Fear The Walking Dead Recap Season 2 Episode 13 Date of Death

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Fear The Walking Dead Recap Season 2 Episode 13 Date of Death

Turning on the Hotel lights wasn’t such a good idea. This weeks episode of Fear The Walking Dead, titled Date of Death, shows a crowd of people pushing in against the gates trying to get in to the hotel. Everyone’s just standing there not letting them in. A few people on the social media lines didn’t understand why they weren’t letting them in. The hotel may have sufficient rooms, but whats to say they have enough food.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14 Date of Death
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark; Raul Casso as Andres Diaz, Andres Londono as Oscar Diaz, Karen Bethzabe as Elena Reyes, Ramses Jimenez as Hector – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

They may be growing a few sprigs out back, but there is no indication that what they will be able to feed all of those people for years to come. You have to look at it in the long run.

Travis Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 Date of Death
Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Madison notices Travis in the back of the crowd.That brings a new problem to the table. Does she let him in by himself or does she let him in and the crowd? What if she has to leave him on the outside because they can’t risk it?

When Travis finally makes it in, he’s alone. He’s filled with guilt and explains why he isn’t with Chris. Everyone was hoping Chris died or at the very least was bitten.

But that’s not what happened at all.


No Remorse and NO more chickens

When we last saw Travis and Chris, Chris had murdered the innocent farmer who was protecting his land. Travis was in limbo after that. Staring into space on his knees as Baby James continues to scream in pain. Chris and his Dad have a convo about it but its like every other discussion they’e had.

Chris shot the old man because he shot his friend. He referred to the person he has known for exactly 1-3 days tops as a friend. (I’ve lost track of time) How is this your friend loser?


Travis helps patch up Baby James, the wounded Bro. Then he buries the old man. That night the guys fry up the chickens the farmer had. They did this against Travis’s logical suggestions to use the chickens for the eggs. Trust me, if I was fried chicken deprived during the zombie apocalypse, I would have clicked my heels over some hens too. The problem is that if you use your head right, you’ll realize that chickens provide eggs for more food. Eating the chickens will only give you one night of food LOSERS versus continuous food from the eggs.

I would have had one chicken under my arm at all times. I would have named her too.

Travis buries the old man but doesnt have a name to etch into his grave.

Travis calls Chris over during the chicken fest to assess his son’s feelings.Travis tries to get his son to understand empathy. No. Actually, Travis is looking for empathy in Chris desperately. His son cannot be without empathy because that would mean he’s a sociopath. As a parent, he needs to hope that there’s room for change.

Chris is hoping his dad will stop being a stick in the mud so he can be an additional member of the bro gang. They plan to go to San Diego and if his dad doesn’t agree then they probably won’t want him to come. And since these group of lames are everything Chris aspires to be, he’s ready to jump on the band wagon.

There something about fitting in that feeds Chris’s lack of sense and emotion. He reminds his father about fitting in back in school. He makes it seem as if killing people, whether they pose a threat or not, is a part of being in a particular club. A club he is desperate to pledge.

These idiots ate all the chickens.

The Frat Club

With no more chickens on the farm, the guys decide to pack up and go. They eventually want to head to San Diego, even though Travis has already explained that Cali is pretty much torched. Chris is going along with the road trip as if he never saw the coast up in flames with his own eyes.

What pisses me off about this part of the episode is the way the Bros talk to Travis. He’s not some child that needs to be told what to do. They decide to leave and are forcing Travis to feel outnumbered. They hoist Baby James into the pickup for the ride but he passes out some time later. They end up having to head back to the farm. This time the guys are discussing their options with Baby James. Although he’s a long time friend, they’re desperate to get rid of him and rush off to San Diego. It’s almost as if they can’t waste any time. That’s all they have really.

Travis takes away Brandon’s gun and threatens them, hoping to stop them from killing Baby James. Brandon doesn’t think Travis has the guts to shoot them. So Travis lets off a shot and sort of scares them. He returns to babysitting Baby James and hoping that something in his actions will click something in Chris’s head.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Date of Death
Kelly Blatz as Brandon, Israel Broussard as James – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

And then it does. Chris admits that he understands why it was wrong to kill the old man because of Baby James’s current state. Every life means something.  Just when Travis is a bit convinced that something that he’s said has sunk in, Chris holds his father down and calls the Bros. The Bros shoot Baby James in the head. There was no loyalty to James because their minds are on an exaggerated survival of the fittest quest.

Travis tries getting again to get Chris to feel something by telling Chris that he shared a birthday with the farmer. Travis finally found an ID with his info. Then Chris abandons his father. Not the other way around. Chris is tired of feeling like something is wrong with him, although we all know there is. He thinks that who he has become is an adjustment to the zombie apocalypse and he wants to be with people like him. The Bros don’t want Travis around.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 Date of Death
Lorenzo James Henrie as Chris Manawa, Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Chris heads towards San Diego on the back of the pickup. No remorse or regret. Not a shred of sadness for leaving his father, even though he may never see him again. Just jumped on the back of the truck like he was going to college for a semester. Travis buries Baby James.

Their decisions make no sense, when Baby James had a chance of survival. And if they didn’t want to go along with their injured friend, they could have left him with Travis. Travis had suggested he could be left behind to care for Baby James. But these guys are illogically set on killing everyone they encounter if they are not part of their plan. They’re the scariest type of people to encounter in the zombie apocalypse.

Madisons Regret

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 Date of Death
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Madison rushes to speak to Alicia to tell her about her father. Alicia has been helping patients that have showed up at the doors. I think it’s something Madison’s been thinking about since she spoke with Strand and Travis brought it to her attention with the story. Madison decided that she couldn’t hold it inside anymore. Alicia learns that her father committed suicide. He even left a note:

I love you all, but enough is enough.

– Patrick Clark

Not exactly heart warming. Madison called him a man a few words. Apparently, Madison spent all her time afterward concentrating on Nick because he reminded her so much of him. Madison felt that Nick would go down the same suicidal hole that his father did. She apologized to Alicia for neglecting her.

I’m hoping there is some grounded love between this mother/daughter bond going forward. I think Madison’s neglect effects her likability. It’s hard to like a character that’s treating their own child like shit.

Travis needs to let go

After finally finishing the story, Travis is filled with much regret. I understand the parent thing, but Travis tried every possible thing he could to help his son. Even still, Travis is tormented by the thought that he didn’t show enough love and had showed disgust over what Chris had become. Travis cannot fault himself for this, but he does. He takes his woes into the shower.

Just when the Bros show up to the gates of the hotel without Chris.

Heres what we have to consider: Where’s Chris? Is Chris dead? Did he abandon his new friends for not being ruthless enough? Did he abandon his Bros because he had a change of heart? Did Chris get bitten? or is this some type of trick?

The Bros showed up to the hotel fairly close to the time that Travis made it there. It’s possible that they followed him.

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