A long walk off a short Pier Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

Madison & Strand

This episode of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica starts with a flash back to Madison and Strand surviving the bar walkers. Madison and Strand take control of the bar walkers, but the walker volume isn’t dwindling. With every walker skull crushed, more and more are coming. Madison hears Alicia’s screams but finds that the door behind the bar is locked.

Unable to get through to her daughter, Madison realizes that she and Strand are also fighting a losing battle. She kills a walker that tried to sneak behind her and cuts his guts open. Now it’s Strand and Madison’s turn to cover themselves in zombie guts. They walk out of the bar covered in blood and unharmed. After a quick walk around the hotel, Strand finds that the truck is missing and immediately suggests that Alicia bolted. But Madison knows her daughter and knows that Alicia wouldn’t allow for them to get separated again.

Strand’s argument is that Alicia is self reliant enough to take the truck if she feels it will save her life. This is a good point and Madison admits to making Alicia that way. She’s suggesting that she never paid attention to her daughter and that led to Alicia raising herself. A sad realization from a parents part, to say the least.

Madison and Strand end up in the near-by spa house. Even as Strand tries to convince Madison that her daughter left to survive, Madison hears desperate knocks on one of the doors. Alicia and Elena are knocking the door down/ When she can’t open the door, Madison knocks off the door knob to get her daughter.

Now What?

Elena informs them that the hotel has enough dry food and provisions to last them for months. The only problem lies in the people residing in the hotel. They still want her dead. Madison decides to negotiate with the wedding party alongside Strand. And honestly, that’s the most adult move I’ve seen all season. These people should be able to talk out their differences.

Then they discuss Ofelia, who was the one that obviously took the truck. Where did she go and why?

I still think Ofelia …:


Madison goes to the front of the hotel to look for the groom. She calls out to Oscar and gets his brother rejecting her admittance from the balcony instead. Oscar appears some time later and asks Madison and Strand to leave their weapons behind before they enter the hotel. Oscar is the groom and the partial master mind of the wedding group.  I was hoping that the bitter mother of the bride wouldn’t take part in their pow wow, but she was sitting front and center.

Madison gives the group a means for the future. She tells them that they haven’t been past the four walls, but that she has seen and knows the potential the hotel holds. Plenty of food and opportunity to grow crops, if they help them succeed. The old woman blames Elena for the death of her daughter.

I understand the desperation of grief but she forgot that her daughter died cause her husband bit her cheek off. Her family was dead without Elena’s assistance. Madison puts out a little of this knowledge out there, but the group still fears what she’s proposing.

Madison wants to clear out the zombies and fortify the gates to make the hotel a strong hold. Oscar grants them the ability to do as they want with a clean sweep, but says that the wedding guests won’t take part in it. And when he suggests they’ll help if Elena is excluded, Madison points out that Elena did what she could during a time that no one knew what to expect. Oscar may not be helping with the clear out, but he gives them the keys to all the rooms. The mother of the bride is not at all interested.

Madison is looking for a home, something no one has even focused on this far. Just like the Walking dead, they are so concentrated on staying alive that finding a home seems like a distant dream.  Strand, however, refuses to call the hotel a home. He is too hurt he lost Thomas and his real home.

Nick the pharmacist

Nick finds a little girl crying her eyes out in the market again. I almost damned the Colonia, until I saw an old woman put her arm around the girl to console her. This may be the little girl that lost her father a few episodes back and Nick looks heartbroken to see her cry.

He pays Alejandro a visit with a can of powdered milk. Alejandro is still a little bit bitter about Nick putting the Colonia in danger when he stole the cake. It isn’t Alejandro’s ego that’s fueling the bitterness, he’s forced to supply the gang with Oxy to keep the gang leaders sister from withdrawing. This type of dependency could go wrong for the Colonia at any minute, especially with supplies on the decline.

Nick’s plan is to cut some Oxy and add powdered milk to it to add volume to the product. It will seem like they have more then they do and buy them more time. Nick rolls the powered mixture into perfect little balls and works for hours making the pills. Alejandro is a little worried that the gang will notice, but as an experienced junkie, Nick says that the mixture will give the user a quicker high that dissipates after. That way the junkie won’t really be complaining because they are getting higher quicker.

They probably will think they are getting better quality meds. Absolutely devine Nick!


Madison Alicia – Clear

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Alicia, Strand, and Elena’s nephew are on room service duty. They are opening the room doors and killing the walkers within. Alicia has the bull by the horns. She stabs the walkers in the head and Strand drags them onto a bell hop trolley. The nephew chickens out a  little and wants to leave some walkers in the rooms, but the group isn’t taking any risks here. If a walker gets loose and they are unarmed or with their guards down, it will turn into an instant epidemic.

