Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch

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I knew this episode was going to be pure fire when the intro showed the Baratheon sigil. If you do the math, you’ll realize that there is but ONE Baratheon that we know of and he’s not a bastard. The return of Gendry is just one of the many eye openers in this week’s episode. We’re talking white walkers knocking on Eastwatch’s door, Snow going for them, Dany doing some fire-breathing justice, and most important a R+L reveal. It was a nod toward the R+L=J conspiracy.

Daenerys Stormborn Jon Snow Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch

Here’s the recap of Eastwatch:



Bronn saved Jaime from Drogon’s fire breath, and they both emerge on the other end of the lake. Bronn let Jaime know that he is not allowed to die. See, Bronn needs Jaime to live so that he can get the castle he always wanted and marry. So, Jaime trying to kill Dany with her baby dragon right at her side was a stupid move.


The remaining Lannister army that wasn’t charred to a crisp is asked to bend the knee before their new Queen. Dany’s obsession with bending knees makes me want to call up Boyz 2 Men for the girl.

Dany makes a right choice in how she explains to the Lannister men what type of ruler she intends to be. She tells them she doesn’t mean to kill people for their allegiance. She is here to free the people from the past and current rulers that were greedy and intent on power and money. The dumb Lannister army hesitates to bend that knee but Drogon insists with a few roars, and everyone was on that knee like they were about to pledge allegiance to the flag.

Emilia Clarke; Peter Dinklage (Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO).

They all kneeled except for two very stubborn people. Randyll and Dickon Tarly decided to be rebels. Randyll said Cersei was his queen. Although, he knows she wiped out all of his friends including the Tyrell’s. Dickon was just following after his dad. These two are Sam’s Dad and brother. Ignorant till their last day. Dany decides to let them meet a fiery death at the foot of Drogon’s breath. She did it against Tyrion’s orders to remain civil and caring. But Dany has to show these people that she means business and that she isn’t weak.

The words of the grand master Olenna Tyrell seem to ring in Dany’s ears. She needed to show them that she is a dragon.

Everyone was willing to do unlimited kneeling lunges after hearing Dany say Dracarys.



Jaime makes it back to Cersei to report on the battle they lost. Cersei takes matters the way her father would have. She calculated the losses and figures they’ll use the money from the Iron Bank to buy mercenaries. It’s just a minor loss that can be fixed with money. Jaime struggles to show her that this was unlike any battle they had ever faced. He mentions ONE of three dragons that flamed everyone and the Dothraki army’s skill. He doesn’t think they can win this war and want’s her to understand the urgency through his panic.

But the only option other than fighting is surrendering, and Cersei is not about peace. She can’t yield especially when she’s waited so long for the power she has. Her plan is to get Tyrion to apologize for killing Joffrey, and that’s when Jaime tells her that Olenna killed Joffrey and confessed. She doesn’t believe him at first, but he maps out the plan Olenna must have had for her granddaughter. Tommen is a better husband than Joffrey ever could be.

Lena Headey (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO).

Realizing who killed her son makes Cersei regret letting Jaime give Olenna a weak death. If she could have revived the old woman just to torture and cut her into pieces, she would have. It doesn’t matter anymore though. What she has to focus on is the fact that she will not be able to win this war.

She knows her options and has chosen to fight and die. It’s way better to her than submitting.

Jon Snow

Snow gets to pet one of the Dragons. And although he looked like he was going to piss on his Stark furs, Snow and the dragon bond quite quickly. That dragon could smell the Targaryen blood in him.

Dany still can’t get Davos’s words out of her head. She asks Snow what he meant when he said that Snow took a knife for his people. They’re interrupted by some of Dany’s Dothraki soldiers, but Snow’s  hesitance to answer will have Dany questioning this till she finds the truth. The question is if it will be Snow who confesses or another who will tell her about the miracle of his revival.

The Dothraki have brought Jorah, who has found his way to Dragonstone. He is cured and ready to serve his Khaleesi. I almost wept when Snow tells Jorah that he served with his father.

After hugging Dany, Jorah gives Snow the side-eye like he was claiming territory. By the look on Snow’s face, the old man’s apparent attachment to the young queen is a little gross.


The three-eyed raven has a vision from behind the wall. Bran worgs with a gang of flying crows. He doesn’t only occupy one bird but an entire flock. They pass the wall toward Eastwatch and fly over the heads of the white walker army. At the center of the army, the Night King and his bros sit regally on their horses. The birds get too close to them and the Night King looks at the birds suspiciously, and they disperse. I think the Night King saw Bran spying. If he did, he’s prepared for someone to show up to his current location.

