Recap: Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4The Sons of The Harpy

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Could it be possible to have marital problems so soon after the wedding? With Cersei as a mother-in-law, there is no doubt that the young tween and his bride are having some type of complication. It seems that Cersei has found a way to get back at Margaery for having her son recommend she be shipped back to Casterly Rock and for mocking her decline of power.

I was wondering where Cersei’s deceptive intentions were rooted when she began to butter up the random religious head of the Sparrows. Now I know that it was just part of a scheme to get back at Margarey. Cersei has her son authorize the sparrows as the Faith Militant to act officially on their mission to spread the justice of the Faith of the Seven with her new friend working as the High Septon. Tommen just figured his mother was probably being kind to a religious group, but a part of rooting out evil for the Faith Militant, includes punishing those that have taken part in what they would consider evil sexual acts, and homosexuality is right up there on their list.

Cersei sets as a target a very hard to reach sinner, Loras Tyrell. The Faith Militant imprison Loras. In addition to attacking another of Baelish’s brothels. That’s the second time. I wonder what Baelish’s plans will be.

Queen Margaery is not happy with her mother-in-law’s actions and demands that her young husband release her brother. When Tommen questions his mother, she points out that she had nothing to do with the arrest and that it was on the orders of the Faith Militant. What an easy way to make it look like she was not involved!

Tommen has to speak to the High Septon in order to get Loras released. But when he reaches the doors of the Faith Militant, they bar him from coming to see the High Septon because he is praying and they vow not to let anyone through without violence. Is Tommen not the king of Westeros? And wasn’t it his consent that allowed the group to have the power that they gained?

The king’s guard requests to take out the religious loonies protecting the High Septon, but Tommen refuses to allow them to use violence. So, a handful of religious men, put into the power by the king, actually deter him from speaking to their leader? Tommen looks like a complete wimp in front of the townspeople and the Faith Militant. What’s to stop them from doing whatever they want going forward?

Tommen returns to Margaery with the news that he was unable to have Loras released due to the discrepancy. A very disappointed Margery sends word to her grandmother that her services will be needed. Tommen is definitely not King material and does not have the confidence to put things into play for her. Grandmother Tyrell is a force to be reckoned with. This is going to get interesting.


Kings Landing is in desperate need of funds and they are having problems with the Iron Bank. Cersei sends the master of coin, Father Tyrell, to speak with the Iron bank in Braavos in order to move along their mission of obtaining more money. But this is merely a distraction, so the Master of Coin doesn’t realize his son is imprisoned.

The time is ticking on the reign of the Lannisters. What will run out first, the money or their grasp on their power over the people?

They have people in Dorne plotting and Stannis ready to make his way to the capital after he puts the North in order, it will be a matter of time before the weakened head of this monarchy is knocked out the thrown.


Returning to her families traditions, Sansa heads for the tombs below Winterfell to light the candles that her father once lit for the dead. Baelish follows Sansa and they have a quick history lesson on Sansa’s aunt, who was engaged to Robert Baratheon and lusted after by Rhaegar Targaryen. The same person that ended up killing her.

Baelish is dressed for a trip to King’s landing on Cersei’s orders. Sansa’s choices while he is away, have become optimistic. Well, at least the way Baelish is painting it for her. Sansa can marry Ramsay and eventually become the head of the North or Stannis will come and remove the Bolton’s and put her at the head of the North as the only remaining Stark.

Either way, it looks pretty easy. The only problem is that they fail to realize that Ramsay is a sick serial killer. Something similar to what Joffrey was. Sansa really does have bad luck with men. On the bright side, there is an opportunity for someone to help her, whether it be Stannis or maybe even her brother, Snow.


Ellaria returns to the Sand sisters to inform them that they will not have Prince Doran’s help in avenging the death of Oberyn. The Sand Sisters must decide if they will join Ellaria’s cause, which will start a war she is well aware of. A war that she doesn’t care if it unfolds. That’s real love right there. Tyene is the daughter of Ellaria and Oberyn, and of course, is more than enthusiastic about following her mother into battle.

The other two Sand sisters are also bastard children of Oberyn and are willing to join the cause to avenge the death of their father. Ellaria plans to leverage the only playing piece that they have on their side of Dorne, Myrcella Lannister, Cersei’s only daughter. Only, the Sand sisters were approached by the captain of Jaime’s ship, who revealed he helped Jaime reach Dorne. The captain thought he was probably going to make a quick buck off the info, but came out losing with only his head sticking out the sand, covered in Scorpions. Obara is proud her father helped her use the spear as her chosen weapon, and with that, slings it into the head of the captain.

Ellaria realizes that if Jaime succeeds at escaping with Myrcella, they will have nothing. Their next task on the agenda is to get to Myrcella before Jaime does.


Jamie and Bronn make it off their ship and row their way to the shores of Dorne. Unfortunately, Bronn is the one putting in all the work because Jamie is useless with only one hand. Although it seems, that he enjoys being exempt from labor.  Bronn saves Jamie, although it looked like he was hovering over him with a knife, while he was sleeping. The very cunning Bronn was actually killing a snake that was too close to Jaime and even managed to make breakfast out of the serpent.

