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All the feels people, all of them. The end of Childhood’s End was not a happy ending. But I think we all knew that when Milo explained he was the last human alive in the beginning of part one. Through out the mini-series our main concerns involved Karellen’s motives, the overlords intentions, and what in sam hell was going on with the children. We found out at the very end what it all meant and it was depressing.

Some years have passed since Jennifer was born. The children of Earth have changed dramatically since the day Jennifer came out of the womb. Milo explains to Rachel that the new generation is stronger and better. But they also have powers that us sub humans are incapable of having. Milo tests a little boy by putting his juice cup far from him and watches as the boy telekinetically pulls the juice to him. Jennifer has started something in these super children and they all know that it is due to her, as they say her name and raise their hands to the sky. Super creepy.

Ricky has been managing his condition that has progressively gotten worse over time. That vile of medicine that he used on Karellen, and not on himself, must have been the last of its kind, because he is truly dying. During one of his painful episodes, where his veins protrude from his chest and arms, he stumbles to the front of his house. Ellie tries to bring him back in, but he collapses and then calls her Annabelle. Ellie resigns herself to the fact that Annabelle was Ricky’s great love and if she had to be in her shadow for his last moments, then she will play the part. Ricky passes out and ends up at the suite at the four seasons with Annabelle. Things progress as they did when he actually spent that time there with her. But he realizes that he is putting so much emphasis in a time that is no longer relevant. When the person who has cared and been by his side the whole time, Ellie, is neglected in the importance ladder of his life. Ricky requests to leave and we discover that since Ricky is dying, Karellen is trying to give him a moment in which he can live for all eternity.

Instead of dying, Karellen could place him in this space in time forever. He truly does care for Ricky and wants to spare him from death. But that isn’t fair to Ellie, and Ricky chooses death and life at the same time. Ricky regains consciousness outside his home and looks at the stars beside Ellie and manages to tell her that she was his greatest love, before he takes his last breath. It was so sad to see such a main character go. It was even worse, because you almost expect his association with Karellen and his post as ambassador, to guarantee some type of salvation compared to everyone else.

Outside the Greggson house, children have began to gather. They stare at the sky and everyday there are more. Jake has been begging Amy to move to New Athens. New Athens is the only place in the world that is not under the rule of the overlords. The overlords granted them permission to continue as they please and they live in the same disorder that humans once lived. They are not privy to having illness, war, and poverty removed–but they’ve experienced a creative renaissance that flourishes unlike the rest the world. See, the mundaness of no chaos in the world has made it quite a boring place. Creativity is not encouraged and exploration is suppressed, as well.

Milo has been calling the Greggsons off the hook!! He wants to speak with Jennifer, because in his studies he has realized that the young girl is at the epicenter of every child in the world. They all know her. They finally give in to see if they can get some answers to what’s coming, because thats the under tone here, there’s something big about to happen and no one is prepared or has a clue. Milo has Jennifer’s parents place a mirror before her and asks her what she sees. Jennifer says she sees everything. She sees them all and she is all. Whatever that means at this point to us. In the reflection of her eye, Milo sees a beam of light and the earths explosion, which causes the screen he was using to speak with her to explode. Jennifer says the end begins through a shard of glass and thats the end of their communication. So this solidifies the Earth’s end for us. How could they continue to say that there is nothing to fear? At this point, there’s no need for deception, so you get the idea that they are not trying to trick anyone into believing anything. You get the feeling that they believe what they are saying.    Jennifer is alot like Karellen, in that she insists that there should be no fear. There is no way to know if we should believe either one of them because of the secretive and creepy circumstances that surround them. Do humans really have nothing to worry about? And why is this repeated so frequently? The answer to these questions are disappointing and addressed much later. This convinces Milo that he has to travel to Karellen’s planet to get the answers he needs to save the world from whatever it is that is coming. Rachel is going to help him sneak onto one of the ships that has been taking the animals to Karellen’s planet. She explains that the animals are sort of zip-locked into an air vacuumed bag and Milo puts together a bag filled with steroids, water, and and all he needs to be revived, once he reaches his destination. Rachel is very reluctant and incredibly heartbroken because based on their calculations it would take 80 of their years to get to that planet and back. This would mean that they would live without each other. This is one of those fears that I see often in Sci-Fi fiction (Such as the movie Interstellar and few of the twilight zone episodes), where missing out on each others life or never seeing someone ever again, is a debilitating fear. It is however something that Milo has to do.     The Greggsons make their way to New Athens with the help of Jennifer. There are so many children crowding the streets that she has to telekinetically part them like the red sea in order for the family to leave. New Athen’s looks like New Orleans during Mardis Gras. They get a special welcome from the mayor of this free city, who is someone who believes in not having the aliens involved in the life of humans, even after having his daughter die of a condition that would have been cured, had he not rejected the aliens assistance. Well, it’s finally time. Karellen makes another entrance and explains whats going on here. Well, partially. Milo gets the real break down. Karellen tells the world that their time is done. There future is in the children and the overlords have made sure that the children are as good as possible. But now it is time for the children to leave. And there will no longer be any more children after these are gone.  Karellen expects the remaining adults to continue their time on earth till the last one passes. The children begin to ascend into the sky with arms open. The Greggsons were unable to get a grip on Jennifer, but they managed to stop Tommy from flying away, but that’s only because Jennifer allowed him extra time to say goodbye. 