Bran calls one of the men at Winterfell to send out Ravens immediately. He is to warn all of Westeros that the white walkers have arrived.


The wise men of the Citadel are dumb with their own intellectual egos. They receive the raven from Bran and don’t believe any of it. They don’t believe that the three-eyed raven exists and that the army of the dead has returned. Instead, they see it as a tactical distraction probably planted by Daenerys to gain control of King’s Landing by luring the armies away from the Iron Throne.

The fact that this war is taking place at the very same time that the army of the dead has arrived, ruins the unity needed to defeat the white walkers. Even with the snow falling exactly the way it did many years ago these people continue to disbelieve that the white walkers have returned.

Sam urges the archmaester to consider everything they know about the long night. He asks him to advise the lords in Westeros to send their men to defend the wall and to have all of the maesters read all of the books in the Citadel to look for ways to kill the white walkers. But the maesters believe that the raven message is a trick, and the archmaester will only ask for clarification from Bran, instead of taking any action. He’s only asking for more info to appease Sam or to ease his conscious should Sam be right.

Didn’t Sam just cure a man of greyscale? A feat that none of these maesters have accomplished? Wouldn’t his experience at the wall make his word relevant? He even admits to seeing the white walkers beyond the wall.

No, No, none of this matters to these bull-headed old fools that think they know more than anyone.

The archmaester has also received word that Sam’s father and brother have passed but he doesn’t even know how he’s going to tell him. I have no idea how Sam’s going to take it. All I know is that Sam is now the Tarly heir and he can eventually go back home with Gilly and young Sam.


Varys and Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 East Watch
Peter Dinklage, Conleth Hill (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO).

Over a goblet of wine on the steps of the Iron throne, Varys and Tyrion have one of their little meetings. Tyrion is trying to convince himself that Dany had to kill the Tarlys. From a place of experience, Varys advises Tyrion that he has to find a way to make Dany listen to him. Varys used to counsel the mad king and every time the mad king killed an innocent person he convinced himself he wasn’t the one doing it. Had he been better counsel he could have saved some lives. They both don’t think that Dany is anything like her father, but Tyrion needs to learn how to convince her.

Varys is also carrying a message that arrived by Raven for the king of the north. It’s sealed and addressed to the king. But Tyrion asks what it says, and of course, Varys knows. It’s nothing good.

Jon Snow

The news that Arya and Bran are alive does not bring immediate joy to Snow. He’s more worried about Eastwatch and the army of the dead. Dany is unable to use her army to help him because Cersei would use the opportunity as leverage. So, Tyrion suggests bringing Cersei in on the truth behind the army of the dead. It’s not because he thinks she will help but because she will change her focus from defeating Dany to self-preservation.

But how can they convince Cersei of the white walkers, when everyone in the south thinks it’s a fairytale? Tyrion suggests bringing a Wight to Kings landing. Jorah volunteers to be the one that brings the white walker to Cersei.

The only issue is that Cersei would have to listen to them and that’s damn near impossible. She won’t meet with anyone without murdering them. Tyrion knows that Cersei only looks to Jaime, so he suggests sneaking in and setting up a meeting with him. Davos, who knows flea bottom like the back of his hand, will sneak Tyrion into the red keep.

With all these plans decided, Snow is ready to pack his bags and leave. But Dany sticks to her royal stubbornness and tells him that she did not permit him to leave.

And that’s when Snow tells Dany how it is and not how it might be

Snow says he doesn’t need her permission because he’s a king. But putting that aside, he came to a foreign ruler for help knowing that he could have died. He expects her to trust him now knowing the threat that the white walkers pose and believing the same way he did. Dany is moved by Snow’s speech and agrees he should go. She may have also been aroused.


The lords of Winterfell are impatient with Snow’s absence. They have an obsession with wanting the king of the north to remain in the north as if going to collect dragon glass wouldn’t be a worthy enough cause to leave. They tell Sansa that they should have chosen her as the Queen because of her guidance. Sansa thanks them for the compliment but says that Snow is their real leader, and he’s doing what he thinks is best. She sounds like she also doesn’t believe in Snow’s cause.

