Games of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Beyond The Wall

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Last weeks episode, showed Jon Snow head out beyond the wall with a small group of the most inexperienced members of a suicide squad we have ever seen. The goal is to grab a Wight and bring it back to King’s Landing to show Cersei Lannister that the undead army is no longer a myth but a real threat coming for the seven kingdoms. None of the men in the group are strangers to cold weather and the roughness of the winter wilderness, except Gendry Rivers who has never seen snow before.

Gendry is also not too fond of the brotherhood members because he can’t forget that they sold him to Melisandre who almost killed him. The way the Hound sees it Gendry has nothing to complain about. Beric has died over six times, and he’s as right as rain. There’s no more “whinging” from Gendry after that.

Snow and Jorah bond over memories of their fathers. Snow tries to give Jorah his sword, Longclaw, which is made of Valeryian steel and can kill white walkers, but Jorah declines his offer. The way he sees it, he lost his right to Longclaw when Jorah betrayed his family and his father rightfully gave the sword to Snow. That means that Snow’s keeping the sword and it looks like he’s going to need it more than ever.

Arya and Sansa

Sansa finds Arya staring down at the open spaces below Winterfell where the men that followed their father used to train. Arya tells Sansa a memorable moment when the grounds were just as empty, and she had gotten her hands on a bow and arrow and was practicing with a target. Arya was horrible. But some time later, she heard clapping coming from Sir Roderick who had been watching her all along.

Sansa Stark and Arya Stark Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Beyond the Wall
Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO
His approval and his smile had let her know that she wasn’t doing something wrong. It was only perceived as wrong because the rules for women forbade them from doing activities that were for men. And then she finished the story off by saying that Sir Roderick had died at the hands of the Lannisters with Sansa’s help.

Well, damn.

Arya takes out the letter she found in Little Finger’s bed. The letter that Sansa had sent by raven to Winterfell requesting that Rob and her mom surrender to the Lannisters and bend the knee to Joffrey. This note had been written by Sansa when she was not only a child but was convinced that it would save Ned Stark. Arya criticizes Sansa for being weak and stupid. And as much as I’d like to join in on the Sansa bashing, I can’t help but think that I would have written the same note had I been in the same position.

Arya sees Sansa as not having changed from who she was as a child. That she still wants to be a part of the glamorous royal life. But anyone that’s watched Sansa this long knows that she’s grown from wanting the royal life. She knows that the dresses and parties are a mask for all of the treachery that happens behind closed doors. 

Arya tells Sansa that she saw how she was dressed at their father’s beheading. Sansa didn’t know that Arya was in the crowd, but she asked Arya what it was that she did that was so amazing to save their father.  Arya was never heard of again after that day, while Sansa followed a long game for her life in the same halls as Joffrey and Cersei. She also talked about the torture she experienced with Ramsey and everything she went through to spare her own life.

But Arya doesn’t pity any of it. What would Sansa do if anyone knew about this note?

Sansa does seem concerned although she knows she had no choice but to write it. Arya believes that Sansa is afraid the Northerners will see it, and they will hate her for not dying for the north. Sansa’s age wouldn’t matter because Lyanna Mormont would have died for the cause and she’s even younger than Sansa was.

Is this letter meant to give Arya the leverage of exposure to the Northerners so that Sansa loses her post as queen in Snow’s absence?

Tyrion and Dany

Snow’s squad is off beyond the wall, and Tyrion’s quest is to influence Dany’s next moves. He tells her that Snow is in love with her and she thinks Snow is too short for her. It looks like Dany likes her men like Drogo: tall, handsome, and oppressive.

And so begins Tyrion’s game of thrones. Dany can’t behave like the dragon Olenna Tyrell had asked her to be because the people will see her the same way they see Cersei. Cersei is a tyrant who is intent on spreading fear to make sure that her position as queen is never threatened. But Dany had vowed to break the wheel, and she’s forgotten all about that after she freed Slavers Bay.

