Game of Thrones S6E6 – The Return of the Starks -Blood of my Blood review

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Meera has made it along for quite a distance, dragging Bran’s body on a stretcher. She’s a lot stronger then I would be in the freezing cold, trying to lug around over a hundred pounds behind me. Bran is still in his trance, but is no longer in the old days of Winterfell. He is traveling over places and time and absorbing everything that is known. The Mad King’s reign, the white walkers battle in the North with Snow, everything that has happened in history, is flashing before his eyes.

But Meera can no longer drag him and resigns to crying over Bran. Bran wakes up and tells her that they have found them. The THEY are the white walkers. Hodor holding the door only caused a minor delay, but the walkers have continued forward and have finally caught up with them. More crying from Meera, but Bran seems completely at ease. Must be the three eyed raven thing.

A heavily cloaked man on a horse shows up with what seems to be a a shackle with it’s end on fire, and a scythe like a grim reaper. He attacks all of the white walkers and extends his hand to Bran and Meera, Terminator 2 style, “Come with me if you want to live”. He throws Bran over his horse and Meera saddles up behind him.

When they reach safety he stokes a fire and kills a rabbit for them to eat ( I think…) He squeezes out some Rabbit blood for Bran. So who is this mystery rider and since when does Bran drink blood (another three eyed rave thing?)

It’s BenJen Stark, the missing night’s watchman. Jon Snow’s idol and the reason he believed that joining the watch would be best.


We’ve been led to believe that Ben must have been dead or a walker by now, half of which is somewhat true. BenJen isn’t the handsome guy he used to be, he looks like the undead. He explains that the white walkers attacked him and the night’s watch. One of the white walker’s stabbed him with one of those frozen swords. He was supposed to turn, but the children of the forest saved him by pushing dragon glass into his heart.

Now we know that there is also a cure to turning into a white walker. The cure is actually exactly how the white walkers were originally created. Someone needs to go up north and gather a few tons of Dragonstone, that stuff is like ben gay, a cure for everything.

Ben was called to action by the three eyed raven. Not the old man that was stuck in the tree, but Bran himself. We have to get used to remembering that Bran is now the three eyed raven.

Benjen knows quite a lot of Bran’s journey and what he knows. He must have spent a lot of time with the original three eyed raven. Bran tells him that he isn’t fully trained but BenJen insists that when the Night’s King reaches the world of men, Bran will be there and he will be ready.

Bran seems to be the only resource that we have against the Nights King. The white walkers will be best killed with dragon glass and fire (from dragons?), but the Night’s King seems almost invincible to all of that. Bran is the only one that can take him down.

Where to next, my friends? Because I have no idea.


Tommen is over here lighting candles in the church and having sweet talk with the high sparrow…again, and all I want to do is smack him upside his head.

The good thing is that the high sparrow lets Tommen see Margaery. The bad part is that Margaery has been thoroughly brainwashed. Margaery tells Tommen that the high sparrow has taught her so much about herself. The good that she has done for the poor in the past, was done in order for people to see her. To show others that she was good, not that she was truly doing goodness from her heart. She never thought about what the people really needed. She’s also surprised at how insightful and easy going the Sparrow is. But Tommen, also agrees on this. He can’t really see him as an enemy when he makes so much sense, right?

I could have sworn that just an episode ago, when Margaery saw her brother, she was determined to continue to fight for her family. She told him they had to stay strong in order to get through. Somehow, the sparrow has won over her mind, unless of course, this is part of her master plan and that is what I’m suspecting.


Sam sent word through a raven to his family, that the lord commander of the Night’s watch is sending him off into the south to become a maester. He is hoping that they will help him by keeping him for a few and assisting his transition into becoming a maester; he also is hoping that GIlly and his “son” can stay with his family while he studies.

Sam’s nerves are in a knot, because 1) he fears his dad more then anything and 2) he has to keep up a bunch of lies about his current life, and he’s hoping they won’t mess up. Gilly has never been south and she has no proper lady training, so this was going to be a problem from the start.

Sam has to lie that her son is biologically his and that Gilly is a wildling (technically, since she lived above the wall all of her life). Sam’s mother is welcoming of Gilly and their son, even though they show up in tatters. You can tell that she is the one that has given nothing but love to her son. Sam’s sister is exactly like his mother. She offers to assist Gilly in settling in and gives her one of her own dresses. She even does her hair.

