Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale: Refresh Yourself With A Recap Before You Start Season 5

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Here we are again at the beginning of another season and I couldn’t be happier. Does this mean I’m a masochist? YES! And if you’re as big a fan of Game of Thrones as I am, then you are also a glutton for pain because, without a doubt, this season will most likely bring new deaths. And yet, here we are again. The premiere of Game Of Thrones will air on 4/12/15 only on HBO at 9 PM. But before we step into the chamber of unknown death, how about a little recap from last season?

Shall We…

Stannis Baratheon has arrived at the Wall. Jon Snow and the Wildlings are at the mercy of the presumed future king of the 7 kingdoms. They’ve burned the dead from the battle between the men of the Night’s watch and the Wildlings, and Jon has said his final goodbye to the burning body of his first and only true love, Ygritte.

What’s to come: Jon and the others will have updated Stannis on the real concerns of Westeros: Zombies and an eternal winter. Assigning the true heir to the throne becomes a minuscule problem when you have the threat of an endless winter joined by zombies that duplicate and refuse to die. Will Stannis take these matters into his hands? Will he be the one that alerts the people below the wall of the return of their greatest fear? It can make him look good in his campaign to become King, you know.

Finally, what will the creepazoid redhead Melisandre be up to now that the tide has changed?


Bran Stark has reached his final destination. Jojen’s sixth sense has brought them to that tree that he had been dreaming of where they find the children of the forest. Unfortunately, we lost Jojen to a skeleton that stabbed him. R.I.P.  The skeletons rose from the ground and posed a real threat before losing their power and collapsing. This new magic is something I hope they will give more insight on. After the battle and Jo Jen’s demise, the rest of the group is guided by the children of the forest to the tree.

Below the roots of this enormous tree, Bran finally meets the three-eyed raven that has been guiding his path. He’s an old man sitting on the dry ends of tree roots with a floor covered in human skulls. Why is no one questioning this? A skull means that it was once part of a human being that died. So, we are just going to pretend those aren’t there? Anyway…

The three-eyed-raven says that Bran will fly. We can only assume that he may learn to take over the body of a raven. But now that we’ve reached our destination, what is Bran’s next task at hand? When he reaches the threshold of what his powers are capable of what will be his ultimate goal?


Cersei has given some experimental medicine man the task of reviving Ser Gregor the Mountain after his duel with the Viper. Although he squashed the Viper’s head into baby food, he is near death due to the poison from the Viper’s sword. I’m expecting that the Viper’s family will soon be arriving at Westeros to get revenge for their fallen relative. Hopefully, sooner than later. Some experimental procedures to cure The Mountain are being performed on Cersei’s orders. But, The Mountain will not be himself, if he lives. How much more disconnected and inhuman could he possibly get? I would be more surprised if he gained a personality!

Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister  Game of Thrones Season 5

Cersei reveals to her father that she loves Jaime, her twin brother and that she will not be forced into an arranged marriage. It looks like she has let go of the fear of revealing her feelings for her brother in a judgmental society. Not caring what anyone thinks can mean that Cersei will be worse then she was before. That was the only thing holding her back. She even tells Jaime that she is willing to come out to the public as a couple. Jaime is a little turned off by his sister’s actions towards Tyrion, but after a heavy lovemaking session, it’s clear that he still feels the same for her.

Cersei will be unstoppable if The Mountain is at her side again and she no longer fears the opinion of others. She said she doesn’t love her father or Tyrion, and that her main concern is her last son Tommen and his father. Which, of course, is her brotherJaime.  What will she be capable of now, if she doesn’t even care about individual members of her own family?

Tyrion is freed by Jaime. Instead of being sentenced to death for a poisoning that he never did, he is shipped off on a boat to another destination. Varys helped make the arrangements. But before Tyrion escapes into the night, he decides to pay his father a visit and discovers the love of his life, Shea, in Tywin’s bed awaiting her “Lion.” I always hated when they called Shea a whore, but after realizing that she went as far as sleeping with a 70 year-old-man to secure her future, I can’t help but feel that there is a long list of words that she is, and WHORE–is probably the least insulting.

Lucky for viewers, Tyrion killed Shea and then promptly killed Tywin while he was on the toilet. He didn’t even let him wipe! Varys’ helps Tyrion escape onto a ship inside a box and when he hears the warning bells coming from the castle, he decides to join Tyrion, wherever it is that he is going.

Questions this brings to mind:

Tyrion will most likely be blamed for the death of Tywin, and Cersei will be back in full control with no one to boss her around. How ugly will this get?

Where are Tyrion and Varys going and what will be their new focus in life?

Will Tyrion’s rep be tarnished for life so he cannot return to King’s Landing?


We have to assume that Arya lost her companion The Hound. We didn’t see him die but he was badly wounded and she left him in the middle of a deserted field. But don’t feel bad, she always planned to kill him for killing her friend anyway. When it comes to protectors, Arya has lost most of her family and most of her friends Her only hope is Jon Snow in the North. But when she heads to a ship hoping to reach the north, she is told they are headed towards the free city of Braavos. Arya quickly gives the captain the coin she received from Jacqen and recites “Valar Morghulis” and she is instantly provided a cabin for their trip to Braavos.

Things to wonder:

Arya will be meeting up with Jaqen the man who saved her life by killing whoever she named. He changed his face and disappeared. Jaqen surely will help train her in his mysterious arts as he promised. Is this going to be the ultimate training that will boost Arya’s dream of enacting revenge on her list of people who have hurt her and her family? Will she even recognize Jaqen when she sees him?

Daenerys has come to terms with the recklessness of her dragons. After scorching a three-year-old from the city she freed, Daenerys locks up two of her dragons. One of them is incredibly wild and is still on the loose. How soon will the Khaleesi be heading to Westeros to take back what is hers? And what will she do about that last dragon? Not even she can control him.

That’s everything we left at the end of season 4. There are others that will keep us wondering. Sansa and Baelish’s new found connection. Theon aka Reek’s mental situation and his relationship with Ramsey Snow. The death of the Starks and the doom that looms over the North now that Roose Bolton is in charge.

What do you want to know about the most? What are your thoughts on what will happen?
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