The mayor has lost all hope, and with that, his mind. He has set up a bomb to set off. Jake tries to convince the mayor that they should continue and show human perseverance but the place is going to blow. Tommy says his final goodbye to his mom and joins the others in the sky. Amy makes peace with the fact that they all experienced love and all these other things and its okay to die I guess. The bomb explodes.  Milo wakes up on the ship about 40 years later and uses his kit to revive himself. He meets another over lord, who I like to call Karellen’s cousin.  The overlords were taking part in a cycle of evolution in the universe that involves a higher being named the overmind. The overmind is the collective consciousness of the universe. WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Abstract thinking isn’t for me, I tell you. Either way, the children and this overmind will be combined to become one consciousness. This is a cycle of life, on a bigger scale. The overlords had no intentions of any harm, but were more minions of service to another being.  

Milo asks for earth’s current state and for Rachel. Rachel was preserved into a clay like form and Milo smashes her in anger. Milo also meets the overmind. She explains shes everything and no one and some more abstract ideas. And then he goes back to the ship. I was more confused then when I got there.  Karellen let’s Milo know that he can stay with them till his last day on their planet of fire and lava. Milo chooses to be transported back to Earth. He wants humans to be remembered however flawed they were. He asks Karellen if he ever had cookie dough ice cream (one of our finer creations). Along with all of the selfishness and egos that ran in the human race there were great accomplishments. He chooses to go back to end his days and bring back knowledge of what Earth is like in the end. Milo is sent back to earth and we see the vacant planet with bones scattered across it. The camera drone follows him and we see the first moments of this series. Jennifer is at the top of a mountain in the midst of a huge light beam doing something in the Earth’s final moments. Milo suddenly requests that Karellen and his cousin pick something from his memory to leave a memory of the human race. They find a song that he used to listen to with the old man in the car at the very beginning.

Milo is satisfied and the beam Jennifer’s in gets bigger and the Earth explodes. Karellen and his cousin leave the song in the space where the earth once was, for anyone who passes to hear. I never even noticed this song in the first part. I didn’t think that it even mattered. It would have been nice if they had used something more memorable for those last moments. But it was one hell of a way to end the episode.


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    • Mark
    • April 11, 2016

    To me the disturbing part of it is that these genocidal aliens were so “nice” (well, in some ways at least..!)

    I thought it would have been more real (and in line with their single over-riding goal of creating children for the over-mind) if they had been even more duplicitous than they were…

    After all, if you are going to wipe out an entire planet and every living thing in it, what do you care about a few white lies…? (or black ones..)

    Such as after Milo’s death…

    Other Overlord : “Why couldnt you tell him the truth in the end..?

    Karellen : “Tell them what? That had they woken up from the spell, and killed their evolved children, or even just killed Jennifer that they could have saved their entire world…
    5 Billion souls and countless living organisms..?”
    “…I had not the heart to tell him the truth…”

    Other Overlord : “But only for another 1,000 of their Sol years, until we next returned this place again, for we are guided by the Overmind, and have countless systems to visit..”

    Karellen : “Yes, had they reacted as their own ancestors had 1000 years before, they would have been saved……for of course they HAVE seen us before, and we were buried deep within in their ancestor memory”

    Other Overlord : “But we seduced them this time with power, gifts and trinkets…”

    Karellen : “And milk…For then I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key in his hand…
    and he brought forth a false prophet….so that he should deceive the nations…”

    Other Overlord : “Pardon Sir..?”

    Karellen : “Just something their priests once said…”
    “…No matter…throw the last human’s music into the void, I grow weary of this place….”

    Other Overlord : “I will set the drives for the next planet..what gambit should we use this time Sir..?”

    Karellen : “We have not visited this one before, I prefer the divine benevolent presence, we can move much quicker this time….the Overmind will be happy with their increased power..perhaps one day they will even help us ascend too…”

    Other Overlord : “As you wish Sir..”

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