And to get his point across at how Dany has been making hasty decisions, Tyrion claims that if she had to kill the Tarly’s she could have killed the father or given them time to think about their options. Not a few minutes to decide what to do at the foot of a massive dragon, but days. The aggressive manner she handled the Tarly’s isn’t any different than Cersei’s way of managing her kingdom. The people of Westeros will think that they are choosing to give their loyalty between tyrants.

Tyrion also makes a case for succession. Dany went out to the battle on the back of her dragon without ever thinking that she could have been killed. And should she be killed, who’s to take her place when she has no heir and claims not to be able to have children? Tyrion wants her to choose someone to take over should anything happen to her.

Dany refuses to pick a successor until she is on the throne. Khaleesi is a bit hard headed, and Tyrion’s suggestion to choose a successor is more than reasonable. Here’s hoping someone doesn’t put a spear through her before she ever gets to sit on the throne.


Flaming Bears: Jon Snow, Tormund, Beric, Thoros, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, Jorah Mormont

Tormund shares his love for Brienne to The Hound. The Hound isn’t too fond of Brienne since she beat him. But that’s not something he’s going to share since she is a woman. Tormund is acting like Brienne is waiting for him back at Winterfell when she could give a rat’s ass about the red headed wildling that’s been after her. Tormund wants to make big monstrous babies with Brienne. It’s a shame that Brienne has real knight goals and none of them have anything to do with bearing children.

As the group gets closer to Walker territory, the snow comes down even harder. Beric and Snow contemplate the reason for their resurrections, and neither has a clue. If there is one thing Beric is certain of is that the lord of light is going to use him for some greater purpose.

Flaming Walker Bears Game of Thrones Season 7 Epsiode 6 Beyond the Wall
Credit: Courtesy of HBO
A big undead polar bear with glowing blue eyes comes charging in and nearly kills Thoros of Myr. They try to set it on fire, and it just becomes a flaming savage polar bear trying to tear someone apart. The burning part also means that the Hound wasn’t too involved in this fight. The Hound doesn’t do fire.

Jorah stepped in and slaughtered the bear, and rightfully so since the Mormont sigil is the bear. Beric uses his flaming sword to cauterize Thoros’s wounds, but his chances of survival are small since the bear bit into him pretty bad.

More importantly, the Night King is running around turning random animals into walkers. If they can turn the bears, they are going to turn the entire animal kingdom into Walker recruits. If they turn Ghost into a walker, I’m rebelling!

Petyr “Little Finger” Baelish

Sansa confides in Little Finger about her ongoing arguments with Arya.

Yes, think about that. Sansa is reaching out to Little Finger.



The same man she has loathed since he dumped her with Ramsey in some clever political scheme. The same man that she kept her distance from even though he came in with the people from the Vale and saved Winterfell.

She tells him about the scroll, and he tells her he can’t imagine where Arya discovered it. The man was lying right through his teeth because we all saw Arya find the scroll in his room. Not that this is a surprise.

Little Finger takes the Arya beef as an opportunity to place a seed of fear. He points out to Sansa that Brienne was sworn to protect both Stark girls. Technically, if Arya and Sansa elevate their issues, Brienne would also have to protect Arya. He also mentions that to Arya, the family is everything. Even Little Finger knows the importance of siblings to Arya, and yet, he acts like she’s a real threat to Sansa.

Sansa looks more scared of Arya than she ever did of Ramsey.


A Walker for Kings Landing: Jon Snow, Tormund, Beric, Thoros, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, Jorah Mormont

After the bear encounter, the clan has their ears and eyes open for the real Walker/Wight army. They come across a Walker and a couple of boney wights.

If you’re not sure what the difference is, the Walkers look like the horsemen that follow behind the Night King. The Wights are the moving skeletons and rotting corpses. The distinction is that the Walkers can control the Wights. And this becomes evident here when Snow puts Long Claw right through the Walker and the Wights surrounding, fall to the floor like puppets.

