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If you were looking to find out if Glenn definitively died, this episode will give you no sense of relief. Instead of continuing where we left off last week, The Walking Dead chose to delve into Morgan’s whereabouts from the last time Rick saw him at his CLEAR home till now.

The episode starts in the present day. Morgan is explaining to some unknown someone about everything that he had, every last bit.

Morgan was still completely nuts when he was in the house that Rick had last saw him in. The walls were covered with his writing. CLEAR and sentences without much meaning were scribbled everywhere and Morgan spent alot of his time arguing with himself. On this particular night, Morgan works his argument with himself up until hes pacing. He ends up turning over his oil lamp and the room quickly burns up in a blaze. It doesn’t alarm Morgan that the fire is picking up around him. In the end, Morgan loses his home.

Morgan heads out to the woods with a very large gun. He doesn’t use it to shoot though. He takes advantage of it’s size and uses it as a weapon to hit the walkers over the head. After taking down a few walkers, he bundles them together and makes a bon fire. Unfortunately, the fire attracts more walkers and spends a good amount of time killing them and throwing them in the fire. One of them even resurrects and comes for him but Morgan does a good job of holding his own.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Lennie James as Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The next morning Morgan is back to sharpening branches into spears and  creating the same structure he had set up at the last place his lived. He sets the spikes up in the boundary of a cleared out area next to the bon fire site and restarts his duty of CLEARING. Picking off the walkers from the spikes and piling them on the fire pit. He makes drinkable water by heating some water in a trash lid. A large rock in his new plot of land has the word CLEAR written on it. It may be a different place but nothing much has changed.

During one of his outings into the woods, probably looking for food, he hears that two people are following behind him. The man and the young boy behind him look a little suspicious because they seem to be purposely being quiet behind Morgan, but it’s a little unclear as to what their intentions were. We never find out because Morgan sticks a branch the circumference of a pole into the throat of the man and then strangles the young guy. In between chokes, the young guy tries to tell Morgan that he’s sorry but Morgan ignores his pleas and responds with more of his random arguments.

Now the rocks in his area show phrases such as “pointless acts” and “here is not here.” this how Morgan expresses his feelings now. He dips one of his spears into some zombie blood and writes on rocks and trees. He is still at the border of loco land and doesn’t seem to be getting better, even after he goes into the woods to argue with the air and fight with his stick against the wind.

He’s distracted by the sound of a goat. The sound of a living animal at this point in the apocalypse is crazy, but I probably would have been paranoid and thought it was a very effective lure. Morgan follows the sounds of the goat to a cabin in the woods that has a goat ties to gate in the front porch area. Morgan tries to steal the goat but a voice comes from the house asking him to get away from the goat because it’s not his and they are using the goats milk to make cheese.

Just from the tone of the person speaking you can tell it’s a man that still hasn’t lost his sense of humor in all of this. Morgan is very paranoid so he pulls out his gun and randomly shoots in the direction of the house. The voice then offers that if he will put the gun down he will give him falafel. As yummy as that may sound, Morgan is in full on attack mode and goes around the perimeter of the house with his gun looking for a way to reach the man in the cabin so he can shoot him. Somewhere in the back of the house he is knocked in the head with a staph and we see that the man is a tall bald man that kind of resembles a monk.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Lennie James as Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Morgan wakes up in a cage inside the cabin. A nice plate of tomatoes and falafel is laid out next to him. The tall man is named Eastman and he is incredibly friendly. he has even named the goat Tabitha. He tries to get to know Morgan on a friendly level but Morgan goes into one of his lunatic tirades begging Eastman to kill him. Eastman throws a book into the cage and tells him to read it. Morgan is not up for reading, since he’s going through a mental breakdown but stares at the title of the book: The Art of Peace. He also watches as a walker is lured by the sounds of the goat and tries to walk through the front yard to get to it. Eastman goes outside with a stick and uses the same fighting skills we have become accustomed to seeing Morgan use, to kill the walker, and protect his goat Tabitha.

