Explosive premiere of The Walking Dead; Season 5 ep 1 No Sanctuary

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They left last season with the promise that there will be hell to be paid and they returned with one hell of a bang. In the first five minutes of The Walking Dead, before the credits were even rolling, they delivered the most violent shocker, in the series so far.

The episode starts right where we left off. All of the favorite characters (minus Tyrese, Carol, and baby Judith), are trapped inside a trailer inside of Terminus headquarters aka the Cannibal all-you-can-eat-buffet.

Our cannibal friends, escort a portion of the troop including Glenn and Rick,  to a chopping block where they are cutting up bodies to put up in their meat locker for future meals. The small group and a few other unknowns have kneeled in front of what looks like a long metal feeding trough.

Starting from the front of the line, with the first 4 forgettable guests, one cannibal guy hits them over the head, and the other cuts their neck open into the trough. One at a time, they proceed to knock and cut them. Nothing but blood and loose necks. Just when they’re up to Glenn, the leader of the cannibals walks in and Bob starts trying to talk through the cloth that’s been tied around his mouth.

Bob tells them that the group could be of help to these cannibals if they don’t kill them. He’s just buying time. Rick has a piece of wood in his hands that are tied behind his back and he’s trying desperately to get free. But there is something this guy needs to know from Rick. He wants to know what was in the bag he hid before he went into Terminus.

Rick had hidden a bag of guns and ammunition outside before they were caught. Rick offers to go with him to find the bag, but the leader of the cannibals sees this as a way for them to figure a way out and so he directs the guys that have been murdering everyone for food, to continue. That’s when there’s an explosion that rocks Terminus. What a way to break into the season!

Carol and Tyrese are back on the road toward Terminus or should I say the track, railroad track to be exact. A huge herd of zombies comes out of the woods and onto the tracks. Carol and Tyrese, along with baby Judith, hide out on the sidelines, as they watch the herd headed straight for Terminus. How are they going to get there safely now? And what about everyone who is already there?

Nearby, one of the cannibals is setting up fireworks to attract attention to Terminus. He’s on the walkie-talkie talking about the woman with the swords and the boy with the hat that they caught. Clearly, he’s talking about Michonne and Carl.

Lucky for Carol and Tyrese, that they were pulling up behind him and heard the whole thing. They put a gun to his head and question him. Now they both know that Terminus is not the place that’s been advertised along the tracks. It’s not a safe place and these people have their friends. Tyrese takes the man to a nearby cabin as a hostage. While Carol takes all the fireworks and weapons and heads to Terminus on her own.

Tyrese asks Carol what she’s going to do and she says, ” I’m going to kill people.”

Who is this woman that in season one couldn’t defend herself from her own husband but, is now preparing to kill a compound of people to rescue her friends? I dunno, but this is the Carol that I’ve always loved!

Carol covers herself in Zombie guts and mud and joins the herd. Once she reaches Terminus, she gets to see Rick and the group being tied up and brought inside to the meat locker they are sending them to. Carol waits till the heard is at the gates of Terminus and shoots a barrel full of gas or steam. As the zombies walk right into the steam, she shoots a firecracker into it, and BOOM! The whole thing explodes taking out most the walkers. Hence, the explosion that saves Glenn and the rest of the gang from being made into meatloaf.

Talk about saving the day, huh?

Tyrese puts baby Judith into a makeshift crib, as the cannibal guy watches over curiously. He’s got Tyrese all figured out. Tyrese is a good guy that’s been sheltered from the devastation of the zombie apocalypse. He’s forgotten what it is to be a human being.  And he’s right.

Only thing is that he sees the ending of this story as Tyrese and Judith dying. Because they are good, there is no way they can survive. He would do anything to survive. Tyrese has been edgy about killing ever since the scenario back at the cottage with Mika and Lizzie. This man is forcing him to consider killing again, although he feels its too soon.

After Terminus gets rocked by the explosion, the head cannibal goes out to check whats happening. Some of the zombies weren’t killed by the explosion and they pick up their burning corpses and begin descending into Terminus. The cannibals start running for cover or weapons. We even get some face-eating action from an unlucky cannibal that becomes one lucky zombie’s dinner.

Meanwhile, Carol has joined this remaining herd, dragging herself in as one of the zombies. In the meat locker, Rick has finally broken free from his binding. He takes the wooden stake he used, to stab the remaining cannibals holding the group hostage, in the throats.

Back at the trailer, Carl, Michonne and the rest are waiting anxiously for Rick’s return. They’ve heard the explosion and Michonne can see through a crack, that zombies have invaded Terminus. Rick has not lost a second of thought to what their next goal is.

Rick, Glenn, Darryl, and Bob, make their way through the meat locker amongst hanging torsos and body parts. Rick tells the rest to kill anyone that’s part of Terminus on site. No Mercy Rick is back in the game!