Conveniently, one Walker remains and the group gangs up on him to tie him up. This will be the Walker hauled to Kings Landing for Cersei to see. Unfortunately, the sucker lets out a scream that could wake the dead (no pun intended), when they try to tie him up and put a bag over his head. The rest of the army will soon be on their tail. The army is big folks! Larger than the army that Snow saw at hard home.

Snow tells Gendry to run back to the wall (since, he’s the fastest,) to send a raven to Dany. They’re going to need a dragon if they intend to get out alive at this point. Being that Gendry’s going to have to run like someone is chasing him with a hot poker, Tormund makes Gendry give up his hammer, so it doesn’t weigh him down.


The Lake: Jon Snow, Tormund, Beric, Thoros, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, Jorah Mormont

With the entire army about to show up and make these men miss their mamas, Snow and the group run into a space they can surround to defend themselves from all corners. Without knowing, they all end up on an elevated rock at the center of a frozen lake. As the thousands of Wight/Walkers arrive, they begin to fall in at the edge of the lake right into the depths of the water.

The group doesn’t even have to do anything. None of the dead can make it within fighting range. Unlike the idiot zombies of all other literature and pop culture, these guys are smart enough to make sense of the drowning Walkers and stop trudging ahead. The problem now is that our suicide group is now at the center of a lake and the entire Walker rebellion surrounds them.

Back at the wall: Gendry collapses near the Wall. Davos comes running in and can make out from Gendry to send out Ravens.

Sidenote: traveling and Ravens are at hyper speed due to the limited episodes these next two seasons. There are no complaints from my end. I would have liked for all of the other seasons to have been just as fast.

The group checks up on Thoros, and he had died somewhere during their struggle. Snow demands Thoros burned and Beric pulls out his sword and sets it up in flames. The death of Thoros of Myr means that Beric will never be revived again. He was resurrected 6 times, and now, whenever his time may come, it will be his last. Beric claims he’s ready for death and would like to die fighting. He’s hoping his extended life will hold a greater purpose than he could have ever expected.


Sansa receives an invitation to Kings Landing from Cersei as if Sansa would ever put herself in the same danger that she escaped. Sansa takes the invite as an opportunity to send Brienne away. It seems to have been on her mind since Little Finger mentioned Brienne’s allegiance to her mother and how that would also include defending Arya.

Brienne is Sansa’s only real line of defense. She defeated The Hound and is a braver knight than any man in Winterfell. Sending Brienne away would leave Sansa completely defenseless. Sansa claims she is safe because she is home and Winterfell is home and also doesn’t want to be treated like a child because she knows how to take care of herself. This is what she tells Brienne who does not want to leave her side.

Brienne is also the only barrier that Little Finger has in his way to total Sansa manipulation.

And that’s when it hit me. This is not real. Sansa has not fallen into a hole of pure dumbness, although we’ve witnessed her there in the past. Sansa hating is my favorite sport too but I refuse to believe that she’s come this far to become as stupid as everyone else.

I believe this is a cleverly planned power move directed by the Stark girls.

Let’s review:

Little Finger has been skulking around the dark corners of the castle since the beginning of this season. Arya, a trained dark corner professional, has also been watching from the shadows. Do you really think that she didn’t notice Little’s Finger’s stalking from when she first got there? But when we see Arya sneaking around, we are made to believe that Little Finger is aware and is purposely setting her up without her knowledge.

I think we can imagine that Arya’s many face training is far more advanced than anything Little FInger has up his sleeve. So for a moment let’s imagine that Sansa told Arya about Little FInger’s manipulation and sneakiness. Sansa would have also mentioned that she doesn’t trust Little Finger but needs him because he has the army of the Vale under his control.

