Gotham Recap Season 3 Episode 1 Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell

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They may have ended season two with a happy ending, but the Gotham premiere  yesterday, did nothing to convince us that things are getting better. Not even with Jim. After finally heading out to find Lee, he discovers at her front door that she has found herself a new manz. And I imagine this new manz is more concentrated on their relationship then in city villains, so Jim knew not to even bother.

GOTHAM: Ben Mckenzie in the ÒMad City: Burn The WitchÓ episode of GOTHAM airing airing Monday, Sept. 26 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Nicole Rivelli/FOX.
GOTHAM: Ben Mckenzie in the Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell episode of GOTHAM airing airing Monday, Sept. 26 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Nicole Rivelli/FOX.

Back at Gotham, Hugo Strange may be behind bars, but his basement load of mutants are running through the city now on Fish Mooney’s orders. Jim may not be a cop anymore, but he gets back to Gotham in time to find a Stegosaurus monster, robbing a local pharmacist. Jim was saved by the bus that hit the Stegosaurus, who had confidently walked into the street. But why would he be robbing a pharmacy? Aren’t there better things to steal like money and jewelry?

Apparently there have been numerous times these monster are out at night looking for something and terrorizing those who oppose them. The GCPD has been leaving the media in the dark. They don’t really want people to realize that they have creatures–beings that had been experimented on, roaming the streets of Gotham. It’s one thing for the bad guys to be crooks and yet another for them to be different. The people of Gotham would spazz.

Penguin - Gotham Season 3
GOTHAM: Robin Lord Taylor in the Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell season premiere episode of GOTHAM airing airing Monday, Sept. 19 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

However, there is a new nosy reporter on the scene by the name of Valerie Vale and she’s asking real questions about these special criminals. Penguin walks in during a grueling press event, where Ms. Vale is getting ignored, and tells the media that Fish Mooney is behind these new band of thugs. Penguin wants Fish removed so bad that he’s even willing  to recruit the GCPD to get rid of her.

Selena has two jobs now. She continues to beat around the bush with Penguins team but is continuously loyal to Fish. This may be more then deliberate since she can spy on Penguin for Fish that way. Not that Fish is all that interested in Penguin. Selena has also attracted the attention of Bruce’s clone, when she unknowingly offers him food thinking he’s a random homeless kid.

But all of this madness is happening for a reason and we see this when Fish attends one of her mob’s robberies at a chemist lab. Fish loves her new ability to touch people and make them do what she wants, but there’s something about her mutation that is causing her to get sick. She doesn’t know how to fix the problem so she’s just trying every drug she can find. Jim interrupts her raid on the lab but one of her loyal mutant subjects stops Jim, before escaping.

Barbaras Club

Barbara has been living a very good life, even though she’s psychotic. She’s back in a relationship with Tabitha Galavan and she has her own club. Some gang member comes over to harass her for having a club on her territory, and like a guard dog, Tabitha whips the guy and his men into shape.

Penguin tries to take his place as underground kingpin of Gotham by settling the dispute. He tries to have Barbara compromise since her club is in this gangsters territory. Honestly, I don’t even know why Penguin was bothering to give the man a chance at anything. We’ve never even heard of him.

Barbara points out that Butch, as incredibly dull as he’s become, had hired the man. Butch hopes to inherit the club. This helps Penguin make up his mind and he shoots the gangster in the head. Barbara continues her life of luxury in her very popular club, but with a very sharp warning from Penguin.

Penguin pays the Riddler a visit, although the Riddler treated him horribly when he was going through his nice phase. He brings him a puzzle as a gift. Within two minutes, Riddler has it all figured out. The thing is that Riddler is the only like minded individual that Penguin knows. And Penguin is confused as to why Fish didn’t kill him when she saw him last season.

Fish Mooney with super powers doesn’t give a hoot about Penguin and his petty power. Atleast that’s what it’s looking like for now. Riddler assures Penguin that it doesn’t matter because the Penguin always gets the Fish.

The Hunt for Hugo Strange’s assistant

Selena rolls up on Valerie Vale with info that Fish Mooney is back. As soon as she contacted the wet behind the ears journalist, I knew she was sent there by someone. Vale takes this info to Jim because she knows that he will look into it, even though he’s no longer a cop.

