Game of Thrones Teaser Trailers smell like War

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The count down begins, with only THREE more months till the sixth season of Game of Thrones. We’ve waited a good year just to find out if Jon Snow is REALLY dead, so these three months will be a breeze. With the return of Game of Thrones to HBO, comes the trailers that will build up the anticipation along the way. As if we really need all that. You’re lucky GOT fans haven’t showed up on set to review the script for Jon Snow clues.

We will be there.


Here are the new banner teaser trailers for GOT. The trailers feature ragged versions of the Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen battle banners in different settings. Do these ragged banners foreshadow a war this season?

The Stark banner waves on a stormy sea in the forefront of lightning strikes in the distance. Who is heading the Stark ship into battle when half the family is dead or lost. Could this be Sansa’s ship against the Bolton’s? That would be amazing.

Illuminated by a setting sun, the battered Lannister banner is seen on the tops of a castle or fort. Could this be the Red Keep? Cersei is back and probably looking for revenge for what she went through at the hands of the Faith Militant or maybe this is to say that the Lannister’s will go to war with Dorne due to the death of Myrcella, Cersei and Jaime’s daughter?

Finally, the tattered Targaryen banner blows in the wind while the area surrounding is burning. This could be a top a volcano. The words seem to egg on Daenerys into war. “Queen of Nothing” “You are nobody” TBH, this looks like the after math of one of Khaleesi’s dragons. Will this be the season when Daenerys finally strikes with her mighty dragons, for the throne that is rightfully hers?

Game of thrones Season 6 will premiere April 24, 2016

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    • kayo
    • February 23, 2016

    Every time Jon’s death is referred to the speakers seem to be careful to say “Jon Snow”. That’s the name of the boy..but what is the name of the man?

      • Erica Marie
      • February 23, 2016

      OOOOOO very good point 🙂 🙂 im excited

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