The bodies are dragged to the back of the hotel and onto the beach. Madison is preparing a big bonfire with pieces of hay like straw. But Alicia manning the boat doesn’t stop with eliminating the hotel room zombies, she ends up with an idea that will save them all time. A sign by the pier says that the water has a rip tide. The idea is that they will lead the zombies out into the water and let the rip tide take them out to sea.

With such a complicated plan, there are a number of ways this could have gone. Madison gets Alicia and the nephew to lure the remaining zombies to the glass beach doors. Alicia takes out her iPhone and plays some music to get their attention.

Where did she get a charger?


Then they lock all of the gates, where the zombies could steer off the path. Sounds familiar? This is similar to the plan that Darryl and Rick work out to lure the herd away from Alexandria. Madison then makes noise to attract the walkers onto the pier. With very little distance between them, she lures them to the edge of the pier.

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Then Madison jumps off and swims towards a speed boat where the others are waiting. The zombies all fall into the water in a rush and get pulled into the tide. There were no mishaps, no casualties, and I was amazed that someone did not lose their life.

Nick questions Alejandros immunity

Nick admits that he doesn’t believe Alejandro was bitten, although he has a massive purple bruise on his shoulder. There’s a possibility that Alejandro was bitten by someone other then a walker and is using the bruise as a tool to give the people of the Colonia hope. There’s something in Alejandro’s ways that makes it seem like a very great possibility. But if he is truly immune to the walker disease, I’m hoping this group can find a way to use it to their advantage.

What really makes Alejandro sound like a liar is the story behind the bite. He claims that he was trying to save someone who was using a heavily potent drug. He doesn’t know what the drug was but someone set the guy out with the walkers thinking he was one of them. Alejandro went to help the guy and ended up getting bitten through some mob scuffle.

It really does sound fishy to me. But Alejandro’s immunity will be put to the test I imagine and we will learn if he truly is immune.

The Bachelor pad and Pablo

They bump into Luciana, who is playing soccer with the village kids. Nick joins in on the fun when the kids complain that the teams are uneven. As Nick hits a goal, Luciana places her attention on a man returning from the outside world. He claims he found the remains of a Pablo. The cut up remains. Nick notices that Luciana seems distraught with the news, but doesn’t say anything till much later.

Alejandro claims that he needs Nick’s bed, which is in the infirmary. He gives him a little house all to himself. Even though Nick claims that he doesn’t need all the room, you can tell he’s excited to have his own space. Nick then goes to give his hand-made drugs to the gang but Luciana tries to join him.

He imagines she is grieving the death of Pablo, especially if he was her boyfriend, and suggests she stay behind. Nick was clearly a little jealous of Pablo without knowing anything about him, other then that Luciana cared for him. So he feels like a complete wiener when she tells him that Pablo was her brother. Nick’s relief at the news is so embarrassing.

That same night, Luciana comes to visit when she can’t sleep. Nick’s bachelor pad has been officially activated.

They talk a little and she ends up falling asleep on his twin bed. When she wakes up, she tries to head out because the people in the town will defiantly talk crap. But before she goes, Nick asks Luciana if she was testing him. Alejandro had told him that Luciana believes in trust and tests people before she decides to fully care for them.

Somehow, the question itself must have turned Luciana on. She came right back into the house and kissed Nick. This is looking like one of these post-apocalyptic love stories that never work out.


After a long day of leading zombies off piers, the group has a lavish dinner in the hotel dinning room. What happened to rationing? Everyone is there except the mother of the bride and Oscar. Oscar does not join them for dinner and Strand goes up to look for him.

A very depressed Oscar is leaning on one of the rooms. He lost his bride during the zombie apocalypse. In fact, she’s snarling behind the very door he’s standing in front of. He tells Strand that he won’t let him hurt her. Oscar is feeling and acting like he’s the only one who lost a loved one. Strand assures him that he understands completely.

Strand  tells him that he knows how it is to lose the one you love in that way. Burying Thomas and leaving his home, was something that really hit him hard although he never shows it. The conversation brings tears to Strand’s eyes and that’s as unexpected as it gets. Strand promises Oscar that it will change him till he is someone who he never was before. Oscar doesn’t want to change but the way the world has become, he really doesn’t have a choice.

Strand asks Oscar for his wife’s name. When he tell’s him that her name is Jessica, he asks for permission to help Jessica. The heart felt hurt in this scene was enough that Oscar handed him the key to the door. Oscar then stepped aside. The last we see of Strand he’s entering the dark room where zombie Jessica resides. Her zombie moaning can be heard from within the room.

Here’s hoping that Strand doesn’t slip up and Jessica ends up getting the best of him.

Is the hotel their new home? Will Strand make this his new home even if he doesn’t have Thomas? Will Nick and Luciana’s relationship survive the zombie apoc?

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