One Single villain Trumps the Wolves – The Walking Dead Trailer Season 6

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The Comic con trailer for The Walking Dead was a four minute trailer of season six. Small cuts of the upcoming season, reveal pieces of conversations and problems that could mean just about anything. We aren’t any closer to the makings of the new season, other then being sure that there will be many walkers killed, some lives taken, and Rick remains to be prime suspect number one.

Last season, Rick became a villain, when the people of Alexandria didn’t agree with his suggestion that the woman beater in their community be disposed of. This was not cruel and unusual punishment, he was speaking from experience… from Carol’s experience.  A woman beater wasn’t going to stop for anyone, and had they decided to exile him, Rick knew Pete was smart enough to pick up dangerous company and return for vengeance. But the people of Alexandria couldn’t see that deep, and Rick may be a bit psycho-ish in his rants, so there was no understanding between the two.

The last few minutes of the season finale were marked by Alexandria’s fake governor, Deanna, finally giving Rick the go ahead to kill Pete, after watching him kill her husband. Just when Rick lets off a round in the man, Morgan walks and witnesses the execution.

From what I can tell in this new trailer, Morgan will become Alexandria’s new savior. A man that has just as much experience as Rick, but is calm in his approach. Rick, again, is a problem with his blunt and aggressive tactics.

Where are the WOLVES in all of this? I’m tired of this Rick is the bad guy crap. Yea, I get it. Apparently, the Alexandria folks can’t keep up with his strategies and a few people are killed in the process. But Rick played the passive farmer, willing to try to live a normal life, for a long time. A whole season of gunless farmer Rick showed that you should never let your guard down.


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Will this be another one of those, “Yea I guess you’re right, Rick,” moments? Because as biased as I am, being that I’m beyond Team Rick in this matter, there is method to Rick’s madness. I also noticed that Darryl didn’t agree with Rick’s ideas regarding Alexandria toughening up. Is there a new move Rick is going to make that forces us all to go against him or is Darryl just softening up because he has two new pals?

And why isn’t anyone worried about the people etching W’s in the foreheads of walkers and living people alike? I’m ready for the next villain, guys. Let’s put Rick’s psychosis behind us and deal with the real problem at hand. The Wolves seemed SOOOOO promising.

Not that I mind Morgan as a leader. I love the character more then anything, but I’m more interested in the outside threats, then in the people within.

One thing that wasn’t touched too much in this trailer, was Carol’s stance through all of this. Last season Carol was Rick’s silent partner. The smartest character on the show. She played the part of Susie Q and stashed the guns when no one was looking. She even threatened a poor kid, just to make sure he didn’t rat her out. Because like Rick, she knows the new mentality on life they have to have.

What do you think about this Morgan vs. Rick thing? And whose side are you on, if any? What about this whole Anti-Rick theme? What would you like to see from the villains?

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