Nick’s grotesque journey to Tijuana : FTWD Season 2E E1 Grotesque

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Frank Dillane as Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Frank Dillane as Nick Clark – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Fear The Walking Dead returned with it’s second part  on Sunday. Nick, played by Frank Dillane, has chosen a journey that’s going to follow on his own without his family. This early in the zombie apocalypse, being alone could be the biggest risk and easiest way to die. Reflecting on Rick Grimes and his team at this point in the apocalypse, they were questioning the new meaning of life and focusing on surviving, when they were just amateurs at killing zombies. Nick is looking for death and looking for a meaning in succumbing to it.

Nick is told by a woman he is staying with, that he should be heading North to areas rumored to embrace the dead. She can’t go with him because she has a young son and in a time when the boy can easily become an orphan, she should allow him the right to find his father. Nick collects his bag and heads up towards Tijuana.

He finds an abandoned house to spend the night but there is no rest for the poor guy. A woman who has been staying in the house with her daughter, wakes Nick up with her bat. A clear relative of Lucille. The woman yells at Nick hitting him with the bat when he doesn’t move fast enough toward the door. She doesn’t even let him take his bag, though I think he could have made a better effort. He might have been too tired to get beaten anymore with the bat and he walks out into the night with nothing.

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Frank Dillane as Nick Clark – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

On the road, Nick encounters a group of men that are looking through zombie survivors in abandoned cars and killing them. Nick is cautious enough to hide behind a car to watch. There was one real human, an old sunburned man that had not died who was asking for help. The outlaws stabbed the poor old man right in the eye. I love that Nick was smart enough to observe before deciding on communicating. It shows that he’s starting to assimilate to the life.

Nicky, unfortunately, doesn’t have any luck . He needs a rabbits foot and a four leaf clover, because a radio he had found decided to start broadcasting at this very moment. Nick heads for the hills, literally, with the outlaws shooting in his direction.

Walking right into the desert, Nick finds himself with cracked lips, dying of thirst. He finds a group of Cacti and tries to pry one open. He probably remembered the nifty survivor fact that Cactus holds water. Unfortunately the prickly cactus pieces were hard to manage and when he finally broke one open, there wasn’t anything inside. In desperation, he ends up eating the cactus. When he’s gagging a few minutes later, we can surely assume his regret.

Dying of thirst is no joke. I drank water continuously during this episode.


Nick then gets the urge to take a piss and ends up drinking his own piss in desperation.


He finds an abandoned van in the desert and  finally takes a nap. Unfortunately, a couple of stray hungry dogs find him and begin attacking him. The guy doesn’t get a break!

The dogs get a hold of his leg and ankle, and tear him up pretty bad. But Nick manages to climb on top of the van. Suddenly, a horde walking forward gets the attention of the starving dogs. Again, this guy gets no breaks. The starving dogs tried biting into a few walkers and end up  surrounded by the undead. The zombies tear the guts right out of the dogs. (Think season one of the walking dead with the horse)

Nick smiles mischievously from the top of the van as this unfolds. My first thought was that he was turning so morbid he was becoming sadistic, but there’s more. That’s when the horde notices Nick on top of the van and  begin to lurch towards him. They get really close and Nick clasps his hands in prayer. Gunshots in the distance grab the attention of the horde, leading them away from Nick and the van. And while the horde continues forward, Nick goes down to the doggy remains and begins to chowdown.

And that’s why he was smiling.


Nick finishes his meal and blends into the horde that had almost killed him earlier. Wounded, thirsty, and digesting dog meat, Nick begins to hallucinate. He imagines that the zombies are speaking to him and telling him that they will take him home.

Nick seems to be reminiscing through all of this episode also about the first zombie he ever met. The blonde girl that was getting high with him at the church. Little scenes on how they met are sprinkled throughout the episode. I honestly barely paid attention to it.

The outlaw men that Nick had seen before are the cause for the gunshots that lured the horde away. They pull up in a jeep to shoot walkers, for no reason at all.  It gives them a real kick to their self esteem to kill them. Little do they know, this is too early in the apocalypse for them to have a grasp on how to have complete control. Not even with their guns or their bravado. They learn this lesson real quick too.

Two of the outlaws jump out of their car and begin shooting at the zombies from a distance. As they drop like flies, Nick is stuck in the middle of the horde unable to run, because he could be eaten, but risking getting shot by the outlaws. The loser outlaw guys allow the horde to get too close and end up getting eaten up. The outlaws in the car pull off. Nick calmly passes by the bodies of the eaten outlaws and continues his walk of invisibility with the horde.

Danay Garcia as Luciana, Alfredo Herrera as Francisco Scout, Carlos Sequra as Scout - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr /AMC
Danay Garcia as Luciana, Alfredo Herrera as Francisco Scout, Carlos Sequra as Scout – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr /AMC

But he’s gone too long without real food and water. He’s too weak to continue and begins to weaken in his march with the zombies. Luciana tracks him and watches with her two companions. Although she was watching him, she tells her men to leave him even though she knows he’s dying. Why follow a guy and not help him? A hard rain comes down and Nick is brought back to life as he drinks the drops that fall on his tongue.

The rain cleans off Nick’s blood covered face and clothes too, FINALLY!!


Nick finds some abandoned stores and looks through them for supplies. These stores have been cleaned out a long time ago. He continues to go through the streets limping his badly wounded leg that’s strapped with a belt, until he finds a barber shop where he can clean his wound and wrap it up with tape.

Luciana enters with her two comrades and they question Nick about his wounds to see if he has been infected. All in spanish. Nick’s spanish is pretty good, as he is able to communicate that he was bitten by a dog and he needs water.  Luciana offers to help Nick by bringing him to someone that we can assume has some doctor like expertise.

The man he goes to see says the most meaningful line in this entire episode:

Death is nothing to be feared but should not be pursued.”


I’m hoping that these words sink in and move Nick to stop embracing death. The man disinfects the wound and Nick moves out into what we now see is a community. People are SELLING, yes selling, clothes and items in a flea market set up. Children are playing soccer in the street. They have a watch tower and a wall. The community is nestled high up above a city and seems like every safe haven we have seen on The Walking Dead.

Since TWD has made me a huge Debbie Downer, I imagined quickly what the demise of this town would be and how the rug could be taken out from underneath these people. You can only imagine that the writers will do this. Will Nick stay? Will his family find him?

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