At that point, Arya would have to devise a plan. Since Little Finger is a man of power moves and games, they would have had to mislead him into thinking that he was the one manipulating the circumstances to get him where they want him. Sansa and Arya’s heated arguments behind closed doors and in open spaces would be the perfect way to show Little Finger, who would be somewhere in a dark corner watching, that the wedge forming between the sisters is growing. He would think that his plans are coming true. So far, the only plan seems to be to isolate Sansa to manipulate her into giving him power.

Why would Sansa get rid of her only defense (Brienne) without a backup? She supposedly fears her sister but has no one to help her should things go wrong. Even if Arya isn’t a threat, at any point Little Finger could pull a move that would leave Sansa defenseless. What if she was confident in Brienne’s absence because she does have a back up (Arya)?

Why would Sansa openly tell Little Finger about the scroll and all of these details if she knows that he will twist it to his advantage? And if even Little Finger recognizes that family is over everything to Arya, why would she even be considered a threat?

If this elaborate plan to take down Little Finger isn’t real, I quit.

Tyrion and Dany

Dany gets the message from Davos that Snow and crew are in trouble and she jumps on her nearest dragon. This time she is going to take all three. Tyrion struggles again with advising against her showing up at a battle. He doesn’t want her to die. Well, he advised her to do nothing instead of attack Kings Landing when they had a chance and Cersei rocked all of her strategies.

Dany won’t sit back and listen this time.

The Army of the Dead: Jon Snow, Tormund, Beric, Thoros, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, Jorah Mormont

The Night King and his gang are at the top of a near by hill watching the guys at the center of the lake. There are thousands upon thousands of Walkers surrounding Snow and his squad. These are not the makings of a winning battle. Whose brilliant idea was it to show up on the wall with a few men and no way to get back?

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Beyond the Wall
Joe Dempsie, Rory McCann, Kit Harington, Iain Glen (Credit: Courtesy of HBO).
Snow and the others are just dawdling at this point. The Hound throws a rock across the lake and hits a Wight on the head. Nothing happens, so he slides another rock across the lake. The dumbest thing the Hound has done thus far. These Walkers/Wights are intelligent. They realize that the rock slid across the lake and didn’t sink because the lake is now frozen. One by one they slowly begin to walk across the ice toward the slab of stone where Snow’s squad has been sitting.

It was like the battle of bastards all over again. Walkers come from all sides, and they eliminate them individually. It’s slow and exhausting since there are thousands of Wights/Walkers. Just when Snow is recouping his strength and already getting tired, he ducks. Drogon flies over his head spreading fire across the ice. The other two dragons spread their fire on the walkers that they barely see in the distance.

Valdimir Furdik Credit: Courtesy of HBO
One of the Night King’s Walkers pulls out a staff made of ice and hands it to the Night King. Like a Javelin pro, the Night King aims at Viscerion and tears right through his belly. As Viscerion crashes into the other side of the lake, his blood pours over like rain. Viscerion dies and sinks into the depths of the lake. It was the saddest thing ever.

We were made to believe that these dragons are damn near invincible and they struck one down like it was hunting season. Everyone was stunned. I don’t think Dany ever imagined someone could have hurt one of her dragons.

Snow turns towards the Night King as if to show him that he was pissed off. Snow notices the second ice spear being prepared and he tells Dany and the rest to get on the dragon and leave. It would be impossible for them all to leave on Drogon’s back when the Wights are still coming from all ends, so he fights them as Dany pulls up into the air. The second Javelin doesn’t make it to Drogon because he dodges it completely. Jorah almost falls off of Drogon during one of those fancy turns, but they pull him up in time. Snow is bombarded by Wights and falls right into the lake anyway. They could have never taken him with them.

Snow pulls out of the hole he fell into and is by himself in the middle of dead army central. I would have crapped through my wet Winter furs. None of them approach him. It’s almost like the Night King and his army are watching Snow in his fighting stance with pity. The poor thing was left alone in the middle of this vast army of enemies.

