Recap: Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2 ; The House of Black and White

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Jaime Lannister

The Lannister’s receive a gift from Dorne. With a lot of hesitation, Jaime opens it to discover the statue of a snake with a necklace that has the engraved sigil of the Lannister’s. Not just any snake, a viper. There are only two necklaces of this kind in existence: one is worn by Cersei and the other, by her daughter Myrcella. This could only be a warning that Oberyn’s family plans to seek revenge for his death. Myrcella IS in Dorne awaiting a marriage to the prince’s son.

In her usual state of hysterics, Cersei charges Jaime with not doing enough for his children. Which he can’t, even if he wanted to. As he explains, his children would have been stoned to death had he laid any claim to being their father. No one is going to sanction the courtship of two siblings.

The plan is to rescue Myrcella and Jaime has vowed to retrieve his daughter from Dorne. But as Cersei points out, he is a one-handed man going against an entire band of foreigners who hate their family. But Jamie doesn’t plan to head out to Dorne alone.

With who will he go on this mission?

Jaime appears on the lakeside of a good looking castle. Bronn is seen taking a stroll with his betrothed. Lollys is a dim-witted woman that he believes to be heir to the neighboring castle. Lollys crushes his dream a little when she reveals that her older sister would be the heir to the castle. Bronn suggests that since her sister is not a good person, bad things are destined to come her way. What Lollys may not realize is that being a former ruffian makes Bronn the perfect person to put those bad things into play.

Jaime brings Bronn a contract stating that Lollys will be marrying Ser William Bracken. Nothing to worry about, Jaime wants Bronn to join him on his quest, and then he can return and marry a better maiden. Funny thing is, Bronn doesn’t seem too upset with the arrangement.

Do you think Jaime could make it in Dorne, with just Bronn at his side?


Arya has arrived at Braavos. Her ship makes its way into the docks from underneath the legs of a statue of a massive armored soldier. The docks are filled with people trading and selling. Her captain brings her to a huge house, in which Jaqen should be residing, the house of black and white. It literally has a white door and a black door.

She knocks on the door and a older man in a hoodie opens. She gives him the magic words and coin, and he stares at her blankly in return. It seems that Valar Morghulis goes but so far. One would think though, that it would have some use in Braavos. She asks for Jaqen H’ghar and the man says that no one is there by that name, before closing the door on her optimistic face.

The girl traveled such a long way by sea and she can’t even find the person she is looking for Arya calmly sits on the steps of the house through rain and shine, repeating the list of people that she plans to kill. Eventually, her patience gets the best of her and she throws her coin into the sea and abandons her hope of finding Jaqen.

She drifts into the marketplace and is confronted by a group of young men. Arya shows no fear and tells them to leave. She even takes out her sword to let them know she is at the ready to fight them. From behind her, the hooded man appears and the guys go running in the opposite direction. Arya follows the hooded man back to the house of black and white.

She asks him who he is and he throws Arya’s coin back into her hand. Casually he replies: “You lost this.” The hooded man then changes his face to Jaqen. What the? But you knew it was her the whole time! I would have thrown a fit. According to Jaqen, A man is not Jaqen H’agar. Whatever that means. So, who is he? He is no one. Okay? And No one is what girl must be.

Well, I guess if you can change your face to different people, you are indeed no one. Because you are everyone or anyone. This must mean that Arya is on her way to learning his craft. The last we see of Arya she’s finally going through the doors ahead of him. Can’t wait to see what training will involve.


We finally get to see the reaction of Dorne and it isn’t what you would expect. Ellaria, Oberyn’s lover, is enraged. Who could blame her? She witnessed her lover’s death and observed the shenanigans of King’s Landing in person. But Oberyn’s brother, Prince Doran, doesn’t want any problems with Kings Landing. He is protecting his people, although he would probably want to avenge the death of his brother. But what is good for him, may not be good for his people.