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Arya listens in on the meeting and is pissed. Snow and Arya share a special sibling bond, and she would never let anyone talk bad about her brother. Although Sansa has grown immensely, Arya has not forgotten how much Sansa loved the royal life and wished to be a part of that world. It doesn’t seem like Arya thinks her sister is much different from who she used to be.

Arya tells Sansa that she’s angry because she didn’t defend their brother. Sansa tells her that she couldn’t go against the men because then Snow would lose people. That’s when the serial killer in Arya suggests that Sansa kill anyone who would decide to leave them. Sansa’s reply is both strategic and incredibly smart. She explains how they all came together to take out Ramsey and how it was an effort that required team work and trust. She then explains that they need the support and that killing people only makes things worse.

Apparently, what Arya is getting at is that Sansa wants to be the leader of Winterfell and she somewhat hopes Snow doesn’t return. Although it’s too cruel to be Sansa’s style, she does seem to like the power.

In the end, they go their separate ways ticked off, and I can’t figure out who to side with. They both have very valid points. For one, Snow shouldn’t be disrespected by the Northmen. He didn’t go to dragon stone for a lap dance, and he went to get dragon glass that is vital for their war. But keeping people united is an act of patience and a lesson in pacifying people to buy time. Sansa has to keep a bunch of proud men together while Snow is away. It’s a hard task.


Davos brings Tyrion to King’s Landing and heads into flea bottom to handle some business. Bronn guides Jaime into the basement of the red keep to “train.” It ends up being a secret meeting between Jaime and Tyrion. I wasn’t happy with this reunion at all. Even after finding out that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey, Jaime acted like a complete piece of trash. He even acted offended that Tyrion killed Tywin knowing that Tywin had set up Tyrion’s trial to end in his death.

Tyrion Lannister and Jaime Lannister Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch
Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO).

I’m hoping this was a moment of confusion for him. Tyrion uses Dany’s prominent winning position with her army and dragons and implies that she will win. Instead of requesting Cersei bend the knee, Dany has a more important request. Tyrion tells Jaime what they came for, but we don’t see that part of the conversation. I’m hoping Jaime takes his words seriously.


I was wondering what Davos needed to do, and then I remembered the Baratheon sigil at the beginning of the episode. Gendry is working as a blacksmith in the middle of flea bottom not too far from the queen. Davos hid Gendry in plain sight because he knew that they would never look for Gendry again at the foot of the Queen’s headquarters.

Gendry - Baratheon Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch
Joe Dempsie (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO).

Gendry has had a lot of time to think about his ancestry and is more in sync with his Baratheon heritage. He’s bottled up with anger knowing that he has been creating weapons for the Lannister army, the same people who killed his father. He is a very different person than the boy that used to hang with Arya way back when.

Davos brings him along but makes it a point to tell him what he will be up against. Only, Gendry has been waiting for a fight. Any fight by the looks of it. And when Davos suggests he grab a sword before he leaves, Gendry admits that he has never learned to swing the sword properly. But he made it his business to find out how to use a  massive hammer, just like his dad, Robert Baratheon.

When they get back to their small boat, two Lannister soldiers show up asking questions. Davos had prepared for this type of interruption and paid them to keep their mouths quiet. But after gazing a little at the boat, the soldiers begin to ask what their carrying, hoping to get a bottle of wine or food. Davos pulls back a sheet to uncover fermented crab. He explains that the crab is an aphrodisiac used in brothels to keep the men aroused longer so the prostitutes can get more pay. The soldiers taste the crab and leave, convinced Davos had done some business with brothel owners.

Then Tyrion appears, and the soldiers begin to remember that they were once looking for a small man with a scar. Any money Davos was willing to offer wasn’t going to compare to how much they could get from Cersei for delivering Tyrion. Gendry grabs his hammer and bashes both of the soldier’s faces in. Problem solved!

When they arrive back at Dragonstone, Davos tells Gendry to hide his identity. Explaining that he is the Baratheon bastard could complicate things. As soon as he introduces Gendry to Snow, Gendry happily admits to being the Baratheon bastard. He wanted him to know because Snow is the Stark bastard and Robert and Ned fought alongside each other. The funny truth is that neither of these men are bastards. They’re both legit.

Snow tells Gendry he’s thinner than his dad and Gendry tells Snow he’s shorter than his. After they both laugh about it, Gendry volunteers to join Snow up north. He can’t fight with a sword, but he can swing a hammer like his dad. Davos vouches for his skill but is bothered that neither of them listens to him. He wants them to survive, after all, he didn’t get to be an older man by being dumb. But Gendry is too willing to go into a war, most likely because he’s really into being a Baratheon.