But at dinner, when Sam’s father and younger brother Dicken return from hunting, we finally understand where Sam acquired all that fear. His dad is a strict man, not unlike Roose Bolton and Walder Frey. He’s embarrassed of Sam’s weight and lack of fighting skill. In an attempt to defend Sam, Gilly tells Lord Tarly that Sam killed a Thenn (white walker), and that he has saved her life numerous times.

Lord Tarly concludes that she is a wildling and talks about her like she’s dirt. In all of this, Sam never defends her, or himself for that matter. He whimpers in the corner with his eyes down. Sam’s mom has enough of the crap and takes Gilly with her when she leaves the table. Lord Tarly tells Sam that they’ll keep Gilly and the boy, because of his wife, but Sam will have to leave.

Sam almost goes along with it. He even says his goodbyes. But he realizes that he doesn’t want to be separated from his new family. Why leave Gilly and little Sam to be mistreated  by his father, no matter his mothers intentions, while he ventures off to be a maester?

They all leave together, but Sam doesn’t go without taking Heartsbane. The Tarly sword made of Valerian steel. That sword can kill walkers, should they arrive, while Sam is becoming a maester. Will his father track him down to get it back?


Arya Stark - Maisie Williams
Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO


Arya is back at the town’s play. This time we see Joffrey’s death being played out. They made Tyrion look like he murdered his nephew with glee in order to run off with Sansa. Arya laughs hysterically as Joffrey dies. She never got to witness his death the way she wanted, but through this play, she was able to experience it with joy.

The actress that Arya has been sent to kill, has a solo piece as Cersei, mourning the death of her son. As she recites the memorized script, the actress that plays Sansa can be seen on the sidelines, wording all of her lines. That’s the actress that most likely called on the many faced god to kill the lead actress.

They even act out Tywin Lannister’s death on the potty. He struggles with farts and having to use the bathroom, while an arrow has been shot into his chest.


Arya sneaks into the back and poisons her rum. But on her way out, the lead actress/cersei recognizes her. She has noticed that Arya has come to see the play many times. But this is because, she had done the same before she became an actress herself. She thinks that Arya is like her. She asks Arya what she would do differently on her final speech as Cersei(because she feels the piece lacks something.) Arya speaks from her own encounters with Cersei and suggests that the actress not only weep for her son, but be incredibly angry about his death. She would want revenge on whoever killed her son. This is too Cersei.

Arya leaves and when the actress gets back to the dressing area, we get to see where all the jealousy comes from. All of the players rave about the lead actress’ performance, but she is humble. She is the reason why the show gets any attentional all. Before she can take a sip of her rum, Arya returns and smacks it out her hand. She points the other actress/Sansa out and tells them all that they have to watch her because she wants the lead actress killed.

Jaqen’s lackey is in the background witnessing Arya fail this test. Only, I see now after two seasons of the same trash, that Arya should have never even tried to become a part of the many faced people. She can’t randomly kill people for a living. She doesn’t mind death as long as the person has some sins that need justifying.

Arya cannot go back to the house of black and white. Jaqen said that a face would be taken, whether it be hers or another. Arya gets her sword, needle, back from where she buried it in the rocks and goes into hiding.

Jaqen gives the other girl, the green light to go out and kill Arya. I’m most disappointed in Jaqen, he’s not who I thought he was. That girl is highly trained and I doubt there will be anything that will stop her from trying to kill Arya. She will most likely cross oceans and all that. Hopefully, Arya will learn to defeat her.

I think Arya will head for Westeros now. I feel like all the Starks are coming together.


Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO

Margaery is at the foot of the faith militant’s temple getting ready to do her walk of atonement. Jaime shows up with the Tyrell army (Father Tyrell and grandmother too.) Jaime declares that he’s on the kings behalf and he’s coming to pick up Margaery and Loras. The High Sparrow responds that Jaime has no power to do this and that it is not up to him to release them either. It’s up to the gods or whatever.

But after sending out an even clearer threat, as to how it’s going to go down if he doesn’t comply, the sparrow admits that he had no intentions of having Margaery walk the naked walk of atonement. This isn’t a last minute attempt at saving his own life. He has more then enough faith militant willing to put their lives on the line for him. He admits this too.

Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO
Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO

But Margaery has brought another believer into the faith militants religion and is therefore, absolved of any sins. No walk of atonement for her. And of course, this person is Tommen. We’ve been waiting for Tommen to grow some and rule like a real king, and that time has come. But it’s not in the direction that we would like. Tommen is uniting the crown with the faith militant–to rule together.

Margaery’s grandmother and Jaime looked at each other with a look of defeat on their faces. How embarrassing to come forward in the kings name to save their family and the king is coinciding with the religious tyrants they are against. The towns people were so excited to hear of the union. I want to put the high sparrow in a head lock.

I’m going to say this: I don’t trust that Margaery changed her mind about the high sparrow so quickly. These may be smart political efforts on her part in order to break the faith militant from within. But what happens next may show otherwise.

Jaime is stripped of his work as head of the kings guard. While sitting on his throne, Tommen tells his uncle/father that going against the faith militant means going against his rule as king. We’ve been waiting so long for this little boy to grow into a king and here he is doing just that, for an old man wearing a dirty potato sack.

Jaime vents to Cersei that Tommen is forcing him to go to Riverrun and help Walder Frey. (the problems that i expected.) He doesn’t want to go. He wants to snuggle with his sister/wife and take his son over his knee. But Cersei sees this voyage as one that will prove what the Lannisters are capable of. Not that they care for Riverrun, the land, or the people that inhabit the area, but Jaime sacking the place, would prove that the Lannisters can still fight and have power.

Cersei suspects she won’t need Jaime when she goes to trial because she has the mountain.

What  problems will Jaime face at Riverrun? And is the mountain enough to keep the High Sparrow from doing worse to Cersei?

More importantly, when are the faith militant getting kicked out of Kings Landing?

Walder Frey

Walder’s sons (two of many), explain that Blackfish escaped when he first acquired Riverrun, and he has now taken the castle back. Walder is most concerned about how the world perceives him. This has always been his stake in everything. He’s a victim, always being made to look like a fool in front of everyone. Everyone’s laughing at him. He claims he dreams of their laughter. This, of course, has always been in his head. But is his motivation for most of what he does.

He wants his boys to go back and get the castle back from Blackfish, but Blackfish is a seasoned professional, who knows Riverrun better then anyone in their family. He grew up there, after all. Plus, he has a large army he put together from all the small families in the area. This is exactly what Snow is hoping to accomplish.

Frey reaches out to Tommen for help, as we already know. He has always boasted about having the backing of the Lannisters. I wonder how he will feel when the Lannisters are kicked out, if he even makes it that far.

Frey does have a plan for insurance, should Jaime fail at Riverrun. The red wedding was known for the deaths of Cat and Rob Stark, and Rob’s pregnant wife. But the actual wedding itself was a union between one of Frey’s daughters and Edmure Tully. Edmure is Blackfish’s brother and a younger uncle of the Stark children. Edmure has been Frey’s prisoner since the Red Wedding.

I hate it when the enemy has a one-up on their side.

Will Frey succeed because Edmure is his hostage? Will Blackfish get his brother back and gut Walder Frey (please)?


Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO

It will take Dany a week to get back to Meereen. She is bringing her Dothraki with her. She is also ready to head to Westeros and asks Daario for an estimate on how many ships she will need for all her people. Daario guesses that it would take 1000 ships. 1000? What a coincidence, isn’t 1000 ships the amount that Euron Greyjoy asked his people to make?

Daenerys senses something along the dusty mountains she is crossing and goes ahead of her people. She returns on the back of her black and red dragon, Drogon. She makes a speech to her Dothraki people asking them to help her take Westeros as Khal Drogo had promised her.

Armed with three dragons and an army bigger, then any one has, Dany might just be Westeros’ next ruler. That’s if they get their ships and go in fighting their way back into Kings Landing. That’s if they get to fight humans and not white walkers, which have also accumulated a massive army and are heading south.


War is bubbling all over Essos and Westeros (we don’t even know what’s going on in Dorne), and no one knows about the white walkers that are coming south to plague all of them. The war they may all partake in may not involve humans at all.

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