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What is the true and sure way to make progress in the zombie apocalypse? Control. Not just any control, but psychotic control. Why is it that every community visited in the zombie apocalypse has these issues with controlling human beings and killing those that won’t comply? It seems that the desperation of the times leads these people to think up ways of creating a utopian life in the middle of all the chaos. Those that don’t comply will be eliminated and they will be written off as casualties for a greater cause. (They had to kill [enter name] or they would never be able to survive because he/she was against the big plan. Lose one or lose 20? — That sort of mind frame.)


Beth has awoken in a hospital that is no different from any of the places The Walking Dead has introduced us to in the past. As always, everything looks too good to be true and then we find out it is. This hospital is fully functional with security, food, and protection from the zombies that cannot enter the building from underground. The price to pay is steep depending on who you are and what your circumstances are. Dawn, the leader of this group has a payback system in place to ensure that the hospital is always fully functional. Any life-saving services that have been received have to be paid back by doing service. Any food that is consumed has to be paid back too. Unfortunately, Dawn has no intention of ever letting anyone go, so those on staff are always paying back for what they have used. A never-ending cycle of slavery.

Beth was hurt from fighting zombies when she was last with Darryl and now has to pay back for the services that helped save her life, by working as a nurse. Nothing makes her qualified for the position but she is fully dressed in scrubs and assists the only doctor on staff. A girl named Joan who had been bitten is dragged in, and although she would prefer to die, the doctor cuts off her bitten arm, in an attempt to save her life. She doesn’t want to return to the prison she lived in once and she lashes at Dawn for not having control of one her perverted cops.

One of Dawn’s hospital cops is an extreme creep named Gormon that wants to make deals with Beth, but you can tell it’s with the hope that what he gets in return is physical. Joan must have been subject to some form of rape or sexual assault, but Dawn is pretending not to see this. Beth keeps away from Gormon and doesn’t eat, she doesn’t want to have to pay anything back to these people. Because the problem with Dawn’s system is that some people will have loved ones that they want to reconnect with. Beth has an entire group that she needs to be with more than surviving in a hospital with one friend and a disgusting hospital cop that screams rapist with his eyes.

the walking dead noah


Lucky for Beth she meets Noah. (Tyler James Williams of Everybody Hates Chris fame) Noah has been working as maintenance in the hospital since they saved him from some injury and took him in without his father.

Let’s run down how this seemingly innocent system is entirely corrupt.

Dawn “saves” the lives of most of the people that they bring to the hospital. But she does not waste supplies on those that can’t be saved. Like a good politician, this is subject to her discretion. Noah’s father was not saved because he was a big man that could fight back if he ever felt that they were violating him. Noah, however, seemed weak, and a good addition to the staff. Rule#1 You can’t look like you can fight back.

The cafeteria is set up buffet style. I almost imagined chili, soup, chicken salad, as options. But when Beth gets the doctor his food, we discover that they have sides such as “guinea pig.” Not much different from what everyone else is eating on the outside. I’d prefer to eat squirrel with Darryl. Although Beth is not trying to owe more than she can take staying there, the doctor gives her some of his food without reporting what she eats to Dawn. He’s just that type of nice guy.

Or so we think. One of the new patients that comes in seems to have a ton of medical conditions and the doctor would rather not waste medical supplies and allow him to die. Those that die in their custody are dropped down an elevator shoot on top of the piling bodies of past visitors. But Dawn is desperate to save the man and in the middle of arguing with the doctor over the man’s life, she slaps Beth. What does hitting someone have to do with keeping this system functioning? Nothing. She’s experiencing the mental break down that we saw in the Governor. Dawn is trying to keep a functioning operation because she thinks someone is coming to save everyone. She is a part of the people that try to make a life worth living in the apocalypse but can’t deal with the mental strain of an unperfect world.

Rule#2 Losing your shit is okay because you’re just trying to make a better world

El Creepo Gormon finds out that Beth had a lollipop. He approaches her with a sour apple lollipop that the forces in her mouth in the creepiest gag worthy scene since they cut off Joan’s arm. The doctor interrupts sir nastiness and threatens him, as Beth’s only friend. Beth can’t understand why it is that this doctor stays in this prison. He shows her a section of the hospital that allows you to see all the walkers waiting for someone to come out. This is the reason the doctor stays. He fears he will die out there on his own. In this hospital, he has purpose and safety.

He takes Beth to the roof where all the vegetables for their meals are grown. He shows her that the city is desolate. That the city was bombed in a possible attempt to contain the virus when it first broke out. The city is nothing but zombies. Dawn and her group had saved whoever had survived and the payback system was born.

The doctor has Beth give the last patient they had helped 75 mg of Clozapine. Immediately after Beth gives the patient the drug, he begins to have seizures and flatlines. Noah takes the fall when Dawn comes in to investigate. He claims that he must have removed a ventilator by accident. Dawn and Gormon escort him into another room and beat him into next Tuesday. Once again, what is the point of violence when someone commits a mistake?

Rule#3 Punish those who commit mistakes.

But it wasn’t Noah’s mistake. The man began to seize after he received his medication. But the doctor now claims that he never told Beth to use Clozapine. He supposedly told her to use something else that sounds similar. Too much of a coincidence to be just a coincidence. And what about punishing the cop that can’t keep his hands to himself? Where is the justice there?

Rule#4 Look the other way, if it will harm your purpose.

Beth and Noah prepare to escape immediately. Beth will go to Dawn’s office to obtain a key, while Noah keeps Dawn occupied, although he is black and blue all over. Beth enters the office and finds the woman with her arm cut off on the floor. She has scrawled a suicide note on the floor, which can only mean, that she will turn soon. Beth finds an ID that makes her think twice and then finds the key. Unfortunately, Gormon finds Beth. He tries to offer his silence in exchange for some sexy time. This is now the second most disgusting part of the episode. Beth slams a glass jar over his head and as the woman wakes up as a zombie, Beth exits to let the two get more acquainted. As Gormon’s screams ring out, Beth casually passes Dawn by and tells her that Gormon and the girl are waiting for her in her office.

Noah and Beth use sheets to go down the elevator shoot. They get through all the dead bodies and manage to break out into the outside. As Beth is shooting down an incoming swarm of zombies, Noah makes it past the gates, limping his bad leg way through. Dawn and her cops make it in time to catch Beth and bring her back to the hospital. But she is happy that Noah finally made it out.

Beth gets a one on one with the doctor and reveals all of the mini clues that were hidden in this episode. Aside from the system, the doctor had his own plans. The ID in Dawn’s office belonged to the last patient they had and he was a doctor at another hospital. The doctor knew him personally and didn’t want another doctor on staff because he believes it would lessen his value and he would become expendable like the rest. He purposely asks Beth to administer the wrong medication to ensure that the other doctor doesn’t survive. Another issue in Dawn’s plans, putting fear in the people in her system will help them to stay but, it will also elicit fear for survival that may cause some to take drastic measures.

Just when we thought Beth had a friend, we were wrong. Beth grabs a scissor and approaches the doctor. If she can kill the only doctor, she can kill the only purpose of this system. Until she sees the new patient being wheeled in and its Carol.


What is Beth going to do now? She’s going to need these people to patch up Carol. And where is Darryl?

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