Jaime tells Cersei he had a meeting with Tyrion, but she already knew. She allowed it to happen because she imagines that some truce or meeting would allow her to defeat Dany using deception. It’s clear at this point that they don’t have the army or means to defeat Dany just by going to war. Cersei doesn’t believe the white walker story and Tyrion bringing proof of the dead army’s existence is just another chance to her to deceive him.

Jaime doesn’t seem pleased with the deception plan, but Cersei tells him that they have to figure out how to win for her child. Yes, Cersei is pregnant…again. And she intends to tell all of Westeros that her brother is the father.

Only, I don’t remember the witch’s prophesy ever mentioning another child. Either Cersei is lying to keep Jaime close, or this child isn’t going to make it.

The siblings hug over their new child, and then Cersei whispers that Jaime better never betray her again. She wanted him to punish Bronn for setting up the meeting with Tyrion without him knowing. I could never see Jaime doing anything like that to the man who saved his life.


Tyrion is happy to see Jorah but only gets to see him when he’s getting ready to join Snow on the boat up North. He gives him the coin that saved their lives when they were sold as slaves and told him to bring it back for the queen.

Snow tells Dany if he doesn’t return she won’t have to deal with the king in the north. Dany claims she’s grown used to him. She looks more heartbroken at his departure than anything insulting he has ever said to her.


In other news, Sam misses a vital point in Game of Throne history because he’s snapped.

Gilly is helping him read the books that the maesters wrote. They have tons of useless information. That’s basically what Sam’s task entailed. Going through useless facts and looking for the useful tidbits that could be used in the war against the undead. Gilly was reading one particular maesters book which even documented how many bowel movements he had.

Sam Tarly and Gilly Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch
John Bradley, Hannah Murray (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

And as Sam writes in his book, he is annoyed at everything she discovers. The Citadel has over 15,000 steps, and the Balor has alot of windows. But then Gilly finds a note about an annulment. Sam explains that an annulment means that someone ends a marriage. The annulment was for Rhaegar, and the same maester claims that he married Rhaegar to another woman in a secret wedding in Dorne.

This is the biggest evidence of R+L=J and Sam dismisses it away going into a rant about the maesters and their useless facts. This is evidence that Snow is the rightful heir to the throne because his parents were legally married. Had they had him out of wedlock, he could not be the Targaryen heir legally.

Well, after Sam’s rant about the 15,000 poops, which Gilly corrects him and tells him that those were the steps and not the bowel movements, Sam bursts out of the room. He collects all of the books in the restricted section that he can. Sam also gathers a few scrolls, then packs up Gilly and Sam. My guess is that Sam is headed back to the Tarly home. He will then find out he is the heir to the place and his dad and sibling died. But will that cause him to hate Dany? She’s getting along so well with Snow, and I don’t know if Sam will be able to join in Snow’s enthusiasm if he discovers she killed his family.


Arya follows Little Finger around and discovers that he’s been up to his usual sneakiness. He gets something from a maiden in secret. Then he has a convo with two older men. Finally, one of the men brings a scroll to Little FInger and assures him it’s the only copy in Westeros. Arya sneaks into his room and takes the scroll. What she didn’t know was that Little Finger was in the dark corners observing as Arya left his room.

This is a set up that he clearly is going to present to Sansa. He will use the differences between the sisters to form a wedge, and if he can, he will use it to have Arya expelled from Winterfell so that he is Sansa’s only companion.


Snow and The Squad

Let me just say this is the fastest anyone has traveled anywhere on Game of Thrones. They should have been doing this ages ago.  Snow arrives at the wall and updates Tormund on the plan. Tormund’s biggest concern is Snow didn’t bring along the big woman lol He lets Snow know that a group of men had recently tried to go past the wall too and he had arrested them.

The Hound and his crew plans to go beyond the wall ended in the cells. Snow recognizes the Hound from the time he saw him at Winterfell. Jorah recognizes Thoros. And Gendry, realizes that these men represent the brotherhood without banners. He has no love for the lord of light or anything like that when they clearly sold him to Melisandre and almost caused his death.

Snow knows it doesn’t even matter who they are or what they represent. They are more men to be added to their little mission. They already know that the Hound is a good fighter and Lord Beric has been revived more times than needed. So these men join Snow’s already assembled crew and they head out past the wall towards Eastwatch.


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