Eastman returns to do what looks like carpentry work in the house. Morgan sits in his cell talking to himself incoherently. When Eastman decides to retire to bed he brings in the goat to to the living room and asks Morgan, who is still caged, not to hurt Tabitha. Odd request, since Morgan is caged. Eastman continues to feed Morgan everyday a variety of vegetable related meals. Morgan watches from his view in the cage at the window, when Eastman goes out to practice his stick fighting or when he catches rouge walkers attracted to Tabitha’s goat sounds. We finally get to see Eastman trying to make cheese. Based on his reaction to the taste test, it’s coming out absolutely horrible.

After some time, things soften between Morgan and Eastman and their able to have conversations. Well, somewhat. Mostly Eastman talks and Morgan makes an effort to say a few words. Eastman explains that before the zombie apocalypse he was a forensic scientist in Atlanta. When the zombies moved in he headed to his cabin for safety. Morgan doesn’t tell him what he did prior to the apocalypse but he lets him know that his current occupation is to clear. He kills everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or a walker he needs to clear. I’m guessing that Rick was lucky that Morgan didn’t decide to clear him or Michonne the last time they saw him or the other way around. Eastman asks him WHY? Morgan explains that clearing is the only reason why he’s survived.

This extremity of reasoning makes sense. He had mercy on his wife as a walker and she ended up killing his son. Now, he doesn’t take any chances and kills everything. During an instance when Eastman is away from the house, Morgan detaches a piece of the window in an attempt to escape. Eastman returns home and Morgan replaces the window piece for a later time.

Eastman decides to use his expertise in psychology on Morgan. This explains how a man who was so mentally damaged was able to over come where he was. Eastman diagnoses Morgan with PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder). An incident or group of incidents during the zombie apocalypse caused him to fall in this state.

Morgan relives murdering the man and young guy he had killed before he ended up in Eastman’s home. He didn’t know their intentions or if they were even father and son, because he had to kill them to survive. Eastman guesses that the incidents that sparked the PTSD were related to his wife and a child. Morgan’s face gives him up as guilty.

Eastman explains that humans are not built for killing. In all of his life as a forensic psychologist interviewing hundreds of prisoners, he could only classify one or two of them as actually being evil and born that way. He emphasizes that no matter how devastating the level of mental illness that there was always a possibility for improvement. Only some heal but all have the opportunity. Okay, so the bottom line is this. Eastman can help Morgan on the path to recovering from his mental illness, but Morgan has to be willing to accept that offer. Eastman admits that the cell was never locked and Morgan could have walked out at any point. But now he is telling him and he has two options: Either stay and sleep on the couch or leave and never look back. But Eastman will not allow Morgan to kill him so thats just not an option.

Morgan gets leaves  the cell and immediately charges at Eastman. After a rough scuffle, they break a painting on drywall that was hanging up and Morgan returns to his cell and slams the door. Eastman opens the door and heads upstairs and Morgan re-slams the door. I think Morgan likes the cell because he feels safe in it. He knows his urges to CLEAR people out may kick in and that cell is the only thing that stops him from trying to kill Eastman.

Eli the Goat - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Eli the Goat – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Eastman wants Morgan to get better so they can go on a trip. He doesn’t know to where but he figures it would be nice if they went to an island, being that walker wouldn’t be able to reach them there. There seems to be a lot of improvement in Morgans mental condition from talking to Eastman and being in his presence. Eastman invites him to go into the woods, but Morgan says he’ll stay inside. While Eastman is out, Tabitha begins to cry out because a walker is trying to eat her. Actually, a few walkers are interested in having fresh goat.

Although he may have wanted to stay in his cell all day, Morgan’s conscious doesn’t let him ignore Tabitha’s cries. He comes to her rescue and kills off a few walkers. Eastman finds him and thanks him for saving Tabitha. Morgan kind of crushed one of the tomato plants when he was smashing walker heads on the floor, so he’s going to have to help restoring the plant. Eastman gives him back his spear, which is now a staph. Eastman had it glossed over and cut the end off to make it a staph.

Eastman takes Morgan out to teach him Aikido. This form of martial arts is all about redirecting the opponent. It’s just as much about protecting the opponent from harm, as it is about protecting oneself. Morgan begins to read the Art of Peace in between lessons too. The theme here being that every life is precious. Morgan will strive to accept and protect everyone, and with that, protect himself.