And that’s when Uncle Benjen plows through on his horse swinging around his lamp of fire. Uncle Benjen has to be the greatest Uncle that ever lived. He saved Bran and now Snow. Snow didn’t know that Benjen was alive, so he’s caught off guard. He spent most of the time at the Night’s Watch looking for BenJen. Everyone thought that Benjen’s group of Night’s Watch men had died a long time ago.

Kit Harington, Joseph Mawle (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO).
Benjen hops off his horse, and lays the wounded Jon Snow on the saddle and smacks the horse without much talk. He had no intentions of joining his nephew although they both fit on the horse. Benjen sacrificed himself to the Walkers to make sure they didn’t follow behind Snow. It makes sense because Benjen wasn’t living a full life. He can’t go past the wall because he’s somewhere between undead and alive. He saved his family when they needed him and now, his watch is done.


There is no denying that in the little bit of time that Dany has spent with Snow, she has grown some serious feelings for her nephew.

Back at the wall, everyone is urging her to get back on her dragon and head to Dragonstone, but Dany is waiting for Snow to show up. The rest of the gang has already figured he’s dead. How could that man survive an army of Walkers on his own, after all?

Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington (Credit: Courtesy of HBO).
And before Dany resigns herself to hop on Drogon, the horns blow to signal that someone is coming from beyond the wall. Snow and horse show up a few minutes later. Dany watches from the side line as the maesters stitch Snow up and put him on a bed to rest.

Side note: she notices the scar on his chest which would mean that the knife Snow took for his people was a real knife and not a metaphor.

Dany comes to Snow’s side and tells him that she will join forces to fight the Night King. She knows he isn’t lying now. She witnessed the Night King take one of her dragons. There is nothing that Snow can tell Dany going forward that she won’t believe.

These two are holding hands like they were on their first date and I’m unsure if I’m interested in shipping them as a couple. They are aunt and nephew, and I know that won’t sit well with Snow. The Targaryen bloodline has a lot of medical issues due to inter marrying. That’s the supposed reason why Dany’s dad went mad.

I can’t see Snow being able to stomach marrying his Aunt. I could be wrong. Maybe he will throw caution to the wind and decide to be a Targaryen through and through. But if these two get together, it won’t be the worst thing in the world.

Snow tries to soften the moment by calling her Dany, but the nickname reminds her of her selfish, conniving brother, Vicerys. So, Snow calls her his queen.

Dany may have learned that everything that Snow had said is true, but Snow also realized that Dany’s intentions as the heir of Westeros comes from an honest place. Dany was willing on multiple occasions to risk her life, and those of her dragons, to help others. Snow is confident that the Northerners will follow along once they see her greatness. I’m not so sure of that. The North is stubborn AF.

Sansa and Arya

Sansa goes into Arya’s room and finds some of Arya’s faces. Arya slides into the room without a sound and surprises her sister as she searches through her stuff.

Arya tries to convince Sansa to play the truth game she played when she was training to be a many-faced man, but Sansa is not interested. In fact, Sansa is so scared of Arya that she blurts out that she has many men at Winterfell that are loyal to her. That’s how scared she is of her sister, and yet, she let Brienne go off to Winterfell?

So, Arya tells her a tale of her personal growth. Arya wanted to be a knight but:

“The world just doesn’t let girls decide what they want to be.”

Arya can be whoever she wants to be when she became a many-faced person. She can even become Sansa. She approaches Sansa with a dagger and then she hands it to her with the hilt facing Sansa.

I’m going to repeat this. If this isn’t an elaborate plan to end Baelish “Little Finger,” I’m quitting this show. Arya can’t be a defender of all family but willing to slit her sister’s throat if it furthers her plans. THIS. CANNOT. BE. REAL.

Back beyond the wall

Credit: Courtesy of HBO
The Wights and Walkers have gotten their hands on some industrial sized chains to drag Viscerion out from underneath the lake. Once on frozen land, the Night King touches Viscerion’s head and his eyes flash open glowing blue. These bastards have a walker dragon now???? 

We can assume it will spit out ice and not fire. What will this mean for this war?


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