No More Peace For Morgan The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 Bury Me Here

Morgan stops being the Peacemaker

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Carol has to have come across some type of hidden power when she stabbed a walker or she’s mutated into a superhero. She has evolved so much from where she started in season one of The Walking Dead, that at this point, she can smell danger, sense the presence of evil, and feel when something is wrong. So, sitting out in that cottage in the outskirts of Ezekiel’s kingdom, doesn’t save her from feeling the problems that have been brewing post-Negan.

This week’s episode, Bury me here, starts with Carol tossing and turning in a fitful sleep.  There’s something going on and Carol’s spidey senses have her going crazy. She shows up at the kingdom and impressively wipes out the little gang of walkers that were idling at the gates. Some of them were poled in the head by a stop sign and everyone else got a machete to the head. By the time the Kingdom came out to clear the path for Carol, she was storming in looking for Morgan as if she was late for an important business meeting.

Carol asks Morgan what happened in Alexandria and he doesn’t tell her anything. She asked him to keep her location a secret and he kept his word. Any conversation that she had with Darryl was between them and he wasn’t going to reveal anything that Darryl didn’t already say. So, Carol’s efforts to stop racking her brain for the details of what happened with Negan are for nothing.

Ezekiel finds out that some of the crops have been infested with bugs or a disease, and he’s going to have to burn the remaining crops to save them. As we all know, any delay in providing Negan with his share of food will cause a huge problem. People will die. But, Ezekiel is content for now because he has enough cantaloupes for the drop off that day.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Macsen Lintz as Henry, Logan Miller as Benjamin – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 14 Bury Me Here- Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Morgan stops training Benjamin’s little brother with the staff to go on this trip and Richard, who is seen burying a backpack, also joins. They have 12 cantaloupes to be delivered to Negan’s man. On the way there, they discover that the road has been blocked with a line of shopping carts. This is not unlike any of the other sectioned off areas that the saviors have set up. They get out the truck and check the perimeter to discover an open grave with a headstone that says “Bury me here.”

Karl Makinen as Richard – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 14 Bury Me Here – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The group takes this as a super creepy omen and no one took notice that it was incredibly suspicious. What’s the point of the open grave? What are they actually blocking off? They must have all filed this away as some beef the saviors are tormenting someone with.

This detour makes them late for the drop-off and there are only 11 melons available for the pickup. That’s a double no-no. Ezekiel claims that he counted the 12 melons himself and Negan’s man doesn’t care. There needs to be some kind of punishment and the long-haired savior, who has a thirst for Richard’s death, pulls a gun to Richard’s face. Nothing Ezekiel could say will stop them from taking out their vengeance for a simple error. However, long-hair shoots Benjamin in the leg instead.

They allow Ezekiel to rush off with Benjamin bleeding out rivers from his wounded leg.  Morgan, and the others, struggle to put pressure to stop the bleeding. They can’t make it to the kingdom and head for Carol’s instead. Even with everyone putting pressure on the leg, they can’t stop Benjamin from bleeding out on Carol’s dining room table. Benajmin’s last words are from Morgan’s non-violence literature. Something about harming your opponent is like harming yourself..  The irony there is a huge slap in the face to Morgan.

Morgan, who has a history of trauma induced mental health issues, goes back to the blockage point and begins to lose his mind. Benjamin was like his son, so much so, that his mind races with flashbacks of his biological kid and wife. He even begins to think about clearing as he babbles incoherently. I thought they were going to send Morgan on a one-way trip to the loony bin, but before anything that bad even happens, Morgan kicks a random box in frustration and discovers a hidden cantaloupe.

After investigating the premises, Morgan discovers that Richard had developed yet another plan to start a war with the saviors. His last plan included putting Carol’s life at stake and Darryl put an end to that. This time, Richard set up the line of shopping carts to block the road and guided everyone off the truck.  He then hid the cantaloupe. He even dug the grave that was meant for him. Richard planned on being a sacrifice to this war. When Morgan approaches him with what he discovered, Richard admits his plans and tells him his backstory. He lost his wife and daughter and imagined that the missing cantaloupe would push the saviors to kill him. This was suppose to encourage Ezekiel to go to war. The open grave contained his daughter’s backpack, which he planned to be buried with. He’s now riddled with guilt for Benjamin’s death.

Even though Richard is hurt that he caused the young boy’s death, he tells Morgan that they need to use this loss to bamboozle the saviors. The kingdom needs to gain the trust of the saviors, and when the saviors are convinced that the kingdom is timid and cooperating , they need to kill the saviors.

Although Morgan is taken aback by the killing suggestion, these words do not fall on deaf ears. Ezekiel and the group return to the meet-up point to present Negan’s man with a single cantaloupe. Surprisingly, Negan’s man is pissed when he finds out that Benajmin died. He makes the long-haired dope that shot Benjamin walk back to headquarters.

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Cooper Andrews as Jerry – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 14 Bury Me Here – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Richard presents the saviors with the cantaloupe. Morgan attacks Richard and begins to choke him out in front of everyone. No mercy at all. No one intervened. Ezekiel begged Morgan to stop but didn’t do anything other than that. This would have been totally different had it been someone else. Morgan was against killing, and since he was choking someone out without remorse, everyone must have figured that he had good reason.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 14 Bury Me Here- Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Morgan had taken Richard’s advice after all.  Richard intended to sacrifice himself to start a war, so Morgan went with the plan. He killed Richard and then told the saviors that Richard had sabotaged the cantaloupe situation earlier. Then Morgan went with the second recommendation: convince the saviors of their loyalty. Killing Richard was a sign of true loyalty to the saviors, causing them to believe the kingdom is willing to kill their own to make due. This is exactly what Richard had advised Morgan they should do, though he didn’t intend for it to go down this way. Plus, it’s revenge for Benjamin’s death.

Morgan buries Richard in his self-dug grave and includes his daughter’s backpack. Then, covered in Ricahrd’s blood, Morgan pays Carol a visit. He tells Carol that Abe, Glenn, Olivia, and Spencer died. He even tells her that the saviors own Rick and Alexandria. Ladies and Gentleman, Morgan is no longer the peacemaker that he has been fighting to be all this time. He has now graduated beyond the ideal that all life is precious. He lost Duane (his son), but he wasn’t going to lose Benjamin  and still be the same. He even accidentally refers to Benjamin as Duane. He has now lost a second son and he’s just about had it.

Morgan tries to head out to take out the saviors as a one man army. Carol begs Morgan to stay in the same way he had pleaded with her once. But it isn’t because Carol intends to stop Morgan’s plans, it’s because he doesn’t have to go alone.

Carol shows up at the Kingdom to speak with Ezekiel. She tells him that she will stay at the kingdom because they have to prepare to fight. Ezekiel, her love slave, agrees without another word. Then they sit down with Benjamin’s little  brother to plant little crops like a happy family.

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