Eastman hadn’t said much about his own family, unless he was reminiscing about a time before the zombies took over. Morgan probably assumed something happened to them during the apocalypse. So Eastman explains to Morgan where his peace harboring way of life came from. Morgan already knew that he was a forensic psychologist, but he didn’t know that a serial killer he evaluated had targeted him. Brighton Dallas Welton was a manipulator that knew how to play the justice system and was stopped in his tracks by Eastman. Eastman saw right through the act. When Dallas realized Eastman knew, he hit him over the head and almost killed him. Eastman had him imprisoned and gave his expert psychological opinion about Dallas.

Dallas got out and killed Eastman’s wife and kids. Then he went back to jail and turned himself in. He said he only wanted to get revenge and then he would be done. Eastman bought the cell in his living room with the intention of bringing Dallas there to starve him. Eastman now believes that all life is precious. The next day, Morgan and Eastman decide to go to Morgan’s last known outdoor home to get supplies. When they get there, Eastman sees the writing on the rocks and on the trees. Morgan looks little bit anxious, like he can’t handle remembering how he was before. Eastman asks Morgan about his family and they end up having to practice Aikido to calm Morgan down. The sport helps Morgan gain control.

A zombie shows up and Morgan goes to handle him and blanks out. It was the young guy he strangled. Morgan stands there not able to move and Eastman is forced to save his life by pushing him out the way, and in tun, getting bit in the back by the walker. Morgan has a melt down, he can’t lose the only friend he has.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones and John Carroll Lynch as Eastman - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Lennie James as Morgan Jones and John Carroll Lynch as Eastman – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

He begins to argue and scream. Morgan and Eastman ending up fighting, Aikido style, because Morgan is losing it again. Eastman grabs the dead body of the zombie and takes it back to the cabin. Morgan stays in his old outdoor home. he returns to the type of life he was living before–CLEARING. Morgan turns his staph into a spear again.

He kills the zombies and comes across a couple in the woods. The man has crutches and they look scared out of their minds. Before Morgan could do anything to them, the woman puts out a can of food and a bullet in offering for him to spare their lives. They walk away and she tells him, “Thank you.”  It makes Morgan realize that there are people out there that are good and therefore, all life is precious.

Morgan runs back to the cabin to discover a walker eating Tabitha. It was the most crushing moment in the episode. All that good lamb meat gone to waste. Eastman could have made a good spread with lamb chops a long time ago. Well, Morgan would have eaten it—Eastman is vegan. Morgan limps out looking sweaty and sick. The virus obviously circulating through him. They prepare to bury Tabitha and the walker, and Morgan comes across a grave for Crichton. He asks Eastman what happened, because Eastman made it seem like he found himself before he could kill Crichton.

Eastman admits that he did it. He started Crichton for 47 days, but even after he had passed, it didn’t give him any peace. Eastman went to turn himself in the day that the world was turned upside down with the introduction of zombies gone wild. There was no one to take him and there was no where to take him to.

The painting on the wall was from a piece of dry wall he took fro his house. His daughter had drawn the painting on the wall. He lugged that piece of drywall all the way into the woods from where he originally lived, when the zombie takeover happened. She also had given him a lucky rabbit foot. Eastman gives the rabbit foot to Morgan in hopes of bringing him luck. And with that, Eastman declares he’s tired and ready to go. He knows he’s going to turn, might as well have Morgan end his life.

Morgan buries Eastman in the make shift cemetery. He packs up all his things and leaves the cabin. It was Eastman’s last wish that Morgan find other people and not spend his life alone. Morgan walks from the cabin to the nearest train tracks and finds the big sign for Terminus. That’s what put him on a trip to bump into rick.

Now -The story returns to present day –

Morgan has been telling this long and sordid story to a wolf he has locked up in his house. The wolf admits that he had chosen the safe zone because he had been bitten and was hoping they had medicine. There is no cure for that. The wolf is touched by the story but, lets Morgan know that he plans on killing everyone at the safe zone. He’s incredibly wacko. Morgan locks up the room and locks the gate outside his house when he leaves. Then he hears a scream and he runs.

What is wrong with Morgan keeping this type of killer in his house??? That wolf could get free and kill everybody off. Plus, he’s going to turn into a walker, which is even worse.

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