The thing is that although most of the people involved in Indian Hill are either arrested or dead, Hugo Strange’s assistant is free and in hiding. Jim gets info from Harvey secretly, to figure out the location of Ethel Peabody. Harvey has to do it on the hush though, because he is no longer the chief of police. Barnes is back and very irritated.

Jim finds Ethel through Harvey in order to warn her that eventually Fish will come knocking. If the meds aren’t helping, Fish is going to find the closest thing to Strange that she can find. Vale provided all that info because she wants the exclusive with pictures. But Jim messes that up for the new reporter, when he handcuffs her to her own car.

Before Jim could even finish his warning to Peabody, Fish’s black coat lackey and female patent leather mutant show up. Jim fights the black coat for the second time and ends up struggling with him from the window sill. Black jacket man is actually a hybrid bat and his wings come out to the public out that window. Vale didn’t miss the opportunity to photograph the “BAT-MAN” (See what they did there), because she managed to unlock her cuffs.

Valerie Vale and Jim Gordon - Gotham Season 3
GOTHAM: L-R: Guest star Jamie Chung and Ben McKenzie in the Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell season premiere episode of GOTHAM airing airing Monday, Sept. 19 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Vale was a little peeved that her hints led Fish directly to Ethel and realizes that Jim already knew that this would happen, when she questions him. Jim went along not because she had convinced him with trickery, but because he wanted Fish and knew she had instigated the info purposely to Vale through her source.

Jim gets chewed out by the commissioner because hes not a cop anymore. Barnes is peeved but he should have known.

Bruce clone the fan

Ethel was taken away by the patent leather goddess to Fish’s lair. Which calls for a Fish family reunion. Selena is suppose to be a part of this. She gets a visit from Bruce who had roughly dismissed her to protect her last season. Selena is hurt by his dismissal, always internally placing fault on Bruce’s wealth. Although this time Bruce is honest about his current mission in finding the secret council, Selena doesn’t care much and is still hurt from what he last said.

Selena doesn’t realize that Bruce’s clone is not far behind watching. And when she heads to Fish’s meeting, she leaves Ivy behind with the clone. The clone asks Ivy to speak with Selena and she recognizes him to be Bruce Wayne. Well, Bruce without a haircut and some shabby clothes. When she mentions the name, the clone goes nuts asking who Bruce is. The clone confused the heck out of the poor girl so Ivy runs off.

Ethel Peabody hired to fix Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney - Gotham Season 3
GOTHAM: Guest star Jada Pinkett Smith in the Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell season premiere episode of GOTHAM airing airing Monday, Sept. 19 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Fish’s meeting is in the sewer. She needs Ethel to fix her because she almost passes out now every time she uses her powers. Peabody does know what is causing Fish to be sick, although there is no way for her to help her. When Fish uses her new power, cells are generated and her body is rejecting them. The only person that can help in this situation is Hugo Strange.

I thought that piece of information was worth letting the lady live, but Fish didn’t. She calls on a mutant that is able to give Benjamin button syndrome in reverse. He touches Ethel and she ages right into death.

Ivy disrupts Fish’s meeting, looking for Selena. She wants to tell her about Bruce Wayne acting weird. Fish is concerned that the little girl knows her location and Ivy is dumb. She’s one of those brats that doesn’t know when to shut-up. She tells Fish that if they don’t leave her alone she’ll tell where they are. They chase her out near a sewer pipe, although Selena was desperately trying to intervene. The wooden surface Ivy is standing on breaks and she falls into rushing water.

It’s the first time Selena has every cried and she is hysterical.  Obviously, Ivy has to still be alive, I’m just hoping Ivy doesn’t blame Selena.

Bruce Calls out the Secret Council

Bruce has decided that in his search of the secret council, he would attempt a more direct approach. He calls a board meeting at Wayne Enterprises and calls out openly the secret society and tells them that he knows members are directly part of his company. He asks them to come forward whenever possible to discuss terms.

Whoever at the meeting was truly part of that council, called the head council woman. That’s the one that was always on the phone with Hugo Strange wearing a mask. She tells another society member to take out Bruce because he knows. The masked man slips into the Wayne mansion at night and meets face to face with Bruce’s biggest weapon: Alfred. For the millionth time on this show, Alfred gets his ass handed to him. The masked man kidnaps Bruce after covering his mouth with chloroform.

How is Bruce going to escape the secret society now? It’s looking like Hugo Strange will be released by Fish. How will she do it? And what happened to Ivy? Comment below or message me to talk Gotham:

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