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Yesterday’s episode of American Horror Story Freak Show titled “Orphans” was devoid of Dandy. After he proclaimed he was God and paid off a cop in need of the million dollars he offered, to kill Regina. He blamed the tupperware massacre on Jimmy, proving that affluence has made him unstoppable. But in other news, Salty has died quietly in his sleep. He was the faithful companion to our beloved Pepper. (I always thought he was her brother)

American Horror Story Freak Show Pepper episode orphans

Elsa Mars and Pepper’s history was told in the backdrop of the freaks trying to get Pepper to cope with Salty’s death. Pepper won’t eat and even prolonged the disposal of Salty’s body because she wouldn’t let him go. She’s even become inclined to throw fits in her state of grief, but I digress from Elsa’s origin story with Pepper.

Pepper was Elsa’s first freak. After being a backup act, Elsa joined a freak show and was convinced that she could run one on her own. Not only because she had ideas, but because she didn’t like having a boss. She began her scouting adventure by writing to orphanages in search of freak material. Elsa heads out to the first orphanage to respond and is introduced to shy and lonely Pepper. Pepper is playing with blocks in a corner. Elsa won her love, as she does with most of the people she scouts. And when she inquires about adopting Pepper, the orphanage informs her that Pepper is of legal age and is therefore able to leave voluntarily.

In the middle of Elsa’s growing freak empire, Pepper is quite lonely, having no one to relate to. The dolls and toys that were given to her for entertainment are not enough. The dolls slightly pacified her newly found maternal needs, but it was a temporary fix. During one of their shows, a rich man from India comes to watch, along with an entire entourage of servants, and tied to his hand like a small puppy is, Ma Petite.

As you can guess, Elsa tries to take Ma Petite but the Indian man claims that she is an untouchable, so he can’t sell her because it would mean that he valued her. That’s not a problem at all. Elsa pulls out a bottle of Dr. Pepper and the wealthy Indian man leaves with three cases worth of the cherry inspired soda. When in doubt reach for a cold soda! Elsa claims that Pepper took to Ma Petite like a mother figure, taking care of her and spoiling her with attention.

But soon, Pepper became cognizant of physical love and affection from the opposite sex. That was an even harder situation because Elsa had to find someone that was like minded. And that’s how Salty came to meet Pepper. They even had an official wedding. Although Elsa can be conniving and it seems that she uses the members of the freak show, some of her efforts should not go unrecognized. What caretaker during that time would go through those lengths to bring happiness to those around them? Well, she killed Ethel, forget it.

So that becomes the dilemma, Pepper has lost everyone she loves: Ma Petite and Salty. She could easily follow suit, Desiree tells Elsa. It’s time to  reunite Pepper with her only living relative.  Peppers sister cared for her, but had to give her up because she couldn’t handle caring for someone with special needs. Elsa brings Pepper back to her sister. Her sister supposedly gave Pepper up to try to have her own children but was never able to. What she doesn’t tell Elsa is that being that she never became a mother, she became one of those wives that clung from every word her husband said to bring him happiness, for the guilt of not being able to give him children. Elsa kisses Pepper’s hand and tells her to put it to her face when she misses her.

What follows, is actually an unseen portion of Season two. Yes, they said that the seasons were connected and Pepper is the first character to have a full circle connection between the seasons. Now, anyone who saw season two, automatically recognized her from the beginning of Freak Show, but none of us could have imagined the details.

Pepper’s sister ends up giving birth spontaneously at a mature age. (This actually happens in real life.) The child that’s born, Lucas, is deformed in some fashion. Pepper’s sister is a horrible drunk and has Pepper take care of the infant, in addition to making her cocktails. When her sister and her sister’s husband, are just about sick of having to look at Pepper’s face and the infant cry. The father kills his child and frames Pepper.

Pepper’s sister goes to the Briarcliff Asylum to speak with Sister Mary Eunice to admit Pepper. She fabricates a story that makes Pepper seem like a troubled individual and then claims she murdered her child. They take Pepper in right way. Mary Eunice is determined to help Pepper feel remorse for her sins and change her ways. Eunice means no real harm. She wants to give Pepper responsibilities and reward her for good behavior.  One of Pepper’s first tasks is to organize the books in the library. She sees a cover of a magazine with Elsa on it and presses her hand against her cheek. That’s how Pepper ends up spending the rest of her life in a asylum. It broke my heart.

This means Elsa reaches TV stardom. But how? Stanley is a con artist out to kill all the carney folk, so it couldn’t be possibly be through him.

I believe the only clue lies with Maggie. Jimmy is in jail for the murder of a few housewives and there’s no real way to get him out of jail (because there’s no real money), Maggie turns to the habits of the freaks around her, drinking booze and wallowing in her sorrow.  Desiree shows up with her new beau for a fortune telling reading.

At first, Maggie states the obvious, that Desiree and her guy are in love. But after watching them for a few, her jealousy kicks in and she tells them that they’re life will all go to shit like everything else in life. Clearly, Maggie is just upset with how things are going in her own life. Desiree and her new boyfriend leave very upset.

Later, Desiree confronts Maggie who is drinking on a merry go round. Maggie admits that she and Stanley are con artists and there goes another little origin story. Maggie was a pickpocket that was saved by one of Stanley’s many lies. She would dress up as a paper boy and sold newspapers. Maggie would pick her customers pockets and stuff her own with their belongings. They became business partners after that.

But when it comes time to admit to Stanley’s purpose at the freak show, Maggie won’t admit that he wants to kill the members of the show. She chickens out and is dealt a threat from Desiree, who vows to kill her if she had anything to do with the recent deaths.

Back at Maggie’s trailer, the twins are awaiting her return. They sacrifice their saved money for their surgery for Jimmy. Maggie is a little drunk and cares very little, so they threaten her to go save her man or else. But once the money is in her hands, a plan formulates.

With Ethel gone, theres really isn’t anyone to cook for the carney folk. Desiree tries to put together ingredients for a pot roast, in an effort to learn to cook. Her mother taught her sisters but was biased when it came to teaching her. And now that she has a man, she’s determined to be a little house wife. Maggie interrupts her and decides that she will tell her everything, but Desiree has to agree to be apart of her plan. A plan that will end Stanley’s search for carney.

Maggie takes her to the museum of oddities, which is the final resting place for Ma Petite and now Salty. Stanley offered to put Salty to rest with a proper burial. Apparently, that entailed cutting off his head and putting it in a jar of formaldehyde. Maggie wants someone else to be a witness to this in case something happens to her. Maggie is about to embark on a deceptive plan to free the freak show of Stanley without any repercussions. But as they stand there looking at the specimens, the host is unveiling a new feature.

While Maggie has been sulking, Stanley has visited Jimmy in jail in hopes of taking advantage of his desperate situation. The host unveils a pair of lobster hands. Jimmy must have struck a deal with Stanley to get out of jail that would have cost him his clippers. Maggie faints.

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Now we all know Elsa survives this ordeal on American Horror Story Freak Show. The question is if Maggie is successful with her new plan. And where does Dandy fit into all of this? How about the connection between Season 2 and 4?

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