Fear The Walking Dead Recap Season Finale Season 2 Episode 14 Wrath North

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To all of those viewers who are skeptical of Fear The Walking Dead, this season finale will put you in your place! It will bring life to everything that fans believe. Can’t say that season 3 will do the same, but this finale was everything. It brought back those feelings on The Walking Dead when I could do nothing but be blown away.

I’m going to skim through this very long episode. Please feel free to message me or contact below on your thoughts.

Alicia and Travis meet half way

Alicia comes in to tend to Travis in his room. There is this awkwardness between them that smells of guilt and uncertainty. Since Travis understands what his son truly is now, he apologizes to Alicia for not protecting her. He feels guilt for almost allowing his son to be around them long enough to be able to cause real harm.

Alicia is very kind about accepting the apology. She seems to feel guilty for not holding on to Travis as a family member. This time around she makes up for it though. Stay tuned for that ->

Travis goes full Rick

The BROS are taken in as one of the sick at the hotel. They both have injuries that they explain to Madison are due to a car accident. It isn’t till they mention their names that Madison realizes that they are the Brandon and Derek that Travis spoke about.

Brandon Derek Madison Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14 Season Finale
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Kelly Blatz as Brandon, Kenny Wormald as Derek – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

They both claim to have been part of a car accident that killed their other traveling partner, a sixteen yr old from the states. This immediately clicks  in Madison’s head and she knows they are talking about Chris. So she rushes to Strand to get advise on what she should do. If Chris is really dead, then this type of news could crush Travis. If she were to throw the BROS out of the hotel, Travis would never know and just assume that Chris is out there.

The only reason this plan would fail is because Travis would eventually look for his son. But Madison tries to drag out the BROS anyway with Strand’s blessing. They aren’t as lucky as they hoped, because Travis catches a glimpse of the guys and recognizes them.

Right before the BROS are booted out of the hotel, Travis rushes in to ask them about Chris. The BROS claim that they wanted Chris to drive, because one of them felt that Chris wasn’t pulling his own weight. Which further emphasizes the stupidity of this group because it’s not like any of them were doing anything significant. So they decided to let 15 1/2 year-old-Chris drive the pickup truck north. Somewhere along the way, Chris must have fell asleep and the pickup hit and spun into the air like a figure skater, twirling several times.

Chris Manama Car Crash Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14 Season Finale
– Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC

He died in the crash and they buried him. The burying part was suppose to appeal to Travis. However, Travis is incredibly suspicious, when I had already taken the bait. I must admit that I was very slow in realizing what caused Travis’s reactions after their explanations. I mean I was down right gullible about the whole the thing. I believed them.

Travis has a private meeting with THE BROS and you get the feeling that somethings going to happen when he locks the glass door behind him.  After pressing THE BROS a little more, we get the real story. The car crashed but Chris survived the accident. He was badly injured with a piece of his leg bone poking out of his jeans.

Chris manages to crawl out of the car and could have survived. But you know THE BROS view on life. Chris was just another Baby James to them. And since he was dead weight, they shoot him. Now Travis is a father who had already lost Chris twice. When Chris’s mind went into psycho land and when Chris physically left Travis, but that doesn’t take away from the pain of losing his child.

Travis beats the daylights out  of the THE BROS.

Travis Manama Kills Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14 Season Finale
Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Kelly Blatz as Brandon – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC

He goes full RICK mode.  Let me explain what this transition entails. Travis has been trying to be politically correct in the zombie apocalypse. He’s been trying to balance what is right and whats wrong, much like Rick. But now all of that is lost, with the hate that is surging through him for the two idiots that killed his son. There comes a time when you snap and all of your values and morals goes out the window. This is the Rick zone that Travis has entered.


The Law

Madison bangs on the door trying to stop Travis and Oscar gets injured trying to intervene. Oscar’s injury leads Elena and her family to grab Travis and lock him up on the closed outdoor area near the pier. Violence will not be tolerated, remember? That’s a rule set up by Madison herself. She doesn’t want it to apply here though because she understands Travis.

Only Elena, Hector, Andres and the others are livid that Oscar has a brain injury. They try to do surgery on his brain with a drill and a box cutter–and fail. No surprise there. So Oscar dies. Andres tries to come for Travis with a gun for the death of his brother. Only Alicia has been carrying a blade around and stabs Andres, saving her stepfather.

Madison tells Alicia that she will learn to deal with killing a man, matter of fact like. No type of affection and it makes me wonder if these gaps in her relationship with her daughter are ever going to click in her head, the way everything else does.


Travis either has to live locked up or leave. Madison wants to be with him so she’s torn. Alicia sides with her mother and thinks they should leave the hotel for Travis. This may have alot to do with her efforts towards uniting her family. Strand, however, thinks the idea is crazy and refuses to leave the hotel.