Ellaria wants something to be done. She has the backing of her sand sisters. She even asks Prince Doran to let her kill Myrcella and send her parts menacingly to Cersei. But in Dorne, this is not their way of living. They are more democratic in their stance. Prince Doran will not put his people at risk for something that he feels they can overlook, and the life of an innocent child, should not be the key to their vengeance.

It is now clear that the viper statue did not come from Prince Doran. But Ellaria may or may not be the one who sent it. There are people in Doran who loved Oberyn and would love to avenge his death, as well. However being that the necklace had to have belonged to Myrcella, Ellaria is the closest to home that could have gained possession of it.

Myrcella is living the life of any engaged princess. She is taking long walks in the water gardens with her betrothed and not being persecuted or mistreated, yet.

What will happen when her Uncle/Father Jaime arrives to retrieve her, thinking that she is in harm’s way? Will Jaime have to battle Ellaria and the Sand sisters?


Tyrion is on the long road to Mereen to see Daenerys Targaryen. He’s complaining as usual. He doesn’t want to be cooped up in a carriage the whole ride. He wants to take a walk. Varys advises against Tyrion leaving the carriage at all. They have received word that Cersei has asked for Tyrion’s head.

Tyrion was hoping that she would be offering in return her cunt. The best part of her, for the best part of him. Wow! Oh, how much I’ve missed Tyrion’s play with words. Tyrion realizes that when Shea asked him to leave Kings Landing with her, he didn’t because he liked the life he was living. Not the drinking and whoring, he could do that anywhere. (And he does.) But when he was the Hand of the King, he enjoyed taking part in ruling the kingdom.

Varys compliments Tyrion’s talent with official matters. He’s either buttering Tyrion up because he’s pushing the cause for Tyrion to be Daenerys’ counselor because he wants to give him purpose. Tyrion has had a lot of issues with self-esteem and finding the desire to live since he killed his love because he discovered she betrayed him and because he killed his father.


With not even a sliver of pity, Cersei is readily watching as people are bringing her the heads of dwarves, hoping that it will be Tyrion’s. She doesn’t even care that they are killing innocent people, to bring her the head of a sibling. She’s so disgusting. Her days are definitely numbered. She also allows Qyburn, her weird experimental scientist have the head of the dwarf, since she has no use for it.

A council meeting is held and the most important matter is to figure out who will be the next Hand of the King. In the council meeting, she invites Qyburn to join them, since she has Tommen appoint him as Master of Whisperers. The council is disturbed because they see Qyburn as an outsider who is not a professional, that has acquired all this responsibility in such a short amount of time.

Lord Tyrell tries to make a break for the Hand of the King position. But is quieted into content when he realizes, they have given him the honor of being the Master of Coin and the Master of ships. He is quite happy at moving up in the ranks. It seems that all the people are becoming desperate to move up in the ranks since they see so many openings in the King’s court.

Cersei knows that she can’t name herself the Hand of the King. It is not a role played by women, but instead calls herself Tommens’ “guide.” She is aware of the desperateness of those that are eager to gain power and rank in their kingdom and that the position is very coveted.

Uncle Kevan has been appointed the Master of war. But he is not one of the boot-licking council members, He is Cercei’s uncle with the exact upbringing of her father. Kevan lets Cersei know that he will not take up a post to be her puppet. He will return to Casterly Rock and attend to matters there. Cersei sits there with egg on her face because although her father is dead, this is another man she cannot have her way with. And frankly, there is nothing she can do about it.

Brienne and Sansa

The last episode, Brienne seemed quite defeated with being valiant and honorable. All of the respectable people of the world have died, and the rest, are not even worth it. But a stroke of luck has landed Brienne and Prodrick, having dinner at the same place that Sansa and Baelish are dining.

Sansa’s dark locks do not fool Podrick, he recognizes at once that she has dyed her hair. Brienne has filled with a sense of purpose again and requests that Podrick get the horses ready. They only have one horse so it is more than likely that Podrick had to steal another horse.

