Game of Thrones S6E5 – Walker Origins and The Blasted Door

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 – The Door


Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO
Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO


Sansa receives a message to meet up with Petyr Baelish. And if your wondering what her reaction was to seeing the sneaky little bird, it was the exact same reaction I would have had ( or you or basically all of us). Sansa accuses him of taking her away from those that killed her family and bringing her to people that also killed her family. Where was his protection when she needed it? And if he knew about Ramsey’s mental sickness then he is her enemy.

Baelish will do anything to be in Sansa’s favor, although at this time I don’t know what it’s in it for him. Unlike the other spies of Kings Landing, Baelish always operates solely for himself. Even Varys has made decisions for the greater good. At one point, I thought Baelish wanted to be with his true love’s daughter and simultaneously become lord of Winterfell, but now, it’s up in the air. What could his motives be?

Sansa didn’t come alone to this meeting. She brought Brienne of Tarth and made it clear that she could have Baelish chopped into stir fry if she wanted. Baelish made no resistance against dying, but I sense that he was doing a bit of reverse psychology in his tactic. Before he leaves he tells Sansa about the Vale supporting her, which she declines. And then he tells her to remember her Uncle Blackfish and the Tully’s support.

How soon we have forgotten that the Tully’s would forever support their niece.


Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Arya is still fighting that soulless short haired girl. We can tell Arya’s skills have improved greatly,  but that girl is still kicking her butt. I’m so done with Arya’s training. Can we get on with it?

Jaqen is no great support either. It’s so hard to believe he was that soldier that helped her so long ago. He seemed so much more uncomplicated then. Jaqen takes her to the hall of many faces and gives her another chance at becoming part of the god of many faces gang. She has a new mission to kill a woman who is an actress. When Arya goes to see her in a play, she realizes that the play is based off of the political history of Westeros. It is a comedy of sorts. They mock Robert Baratheon’s death and the actors play out the theories that society has about the royal family. Theories, because everything the people know is based off of rumors that might be founded in truth, but not necessarily. Also, we get a view of the first penis on the show.

The bad part is that they make Ned Stark to be a clueless fool who wanted to gain power as the hand of the king, and ended up with his head cut off. It hit Arya kind of hard. But this is a glance at the inner workings of society. The information is always slightly off from the truth.

Arya snoops around and finds that the actress seems like a good person. She mentions it to Jaqen but he reminds her that this is a job and if she is a servant to the god of many faces, then she should just be doing the job and not asking questions.

Arya will poison the lady’s drink and prove to be worthy of being a many faced whatever. Easy enough. Jaqen seems to know more then he’s letting on. I think it’s obvious that Arya’s list of people she will like to kill, is just on a notepad on the back of her mind. Some of the people on the list may have changed (that girl that’s been beating her with the stick will be added), but it still remains within her.

Here’s to hoping she doesn’t mess this up. It would be amazing for her to gain the man faced abilities.


Snow has reviewed every form of attack on Ramsey Bolton and has figured that at the end of the day– they need more men. They can’t take on the Karstarks, because Rob killed one of them, and Ramsey has the rest of the north–who then? There are some small never mentioned families that may be interested in joining the cause in the North. Sansa has become an amazing speaker and reminds them all that the North remembers. They all had honor and respect for the Stark name. They would most likely be willing and ready to join the Starks and rid themselves of Ramsey.

Snow is not a Stark. Sansa reminds them that Snow is indeed Ned Stark’s son, he isn’t any different then Ramsey, who was also born a bastard. Either way, Sansa carries the Stark name. Sansa mentions Blackfish and the new developments she got from Baelish, but she never tells them where she got the information from. She lies and says she overheard someone tell Ramsey about Blackfish. What’s that all about?

I’m betting she doesn’t want Snow to know that Baelish came for a visit because he would probably gut him. Does this mean she has some care in the world for little finger? Probably not.

So, what have the Tully’s been up to since the death of Cat Stark? They never avenged her death. It’s not like Blackfish to let his niece die without some resistance. It seems that Walder Frey may have a hold on the river lands, and if this is true, Blackfish’s army is either a rebellion or a sign that Frey has lost.

Sansa and Snow will try to convince these people to join their cause to build a bigger army. Sansa will help with negotiations, I bet. But most importantly, Baelish’s wish to be on Sansa’s good side may mean that the Vale will make an appearance, increasing their numbers. I mean if they just show up I doubt anyone is going to turn them away.


It’s time to choose the new heir to the salt throne. Yara makes an invigorating speech, but the local men cannot get over the fact that she is a woman. They have never had a queen in all their lives. Never mind the fact that Yara has lead their fleet of men to war and back. They would prefer the male heir, Theon, although he hasn’t a clue as to what it means to be Iron born.

Theon speaks on his sisters behalf and proves that she is the most worthy candidate. This is probably the first time since his castration, that Theon has spoken to a group of people with confidence. But, surprise, surprise, Uncle Euron, shows up to spoil the party.

