into the three newest, most anticipated, cast members: Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita.  They are on a huge military truck. This group is on their day to Washington D.C., believing they have the best intel regarding survival, because Eugene is a scientist and Abraham is a military beast. Glenn who has just fought off some zombies, is winded, he did just get over that virus, lest we forget. Abraham and the group carry him into their truck and set forth away from the prison towards…I dunno, the White House?

Glenn wakes up and gets off the rode away from Maggie. Abraham and him have a heated debate over whether Maggie is dead or not and whether it is truly worth looking for her. After a quick scuffle between Gleen and Abe, and Eugene’s horrible attempt at fighting off walkers with a gun–Abe, Eugene, and Rosita are now left without a ride. (Seriously? It’s been this long and the scientist doesn’t know how to use a gun?) The new group has no real choice but to follow Glenn, on his mission to find Maggie.

Beth Darryl The Walking Dead Season 4
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 Darryl – Beth: The Walking Dead Season 4 

Darryl is in a pessimistic slump. Everything went to shit, so he doesn’t care about anything anymore. Meanwhile, Beth has taken to writing in a diary she managed to take with her after the prison incident. She’s lost her father and has no proof that her sister is still alive, the diary is the best coping mechanism that she could have. However, she sucks as a zombie apocalypse partner, always barely making it out alive.

Then Darryl’s loss of care, and the despair of their situation, pushes her to this weird #YOLO phase. She suddenly desires a drink and wants to risk her life in finding one. After clearing out a house that belonged to some rich people, she finds some Peach Schnapps. Hey, thats the best alcohol you can have without a chaser. But, Darryl wants her to have a proper drink, or a manlier drink, so they move on to a place that takes Darryl back to his past. Some house with a shack full of moonshine was exactly like his home growing up. Abuse, neglect, and poverty made up Darryl’s childhood. Beth and Darryl have a few drinks of moonshine while he reminisces on how Meryl was all he had. And we learn that before the apocalypse, they were up to absolutely nothing. Beth and Darryl burn the house down after they’re done and leave.

That’s where The Walking Dead left off last episode.  Tonight’s episode brings us back to Maggie and her crew. The sneak peak below shows them in a thick fog fighting oncoming walkers.


Anyone have any guesses on how this will pan out tonight? Any thoughts on whats happened so far: Terminus or the groups and their problems? comment below or message me here

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