During a heart to heart, it becomes evident that Bronn is on to the reason why they are risking their lives on this mission. The rumors must have reached his ears at some point because he knows that this mission is too risky to be saving just a Niece. It’s probable that he knows the girl is Jamie’s daughter. When Bronn asks about Tyrion, his former companion, Jamie claims that he will kill Tyrion, if he sees him, for killing his father. I couldn’t tell if he was speaking out of anger, being truthful, or covering up his continued support for his younger brother. Tyrion is close enough to Dorne for them to have a chance meeting, maybe we will find out.

Before Bronn and Jaime are able to enter the city, a few of Prince Doran’s men spot them. Bronn asks Jamie how many he could handle on his own. Jaime can only handle one and only if he’s slow. So Bronn kills the three men and leaves Jaime a wounded soldier to defeat. After a very long and exhausting fight, Jaime, who has forgotten that his metal hand is an advantage, manages to grab the soldiers sword with his metal hand and stabs him with the other.

The mission to save Jamie’s niece/daughter is going to be a long and hard one. Especially, if Bronn is the only one putting up a fight.

I wonder if Jaime is going to get a grasp on the fighting skills he once had because he’s going to have to, if he intends on leaving Dorne alive.

Jon Snow

Snow is taking on the role of Lord Commander by signing official papers, asking for help from anyone they possibly can. Including, Roose Bolton. He is also helping to train the new recruits, as Stannis watches with a sinking heart.  Stannis’ wife becomes sad because she recognizes that Snow embodies what he would have wanted as a son, and she wishes she had given him one. She thinks she only gave him weakness. Yes, the woman called her daughter Shireen, weakness.

The poor little girl who is disfigured by greyscale has a mother that resents her every breath. She’s a piece of trash and if I had to put forth any wishes, it would be for her end to come soon. Shireen asks Stannis if he’s embarrassed by her. That could only stem from the fact that her mother is ignorant and expresses these ignorant feelings out loud, which makes her question if her father agrees. Especially, since her father isn’t a warm individual. The mother even told Shireen that she didn’t want her going with them to the wall. What type of person openly tells their child they don’t want them around?

And although Stannis is a very serious man that is completely about his business, he adores his daughter in her entirety. We see this when Stannis explains to Shireen that he had bought a wooden doll from a traveler from Dorne, after the excitement of having his daughter born. After he placed the doll in her crib and was graced with her smile, the grey-scale developed. Shireen wasn’t even born with the disease and her mother acts like she came into the world with a bag full of burdensome problems. She needs to be shipped to Dragonstone, please! Stannis tells Shireen everything he did until they found a cure, and with a very dry but loving hug, he assured her that he is proud that she carries Baratheon blood through her veins.

Everyone in Stannis’ circle can see how he’s dragging his feet to go because he wants to bring Snow with him. The red witch makes an effort at aiding the cause. She too goes to the Lord Commander’s office to advise him to follow Stannis. And although Melisandre is very informed about the futures of most everyone, You can’t tell if she knows for sure that Snow will be leaving with Stannis. Nonetheless, she makes an effort at persuading him, and since this red witch likes to use sexuality as some type of connection to her light God, Snow gets an eyeful of her naked body. (And a handful of one breast)

He would have had been doing a lot more, had he succumbed to her advances. But he told her he loved another, which she already knew. She also knew that the other was dead. She walks out after telling him: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Maybe her knowledge will lead him to ask her questions and she can ploy him with her fortune tellings of what lies in the future. That could be the push that will lead Snow to Winterfell.

Daenerys Targaryen



Daenerys has a lovely time listening to Ser Barristan Selmy’s tales of her brother. I really like Ser Barristan as counsel for Daenerys, because his wisdom comes from years of experience. But most importantly, experience with her family.  This lovely moment is interrupted by a meeting Daenerys has with Hizdar, who has returned to beg some more for the reinstatement of the fighting pits to give purpose to the slaves that don’t know another way of life.

I’m getting sick of this guy coming with his yarn about the slave ways they had and how the masters and former slaves need to return to that way of life. But something tells me that this meeting was nothing more than a distraction. I may be wrong, but for the time being, I believe that Hizdar may be working with a higher power. Because, coincidently, while this meeting is taking place, there is an emergency taking place in the city.

The Unsullied are lured into an area and surrounded by Sons of the Harpy. The Harpy nearly wipes off the entire group that responds, but Grey worm does a great job of making the numbers even. And as Ser Barristan Selmy takes a leisurely walk through the city, he hears the bells toll and runs in the direction of the fight. Between Grey Worm and Ser Barristan Selmy, the Harpies are killed, but both men have multiple injuries. It doesn’t seem like Ser Barristan survives. (Partially, because it looks like he is being put to rest in the preview of next weeks episode.)

How will Daenerys deal with the loss of one of her most trusted advisors? What will be the backlash against the Unsullied?


After stealing a small fishing boat, Jorah has Tyrion tied up on the boat and headed to the queen. Tyrion believes that he is on his way to meet his death because his sister is about to get her to wish granted, but we all know that Daenerys is the only Queen that Jorah recognizes.

He doesn’t seem amused when Tyrion tells him that he was on his way over there anyway. Possibly, he doesn’t believe him. Tyrion looks about the ship and is able to put together who Jorah is. He even figures out that Jorah is trying to bring him back to Daenerys, in hopes of getting on her good side, because she found out he had betrayed her. Unfortunately, this wins Tyrion with a smack across the face that knocks him out.

What do you think will happen next week? Any guesses what Daenerys plan will be? Who will reach Myrcella first? Who will die next? Can it please be Ramsay?

Tell me what you’re thinking 🙂

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