Brienne attempts to approach Sansa and Lord Baelish, but they have about ten armed soldiers at their disposal. With a wave of Little Finger’s hand, Sansa approaches and declares her loyalty to Lady Stark and her promise to keep her girls safe. This becomes a tit for tat that Brienne is starting to deal with frequently. It may be because it’s getting hard to trust anyone in Westeros, but it’s frustrating to watch as they try to determine Brienne’s devotion based on matters that she had no control over.

They mention that Renly died under her care and that she supposedly was the sworn sword of Lady Stark, and yet, she died as well. All circumstantial if you ask me. But Sansa speaks on her own behalf and mentions that she has seen Brienne at Kings Landing paying her respects to the King. Brienne points out that Sansa didn’t want to be there, but she too was at the court against her will. Long story short, Sansa rejects Brienne’s efforts at being her sworn sword.

Baelish invites Brienne to stay but she is frustrated at her rejection from the very people she is trying to help. On her way out, a soldier tries to manhandle her into accepting Baelish’s offer, and she knocks him out. With Podrick waiting with their two horses, she makes a run for it, or rather, a gallop. But Podrick is not a skilled horseman, and he almost gets taken out by Baelish’s men. Brienne saves the day by finishing the men off, but not without noticing in which direction Sansa and Baelish headed.

Brienne KNOWS that Little Finger cannot be trusted. Her new mission will be to follow Sansa and Baelish around, and take on her duty that she swore to Lady Stark, even if it is without Sansa’s consent.

Also, Sansa is not an easy puppet on one of Baelish’s strings. She is observant and sharp. She questions him when she sees things and they don’t make sense in her mind. At dinner, she mentions that she saw the Maester give Baelish a Raven scroll. What was that all about? He doesn’t answer her directly, but it is refreshing to see him skittish in his responses.

Jon Snow

Shireen, Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, is teaching Gilly how to read. Sam Tarly is a smart guy but has no patience to teach an adult from scratch. Shireen has experienced since she’s the one that taught Davos. Gilly and Shireen have a connection due to the disfigurement on Shireen’s face.

I always imagined Shireen was born with it, but it happens to be related to a disease called Greyscale. Gilly had two sisters that developed greyscale. Shireen was a very fortunate and lucky soul, to have parents with the wealth and resources to have her cured of the disease. Apparently, Gilly’s sisters weren’t so lucky up in the north behind the wall. They were quarantined to their own cabin and at night everyone could hear them making noises like animals. The last time Gilly saw them the scales had covered their body and they didn’t act like themselves. Her father escorted the girls into the woods one night, presumably to meet their fate with the white walkers. Stannis’ wife barges in on their bonding moment and warns her daughter to keep away from wildlings, especially Gilly.

Stannis has Snow come to his room to discuss his actions at Mance Raydar’s burning. We were all expecting this because Snow showed Mance mercy, instead of allowing him to die a painful death in front of onlookers.

Stannis claims that he needs to show power in order for people to follow and respect him. Disobeying his orders and showing a man mercy without his consent, makes him look weak in front of the others. Snow is very straightforward about Stannis’ goals with the Wildlings and his way of thinking. It doesn’t matter what type of power Stannis expresses because they will never show him any type of loyalty. They will only respect someone behind the wall. Stannis sees that Snow is smart, honest, and honorable, and drops the subject.

Stannis, however, takes advantage of the upcoming election of Lord Commander. Snow’s sworn enemy Lord Alister Thorne is up for the position and it is almost confirmed that he will be taking the post. So in order to gain a smart and brave ally in his war in Westeros, Stannis offers Snow the right to change his name to Jon Stark and become the official heir of Winterfell. He’s taking advantage of the opportunity, knowing well, that Alister hates Snow and will make his life a living hell as Lord Commander.

This is what Snow has been waiting for all his life. He had always hoped his father would have made him officially a Stark since he had such a good friendship with the king. But Snow has not forgotten his oath to the knight’s watch. He refuses to turn his back on the promises that he made, although he did already mess up the whole abstinence part. Snow decides that when Stannis asks him his decision, he will reject the offer, no matter how tempting it is.

