Negan and the Horde war – The Walking Dead: midseason premiere season 6 ep 9 “no way out”

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Sunday was the midseason premiere and what everyone is calling the best episode of Walking Dead history. There has never been such an explosive and action-packed episode that caused emotions to rise in every direction. I wanted to cry, laugh, scream, and just about kick my TV into the next room. It was amazing to watch cast members get kicked off the boat like flies, and in the same breath, lose my cool hoping for the safety of my favorite characters.

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Michael Cudlitz as Abraham – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The episode begins with catching us up with Darryl, Sasha, and Abe, who are on their way back to Alexandria, when a pack of bikers stop them in their tracks. They are a part of Negan’s gang and in addition to relieving Darryl, Abe, and Sasha, of their weapons, they ask for anything in the car that they can take. Negan’s gangs plan is to escort them back to their homes so they can take over anyone else who is there and get Negan to seize the place.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

One of Negan’s men has Darryl help him take goods from the back of Abraham’s car, while Negan’s head dog in charge is rattling on about succumbing to submission. “If you have to eat shit best not to nibble. Bite, chew, swallow, and repeat.” Here I was cursing under my breath that Darryl and the rest will never get back home in peace and suddenly the entire bike gang blows up.

No bullshit


Darryl had quietly killed the guy that he was suppose to be helping rob them, and then got a hold of the grenade launcher from the back and blew up the entire gang.

Just like that




Rick is still making his way through walkers with his bloodied poncho followers. It looked like Sam was going to break the silence in the midseason premiere, but they all seem to have done a good job of getting ahead. Rick huddles them into a quick pow wow so he can discuss his new plans on clearing out the walkers, which involves getting some cars to distract the walkers away from the safe zone.

Rick decides that bringing along Judith for this type of mission is too risky and determines that someone should remain in doors with the child. Father Gabriel volunteers to take Judith to his church for safety. The internets don’t trust Gabriel from here to the corner store and went crazy with this risky solution, but I think that the risk Gabriel was taking in protecting the child was more valid then any other proof he could have given. I mean, Judith’s father is Rick and Rick is a savage in the post-apocalypse. There is always a 99.9% chance that he will survive anything, even if he returns looking like an exploded pumpkin. And if Rick returns and finds that something has happened to his little girl, the type of hell that person would have to pay is greater then anything a walker can do.

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

So yes, Gabriel wouldn’t be my first choice, but I think that his bravery in taking on Judith’s protection, says a lot about the risk he is willing to take and the consequences he would pay if something happens to that child. Gabriel takes Judith under his meaty poncho and heads towards his church.

Just when they are about to continue their precession into the zombies, Sam begins to hyperventilate. We all saw this coming. The kid has a disconnection with reality that has been crumbling for episodes in advance. Sam gets emotional and even with the reassurances of his mother and brother, he can’t calm down. A few walkers notice him and dig right into the young boy’s head. Jessie begins to scream, as she watches her young son eaten, and some more walkers end up with a hold of Jessie.

Ron is the only one that has maintained composure. However, Jessie will not let go of Carl’s hand in all of her pain and the walkers begin to notice him. Rick may have just witnessed his new love interest die, but he would willingly give his own neck for his son. Rick pulls out his axe and cuts off Jessie’s hand to free Carl. When you think about it, there was no other way he could have saved his son. Had he tried to pull Jessie’s hand from Carl’s, it would have attracted attention to all of them.

Ron just saw his mom and brother die, and yet again, witnessed as Rick had some involvement in the death of a loved one. It was unfortunate and there is no way to explain how Ron should react. With his father’s death fresh in his mind, he utters “YOU,” to Rick. He points his gun at Rick and let’s off a shot but is taken out by Michonne who is behind him. When it comes to surviving and protecting those you love, these split second decisions are never easy.

That random shot may have missed Rick, but Carl turns to his father with a wound the circumference of a soda can in his eye. You could use the hole as a telescope, it was so big. Rick’s heart falls somewhere near his shins and he picks up Carl and begins to run.

Wolf + Denise

The wolf and Denise are on the outskirts of all the walkers, as he tries to make an escape with the resident MD by his side. He talks some philosophical mumbo jumbo about helping and surviving, and it is unclear how much of it Denise listens to, because she’s breathing hard just wondering how far she is going to make it. At any point this wolf can drop her in a group of walkers and run for it.

The wolf tries to clear a path but ends up getting bitten. Denise assures him that if they return to the infirmary, she could save his life. The wolf never makes it there, he gets taken and after it all ends, you feel like there was more to him then being a heartless villain. Denise makes her way back to the infirmary and to her patients.

Carol and Morgan have woken up and realized that Denise was taken by the wolf. They both have regrets but it still does not include any compromise. Carol is still convinced that she should have killed Morgan. What is making her as blind as she thinks Morgan is, is believing that eliminating such a strong fighter would benefit the group more then it would hinder it.

Carol’s watching the action outside from the windows and even takes down a walker, allowing for Denise to enter back into the infirmary unharmed. But you know Carol isn’t about the timid life anymore. She’s aching to be out there.

Rick barges through the infirmary with his son in his arms and Denise takes him in to perform surgery. And while Rick is breaking down and reanalyzing his views on the people of Alexandria, a rage takes over him that leads him outside with an axe. He cannot just wait to see what will happen with his son. Rick’s rage spree kills off a ton of walkers and soon others join his fight.

Carol, Morgan, and even Eugene, rush outside to fight against the walkers. The first walker that Morgan gets a hold of is recognizably that lone wolf that had kidnapped Denise. Morgan apologizes and ends him with his staff.

Glenn and Enid have made it inside and were looking for supplies in a church, when they have another heart-to-heart conference. Enid realizes that saving those around is what matters and they both run out of the church to save Maggie. Glenn uses gun shots to try to lure the walkers that have began to walk towards Maggie’s feeble tower. It seems they made it just in time, because if the walkers would have put any pressure on that frame, Maggie would have been done for.

I wish I had a picture of Maggie’s expression when she finally sees Glenn. She couldn’t believe it was him. Enid climbs the ladder to Maggie, while Glenn gathers the walkers to an unfortunate dead end. It looks like Maggie is going to lose Glenn as soon as she got him back, when Abraham and Sasha appear with their automatics. They save Glenn and ask him to open the gates.

Sidenote: They need to stop playing with our emotions with Glenn. Whether you’ve read the comics or not, you MUST have stumbled across news that Glenn’s future is slated for an unfortunate chain of events. The writers of the show know this and constantly put Glenn’s life at risk, as if it could happen at any moment.

I’m not amused.



Any who, the gangs all here guys!

As Rick, Carol, Morgan, and the rest, are aggressively cleaving away at the horde, Darryl fills up the lake with gasoline. They set the lake on fire and it becomes a beacon for all those loose walkers that can’t resist the light. They have a fantastic zombie BBQ and then head to the infirmary for repairs. Rick holds his son’s hand and unloads some more emotional baggage, as Carl is resting after surgery. And as Rick breaks down, Carl squeezes his hand back because he is going to be just fine.

What is the next step for Rick and Alexandria? What do you think will happen with Negan when he finds his BBQ’ed friends? Any thoughts on this episode? comment below or message me here–>

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