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Last night was the premiere of the first episode of a 3 part event for Syfy’s new series Childhood’s End. If the name sounds familiar, the show is based on a novel written in the fifties by British Sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke. The premise is that an alien race arrives on earth preaching peace and prosperity and humans are split between trusting these new beings or being skeptical of their motives. We start at the end– a young man in an unknown location is talking to a camera drone. He is the last of his kind and he wants us to be remembered. I’m assuming that the human race is destined to come to an end or as close as possible to extinction. Then we skip to the beginning, to our first  encounter with the alien race. Out of no where air crafts were grounded, quite lightly may I add– like feathers drifting to the floor. This was so no one was able to get into the air. And then it was like the Independence day situation, where the sky crowding spaceships appear over multiple major cities. Everyone’s looking up at the sky scared of these beings that could have technology and strengths that we are no where near having. The overlords, as they like to be called because the aliens consider themselves Earth’s supervisors, want to end famine, illness, and bring world peace. Karellen (Charles Dance), their leader, makes an announcement to everyone using humans as his mouthpiece to bring his views across to the world. Do not be afraid. We are here to help MMmm…Hmmmm…. via GIPHY There seems to be a few characters of focus. The main character is Ricky Stormgren (Mike Vogel), a farmer from Missouri that gets chosen by Karellen to be an ambassador. He will be the liaison between Karellen and the human race. Ricky is picked up by a pod that takes him to a recreated hotel room from his memory. Ricky, who is currently engaged to Ellie, used to be married to Annabelle who passed away five years prior. The hotel room is from the Four Seasons in New York, where Ricky had spent some nights with Annabelle. This is the main meeting place with Karellen, who is behind a mirrored wall. Ricky meets here several times and Karellen uses Annabelle’s memory to hit a soft spot in the young farmer. It seems that luring him into this memory where he can relive his time with Annabelle works to persuade Ricky towards having a positive outlook on Karellen and his plans. It also discourages him from quitting his position as ambassador. Ricky wants to see Annabelle and to be in those memories, and so he returns time and time again. Even after causing a rift in his relationship with Ellie, Ricky continues to his work with Karellen. He’s believing he’s doing work to improve the world, but what it really feels like is an excuse to visit his unresolved feelings.

The other main character is Milo. A young boy who is wheel chair bound who lives in a rough part of town with his drug-using mother. He is a future astro physicist that is incredibly smart and is quite possibly piecing together theories on the aliens. During one of his mother’s drug deals, Milo tries to stop her drug dealer Fence from selling to his mother. Fence, who is played by the same man who is Morgan’s wolf on The Walking Dead, shoots Milo in the chest. But the aliens promise of change, comes with mediation from the skies. A ray of light removes the gun out of Fence’s hands and causes him to collapse foaming at the mouth. Milo’s gun shot wound is not only healed, but he get’s up from his wheel chair and begins to walk.

The US government (and I imagine all the others) is torn between the obvious fears that come with an alien race that is more advanced, meddling in the worlds affairs. But the evidence of these aliens benefiting the world is piling up against their better judgement. Here we have illnesses being cured across the world, people being risen from the dead, and violence slowly being extinguished. And as Ricky manages to mention, even if they didn’t want alien involvement in their lives, what choice do they really have? The aliens are way more advanced. What can they do? Shoot a few rounds at the sky?

Wainwright (Colm Meaney) is anti-alien and pro-freedom member of the government. He he doesn’t want any meddling, even if it would mean a fix to the world problems. He heads the freedom league. A group of people that are against the aliens and see their involvement as a form of slavery and their benevolence as a cover for a future deception. There may be some truth in his ideas but the more motivated he is in his cause, the dumber his actions become. There are some small intros of minor characters. Peretta, a young girl whose mother committed suicide after the invasion because she lost faith in GOD and couldn’t go on without belief in a higher being. Peretta is the religious movement during this invasion. Her message to everyone is to continue to have faith and focus in GOD. Milo has an old man he is close to that seems to always be operating out of a car. The continuous improvements on earth continue. There is peace between the Arabs and Jews of the middle east. Karellen guides Ricky to plan and execute with countries to implement plans that will maneuver all the worlds surplus food to the countries that are experiencing famine. The countries leaders that would have refused involvement in the plans in getting fresh water to areas where there was none, were greeted with oil filled cups to quench their thirst. The over dramatic example changes their minds. As if they had a choice anyway.  Now water and food are available to everyone. These aliens are going all out to fix planet earth. All i want to know is what the price is? Eternal enslavement? Wainwright ends up kidnapping Ricky and taking him to an isolated facility. How could he had even thought that he was secluding Ricky, when the aliens capabilities are innumerable? The numskull’s conversation with Ricky is broadcast by the aliens to everyone across the world.  And as many good intentions may have been rooted in Wainwrights original plans, he looks exactly like those people that do crazy insane corrupted things for the sake of a greater good. He tries to shoot Ricky and the aliens intervene, causing everything to go in slow motion and opening a door for Ricky to simply walk out and into a hotel room where Annabelle is waiting.

It’s a little cruel that Karellen uses Annabelle to really capture Ricky’s mind. But after a brief encounter, he has his last conversation with Karellen. The people want to see the aliens. The biggest fear of all is the unknown of course. Karellen confirms that they do not look like humans but humans are not ready for their appearance. This is their last meet, since the improvements will continue for another fifteen years, before Karellen will return. Ricky is not too happy about letting go of the hotel that links him back to Annabelle. Before Karellen leaves the space behind the mirrored wall, Ricky takes a picture through the mirror. He realizes that Karellen is right in taking his time with showing how he looks. How different could this alien be?

We are fast forwarded to the future- 15 years to be exact

Milo has graduated from MIT and is an astrophysicist. Now it is obvious that the man at the beginning of the show in the extinct world was actually Milo. His mother is clean and off drugs. Ricky and Ellie are living the good life. The world itself has changed dramatically. No war. No violence. No poverty. No hunger. No illness.

Karellen docks his ship to a stadium filled with people dying to lay eyes for the first time on the aliens that have made the world a better place to live in. Two children escorts, meet Karellen at the entrance, as per his request. The children return holding hands with Karellen, who looks exactly like the devil.

This guy looked like he was wearing the ultimate prize winning devil costume. All red–yellow eyes–hooves– tail–wings. Karellen’s first word’s are–Do not be afraid.

Sure devil looking guy. I won’t be afraid at all.


Tune in on 12/15/15 for the second night of Childhood’s End: THE DECEIVERS
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Things to things bout for tonight:

That little girl preaching about religion is going to have a field day with Karellen’s appearance. Could you imagine?

Will everyone continue to support Karellen who aided the world in creating a Utopia? You know, now that we know that he looks like a demon.

What will Milo think of Karellen?

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