During the vote for Lord Commander, a few words are said about the candidates running. There is mention of Alister’s years of service and valiant participation in battles and calls to action. I can’t even remember what was said of his running mate, Denys Mallister. But before the men are allowed to put in their votes, Sam Tarly interrupts to say a few words. Snow tries to wave him into silence, but Sam ignores his pleas.

Janos Slynt tries to mock Sam by loudly mentioning that Sam is a wildling lover. But Sam isn’t the frail, quiet boy he once was, and he has realized that a lot of these hardened men can be just fluff. He proudly names Gilly as his lady friend and doesn’t forget to mention that Janos must know her pretty well, because he was hiding with her and the baby, during the battle at the wall. Take that Janos!

After putting Janos in his place, he puts forth a request for Jon Snow to be a candidate. He mentions all of Snow’s accolades and the entire room cheers. As a rebuttal, Lord Allister brings up the only thing he can hold against Snow, his relationship with the Wildlings. He mentions his mercy to Mance Raydar and his relationship with Ygritte. Then the votes are put in.

Snow wins by just a bit, but it doesn’t matter, Jon Snow is the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

What will life be now, with a commander that has a good head on his shoulders? A commander that understands that there is a threat beyond the North, that needs to be addressed and I’m not talking about the wildlings. This is going to get good.

Daenerys Targaryen

The Unsullied haven’t caught any sons of the harpies. So they employ Daario Naharis to help with the hunt. Daario knows that the Unsullied stick out like sore thumbs in the city. The second sons behave so much like the common folk, that they are better at blending in, and therefore better at finding those that are hiding from them.

Daario has found the location of a Harpy, but the room is empty when the group arrives. Daario sticks a blade through the wall and finds the hiding place of the Harpy. Behind the man in the wall, is the tell-tale golden mask.

Daenerys holds a council meeting to decide what she will do about their Harpy. Daario has questioned the man and he refuses to release any information. A former slave, begs Daenerys to execute him because the Harpys are threatening to bring back slavery. After the meeting is over, Barristan Selmy tells Daenerys that she shouldn’t execute the Harpy, and to make his point, he enlightens her of a time when he served her father.

He explains to her that the tales of the Mad King were true in every form. The Mad King tortured and killed those that were guilty and those that were innocent. Eventually, the people began to hate him and they came together to take them down. Barristan knows that Daenerys is not like her father, but she must learn to understand that ruling righteously, means setting an example. Because if as a Queen she decides to kill just because she said so, she will be no different from the previous slaveowners who dictated the law.  Daenerys decides that she will let the man go to trial.

But her faithful former slave council member takes matters into his own hands because he feels that Daenerys’ hands are tied. He kills the Harpy and posts him up in the street with his mask and the wording behind him that all masters must die.

Daenerys is furious with her council members actions. He explains that although she has abolished slavery, there are those working within the pyramids to make sure it still flourishes. In order to show the consequences of disobeying Daenerys, she publicly brings her council member on a stage before the city to deliver his punishment.  As she walks to the stage, Daenerys is met by the sound of the people calling to her in their language: “Mother.” She chooses to sentence him to death. The crowd then begins to beg her to forgive him and show him mercy. The public knows that the man is a former slave that means well.

Even he looks towards Daenerys for forgiveness and calls her mother. But Daenerys feels she has to be stern as a ruler and Daario beheads the former slave. The crowd begins to hiss and throw rocks. They soon break into a riot and Daenerys has to evacuate immediately.

She has lost control of her dragons and she has also lost control of her city. The ruling is a little bit more than just directing orders. There is a delicate balance that needs to be considered when governing. But it is difficult to show those that have been enslaved for so long, how a democracy actually functions.

That night, as Daenerys contemplates her concerns, Drogon appears on the top of her building. She calls out to him and he lovingly allows her to caress his face, before spreading his wings and flying into the distance.

What did you guys think about the episode? Any thoughts?

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