He even includes Travis abandoning his family, as a reason why they should let him leave. But this is a claim that I cannot agree with. Travis did what he could for his son. A link that only Madison could understand (with Nick. Alicia not so much).  When Travis left, he was not only taking care of his boy as a father but indirectly protecting Alicia and Madison from his sons nonsense. So no, I don’t think he is an abandon-er by nature.

And although I agree with Strand on staying, I feel that the crowds the hotel attracted are only going to grow with word of mouth. Soon, staying in the hotel will be harder then they all think.

Strand stays, but understands their need to leave after Alicia is forced to poke holes in Andres. He tells them he’s going to be alright and you can tell he’s telling the truth. I’m hoping he will look for them later, when the hotel crashes and burns.

Ofelia is off to the States

Ofelia up North United States Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14 Season Finale
Mercedes Mason as Ofelia Salazar – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC

Ofelia has become a real bad ass on her solo journey to find the love of her life. She kicks some major walker butt and finds her way to the border. But once she’s across a hole in a gate that will lead her across the border, she finds an unforeseen problem. A man in military garb and gun takes Ofelia.

We are left wondering if he’s good or bad. After all, having a gun in the zombie apocalypse doensn’t say much about the persons intentions. Everyone needs a gun. And although he looks like he is part of the army, it doesn’t mean that he is someone who intends to spare Ofelia’s life.

After Ofelia is taken, we never see her again in the season finale. Out answers won’t come till the next season.

The Fall of a Leader

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Cuauhtli Jimenez as Reynaldo, Alejandro Edda as Marco Rodriguez - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 - Season Finale
Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Cuauhtli Jimenez as Reynaldo, Alejandro Edda as Marco Rodriguez – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC

Nick goes as planned to meet up with Marcos and his gang members. Behind everyone’s back, he provides Marcos the Oxy that he intends to use as a bargaining chip to get water for the Colonia. Marcos, however, has found another source. A better source. He now has the support of the biggest drug lord in Tijuana. So Marcos doesn’t have a need for the Colonia.

He warns Nick that their options are to vacate the Colonia or die at his hands. Because the one thing they have that Marcos is not willing to negotiate for, is their fortressed location.

Nick gives Luciana and Alejandro the warning and it mostly falls on deaf ears. One of the inhabitants ends up turning into a walker, and after biting someones nose, digs in to Alejandro. Alejandro’s fear confirms that his wound is not that of a walker bite, but most likely the bite of the uninfected drug user he was trying to save.

Now more then ever, Nick thinks that Luciana will abandon the Colonia and listen to his suggestions. He’s wrong. Luciana is upset that Alejandro has lied to his people, but decides to stay.

The Fall of the Colonia

With time ticking, and everyone still standing their ground, Nick ends up having to leave on his own. Wearing a new outfit covered in blood, he walks out on Luciana and Alejandro. he doesn’t make it too far when ends up going right back. In the distance, he spots an area that looks like a camp across the Mexican/US border and even sees a helicopter.

He tries to convince Alejandro to let the Colonia move on this new location. Luciana urges Alejandro to make a speech to the people before the full decline of his health, so that they will follow through. Ultimately, Alejandro makes the biggest sacrifice for the group of people that he loved governing. This episode makes it clear that he was attached to the power even after he had become sick from the bite.

While Nick leads the Colonia, covered in blood, to the border, Alejandro drives the bus between the walker region right towards Marcos and his men. The walkers are freed and attack Marcos and his group. They knew how to put fear in people and manage their needs, but they never understood how to handle the walkers.

The Distant Reunion

After leaving the hotel, Madison passes through Marcos’s warehouse. If she’s going to leave, she’s going to make a last effort to look for her son. The only thing left in the warehouse are the bodies of the family that Marcos was questioning. The same family that had left the Colonia.

This is what I’m talking about. There was no need for him to kill them. That gangster life gets you but so far in the zombie apocalypse. Walkers do no recognize the thug life.

Madison ends up finding Alejandro, who is near death in the front seat of his bus. Before he dies, he tells her that Nick was headed towards the border. It’s so ironic that Nick’s mother is the one to puncture Alejandro in the head to make sure he doesn’t change.

That Border

Nick in full Moses mode, leads his people to the border. As soon as they get there, they witness the helicopters that Nick had seen. They trudge forward towards the camp that Nick had spotted, which he believes maybe some type of refugee camp, when some army men appear. It’s unclear if these are the same army people that Ofelia encountered.

The one thing that we know is that they shoot Ofelia in the shoulder and stomp out Nick in the face. The camp and ‘copters across the border may not have been greener pastures for this group.

Questions for next season:

Will Nick and the Colonia become prisoners? Will Madison find Nick? Will Ofelia and Nick meet wherever these army people take them? What will Strand do now in the hotel?

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