They head for the first trailer they see and after clearing the walkers surrounding it. They end up unlocking a man that seems to have gone crazy and believes that they are the cannibals coming to get him. His eyes mad with crazy, a walker takes him down before he can do anything else. Glenn finishes them both off with a bat and they hide from the rest of the zombies that are being lured by the sounds.

Carol is sharp-shooting the cannibals in the head behind herd lines. She ends up having to hide because the zombies catch on that she isn’t one of them. Carol ends up walking right into the storage room for all the belongings of the people the cannibals at Terminus had killed. There is a table just filled with teddy bears that shows how many children’s lives they’ve taken. Amidst all the junk, watches and such, Carol finds Darryl’s famed bow and arrow and takes it for him.

Finally, she makes it back to the creepy candle room with the words NEVER AGAIN. NEVER TRUST. WE ALWAYS. painted on the walls. Mary the mother of Terminus is in the darkness and tries to get Carol to put down her weapons and surrender. But this Carol we are talking about here, there is no surrender, not anymore. She lets a few shots go in Mary’s direction and they begin to brawl on the floor, knocking down candles as they roll.

Carol gets the upper hand and points her rifle at Mary’s head. That’s when we get the gist of what Terminus is about. Mary says that the signs were real. Terminus was a sanctuary. But then people came and stole, raped, and killed. That’s when they took over, won, and decided never to be on the receiving end of the shit pile. “You’re the butcher or you’re the cattle.”

When Mary won’t tell Carol where the group is, she shoots her in the arm. Mary tells Carol she could have been one of them. They had to do what they did to survive.She even asks Carol to point the gun at her head again. But again, this is Carol, you won’t have it easy with this redeemer. She opens the door and allows the zombies to take Mary. The same way she had been taking the lives of people that arrived at Terminus. Justice is served with a side of kickass!

Tyrese and his cannibal friend hear the explosion and can see the smoke diffusing above the forest, from the cabin window. Some leftover herd walkers stood behind and attack the cabin doors and windows. The cannibal takes advantage of this turn of events and grabs poor little Judith as a hostage. His demands? That Tyrese leaves the cabin. I personally would have never followed orders, because he sent him out there with no weapons.

But, for the sake of Judith, Tyrese walks outside. The cannibal tries to walkie-talkie one of the people at Terminus, but Tyrese can be heard fighting the walkers outside. He gets a little too close to the door and Tyrese comes barging in, banging the Terminus cannibal’s head against the floor repeatedly with his hands while yelling, “I won’t.” In regard, to becoming like the people of Terminus without a conscious. He won’t, but he sure did finish this guy off.

The remaining cannibals are all armed with guns and trying to keep zombie control. Rick allows the group to pass him by and when the last guy is about to follow in, Rick un-arms him and shoots everything before them, zombies, cannibals, everything.

In the trailer, the rest are waiting impatiently. Preparing makeshift weapons for the return of Rick. Eugene provides them with a little insight on what he can do if they go to DC. He was apart of a team of 10 scientists that worked with biological warfare. They were creating ways to fight biowarfare with other biowarfare and he believes he can create a biological strain to kill the zombies. The overall zombie disease, that is.

Then Rick shows up and frees everyone, in the middle of the zombie fighting war that’s been flaring outside the trailer. Staking, shooting, and knifing their way through, the group climbs over the fence and out of Terminus. Rick goes to the stash of weapons he hid in the woods but wants to return to Terminus. He wants everyone dead, no survivors.  He doesn’t care that the place is overrun with zombies and is burning to the ground. While everyone argues about how dumb the idea is, because they’ve escaped with their lives, Carol appears in the woods.

Darryl hugs her to death. Then it was Ricks turn and he says, “Welcome back.” Really? That’s it? The man throws her out and a simple welcome back is sufficed to put water under the bridge?

Regardless, I’m sure they are all so happy everyone’s still alive and can’t hash up old issues.

Carol takes the group back to the cabin, and you can imagine Rick’s surprise at seeing his daughter Judith, alive. Everyone’s happy Tyrese is good too. But remember, Judith was damn near confirmed dead because of the bloody car seat.

Everyone rejoice we have a little happy ending 🙂

Right before they leave, they erase the sign that says Terminus is a sanctuary for all, replacing it with the words “NO SANCTUARY”  Others will not be mislead down this road again.

The final minutes of the episode gave us a little teaser. A man with a face mask and a beige hood is seen walking on the train tracks. A chalked up symbol that looks like a drawing of Spiderman’s head is drawn on the tree. The man takes off his masks revealing that he is none other than Morgan.

Yes!! I love that man. The last we saw Morgan, he was “clearing.” He went crazy when he had left his wife alive after she turned into a zombie, and she came back and ended up killing his son. After that, his obsession was “clearing.” Basically, setting up booby traps for zombies and then discarding of the bodies after they had died. Rick tried to take him along, but he was so consumed with clearing that he would not leave.

Being that he is covered and on his way somewhere, I guess he has reached some type of mental clearance. Is he headed to Terminus or is this a new place?

Is everyone going to meet up for one major reunion???? Please give us more!!

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