I thought that he would have had his assassination of his brother hidden under his sleeve, but when he announces his presence, Yara calls him out, and he admits to killing the King. Not only does Euron admit to killing Balon Greyjoy, but he uses his travels around the world to validate that he is more knowledgeable then all the rest and more worthy of being King. His plan is to take their fleets around the world and marry Daenerys, to become the King of the seven kingdoms.

Wow, check out how forward we are. Who said Daenerys Tragaryen is anywhere interested in him? But, Dany’s ships burned and the Iron born are sea people. It’s such a good idea that I’m livid.

This debate wins Euron the vote for King. His initiation is basically being drowned at sea. They hold his head underwater and then wait to see if he will regain consciousness on his own. What is dead cannot die or something or other. And Yara wanted to do this?

Any who, by the time Euron wakes up coughing up sea water, Yara, Theon, and an entire fleet of boats, head up and out. They know that they are going to be on Euron’s list of “people to kill”. He killed their father and they can always try to  reclaim the throne, in case he doesn’t meet the peoples standards, so someone has to die. Yara and Theon decided it would not be them.

Euron is not left with much, but he commands the rest of his people to make him 1000 ships. In addition, to his hallucinated marriage to Daenerys, Yara and Theon’s death is on his list.

So, where is Yara and Theon headed? Will they meet up with Sansa or Snow? Will they be headed to warn Dany?


Tyrion’s form of politics is probably the most confusing part of this season. I understand the logic behind his decisions, but they are so against his personal beliefs, i cannot believe he would make the decisions he has made so far. The meetings he’s had with the masters and the pact to allow seven years of gradual slavery elimination, has brought peace to Meereen. The harpys haven’t killed anyone and there hasn’t been any violence.

Tyrion feels that the people are unaware that Dany is the cause of all of their good fortune. In other words, there needs to be an increase in loyalty among Dany’s followers. He calls Melisandre’s sister-cousin, comrade: Kinvara, red priestess of Volantis. Another lord of the light sorceress that has the same necklace and loves to rock red.

Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO
Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Varys is well aware of Melisandre’s mistakes and is skeptical about this witches powers. Mostly, because he knows everything about Melisandre’s mistakes with Stannis. Kinvara tells him everything about his castration. Things no one else would have known: like some voice spoke to him when they threw his genitals into the fire. (FYI I’ve used the words castration twice in one episode. GOT is something else.)

This “lord of the light” chick’s job will be to unify the people. Tyrion wants to impose a common religion amongst the people. The lord of the light is logical because they can make a connection between the fire, dragons, and Dany. The miracles and destiny connection will make the people of Mereen fanatically loyal to Dany.

This is so not Tyrion’s style, but in the name of politics, it’s not any different then the type of decisions made by leaders in our world.


Dany had a big decision to make. She has turned Jorah away twice and then he comes and saves her life. How could she turn him away again? She decides to keep him in her circle, but he reveals to her, as he did to Daario, that he has grey scale. And then Jorah admits he loves Dany. It’s heartbreaking. With all the friend zone jokes that have been circulating over the course of this show, I feel ashamed for laughing.

He looked so embarrassed and heart broken to admit to feelings that will lead nowhere. We will never know if she would have changed her mind about him, because that greyscale situation is a deal breaker.

Jorah decides to leave to turn into a stone person somewhere else. But before he can leave, Dany commands him as queen to find the cure. The cure for Grey Scale.

The only person that we know to have won the battle against grey scale, was Shireen Baratheon. Stannis recruited everyone who claimed that they could assist. We don’t even know what finally was the cure.

It isn’t impossible, but it’s a difficult quest and at any point  he will lose control of his mind. Jorah is now going out on an adventure to find a cure for Greyscale. Where will he begin?


After months of mind traveling with the three eyed raven, they finally come across a story in the past that  involves the children of the forest and is unknown to the common folk. The children of the forest were magical beings that existed on westeros, way before the first men landed on the shores of the (continent?). They disappeared shortly afterward, never to be seen again, and to be regarded as an old wives tale.

The three eyed raven and Bran, time travel to the weir trees, and witness the children of the forest inserting a shard of dragon glass into a man they have captured, and have tied to a tree. The mans eyes glow a far too familiar blue. This is the origin of the white walkers. We now know that the children of the forest created them.

When Bran wakes up, he immediately confronts one of them. She explains that they thought they were doing good. They created the white walkers to get rid of their enemies: Men. These beings had inhabited their land for many years. When the men landed and started to stake claim to the land, they pushed the children of the forest out. Not unlike the very origin stories that make up America.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t control the white walkers and retreated north to a place that they sealed with magic. Never to be found by the white walkers or the men.

Everyone goes to sleep and Bran wakes up with no iPhone or PSP in sight. Boredom sinks in and he decides to travel within time by himself. I knew screaming at the television was pointless at this point. He goes back to the weir trees and notices the entire white walker army standing in the distance. Bran is in the past so they can’t see him. He walks through the masses of white walkers staring at their dead faces and gleaming eyes. When he reaches the end of the army he spots the Night King and his companions, on their horses looking beyond their army.

Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO
Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Would this be our first glimpse of the Night King and his motives? No, not at all. Because although Bran thinks he is invisible, like he always has been in these time traveling episodes, the Night King looks dead at him. And when Bran turns to run, he realizes that the Night King has directed the army to face Bran. Turning again, Bran sees the Night King at his side. He touches Bran’s arm and Bran wakes up.

Bran, you idiot, what were you thinking? Bran wakes up screaming and the three eyed raven asks if the Night King touched him. He tried to lie to to the raven but on Bran’s arm, theres a purple imprint of the Night King’s hand. The raven says that Bran has been branded (bit of a tounge twister.) And that the white walkers will be there shortly. Apparently, the branding over rules any magic that has been protecting the cave.

Now Bran, and everyone else, has to leave. But before they go, the three eyed raven requests a little time travel trip. The white walkers are a lot faster then we think, because minutes later they are literally at the threshold. The children of the forest use their fire balls to attack them, but only the army is effected by the fire. The 5 white walkers that look like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, walk through unscathed. Even when the children manage to create a fire bordering the entrance, they walk right on through, leaving the army behind.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO


The white walker army head to the sides of the cave and climb to the roof. Inside, Meera is in hysterics. She can’t wake Bran up from his trance and the three eyed raven is in his tree, doing the same. They are both back in Winterfell when Ned was young and Hodor used to speak. Meera is shaking Bran, asking him to wake up and control Hodor. The white walkers were filtering through the cracks on the top of the cave, and she and the children were fighting them off as best as they could.

Back in the past, Bran can hear Meera asking for him to control Hodor. The three eyed raven tells Bran to listen to his friend. Here I thought that he was going to wake up and use his powers to direct Hodor, but he doesn’t need to. He controls the Hodor in the past, in order to effect the Hodor in the present.

I’ll give you a minute to process that.

Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO
Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

He used his powers on young Hodor, who immediately fell into a trance, eyes going white. This in turn, made the Hodor that is standing next to Meera in the cave, get up and start fighting the white walkers that are slowly infiltrating the cave. With this line of defense in place, Meera places Bran on a stretcher and drags him out through a long hallway that leads to a back exit. The three eyed raven is left in his tree in a trance.

The Night King and his men (if we can call them that,) reach the inner cave and see that only the three eyed raven remains. Back in the past, the three eyed raven says his goodbyes and vanishes into black sandy smoke. The Knight King had killed him with his sword. Bran at this point knows that there is something going on in the present, but he is mesmerized by Hodor, who is convulsing on the floor.

When Meera reaches the exit, the children of the forest sacrifice themselves to kill off the crowd of white walkers that has managed to follow behind her. It’s not a means to eliminate them, but to slow them down, and allow Meera to get ahead. Meera asks Hodor to hold the door closed, as she goes off into the snow, dragging Bran.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

She repeatedly screams “Hold the Door” to Hodor, who follows through and holds the door closed. The white walkers are ferociously trying to claw through on the other end. Back in the past, Hodor is on the floor, still convulsing, but saying “Hold the Door.” The order that his future self received. He repeats it over and over, as Bran watches from a distance. Eventually, the constant repetition becomes muddled and Hodor no longer says the full sentence, but instead repeats, HODOR continuously.

This realization is so sad. We all wanted to know why the man couldn’t say anything but Hodor and now we know how it happened, and it makes you want to go on a door breaking spree. Time traveling and messing around with such things can have negative effects in the universe. We’ve seen it in back to the future and every other show that has had a little time traveling. The adult Hodor developed a problem with speaking because Bran messed with the past and future versions of him.

Sadly, the white walkers eventually claw through the wood on the door behind Hodor and they begin to scratch at his face and body. Hodor sacrificed his life for his friend Bran.


Let’s just recap what this whole Bran scenario means. First of all, The three eyed raven knew that Bran was going to go exploring into the past on his own and he knew that there would be consequences later. He also knew that it needed to happen because he never stopped it. This is why he knew Bran’s time was short in the cave. Not because he was almost done with his training. but because there would be an interruption that would push Bran out the cave. As for Bran’s training, it apparently was no where near done. The three eyed raven told Bran that he would become the three eyed raven, although he never got to fully train him. Who knows how long it would take to have Bran understand everything that the three eyed raven needed him to know. It could have taken years in the cave.

But the world needs Bran now. With the white walkers out there and every section of Westeros and Essos, embroiled in conflict, now is the time that Bran needs to go out there and do what he needs to do. Because whatever it is, it’s important. Jojen sacrificed his life to make sure Bran completed his journey to the cave. Hodor’s entire life was skewed for Bran’s sake and in the end he lost his life, making sure Bran survived. The Children of the forest are dead because Bran’s escape was more important then their lives. So Bran is going to go out there and do something great. What that is, I still don’t know, other then his new claim to three eyed raven.

Meera continues into the snow ahead, dragging Bran behind her on the stretcher. Where will they head to next? The wall, Winterfell, or will they bump into friends?

We’ll have to find out next time on Game of Thrones.

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