Alicia discovers hotel Secrets in Do Not Disturb Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10

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This weeks episode of Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode10 titled DO NOT DISTURB, tells the history of the hotel, brings back Travis and Chris, and brings us up to date on Alicia and the fam. But first, lets go back in time before the zombie apocalypse to this lovely hotel in Mexico. A young american bride and her new husband have a wedding in the banquet hall. Her mother is eager to end the celebration early because of rumors that a disease is spreading like wildfire.

The mother wants to get back to the states before they close the borders. The guests will head toward the states after one more dance. Just one. As the bride dances the waltz with her father, he falls over and has a heart attack. Everyone comes to the old mans aid. The old man dies and turns immediately. His first act as zombie is to bite his daughters cheek off. As everyone screams in horror and the mother watches, the wedding planner locks the wedding party in the banquet hall with the zombie. This early in the apocalypse, she had no idea what to expect and did what she had to protect everyone else in the hotel.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10

Travis and Chris – Refried Bean problems

Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa, Lorenzo James Henrie as Chris Manawa - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2 Episode 10
Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa, Lorenzo James Henrie as Chris Manawa – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Travis has been limping his badly injured foot as they look for shelter. After realizing that this limp isn’t going to help neither of them out, Travis hot-wires a car. Chris thinks he should check out a store for food, but Travis is reluctant to let his almost-confirmed-psycho-son go on his own.


Travis knows somethings not clicking in Chris’ mind. Travis is most likely afraid that he’ll end up having to flee a multi-murder crime scene. Chris finds cans of beans at the spot, but he also witnesses two recently murdered bodies on the floor. With no time for small talk, Chris tries to escape with the highly coveted taco ingredients and ends up bumping into the murderers anyway. Lucky for him, some walkers interrupt their rendezvous. Chris manages to escape, but not before saving the guys life.

Chris doesn’t tell Travis about the dangers behind him, but who would with a get away car? What’s there to worry about? Travis is looking for permanent shelter. Had he been on the Walking Dead, he would have been partial to the prison. He is one of the few that is on high alert of the dangers people pose. Travis is not looking to mingle and is avoiding all heavily populated locations. He is one of the few that’s reached Nirvana and realized the real threats in the zombie apocalypse. His son, not so much.

They camp out some miles away from where Chris took the beans, but the murder guys end up finding them anyway. Am I the only one that sees flashing red lights at this new development? They are actually far from where they started and these guys, who just murdered two people, came looking for them?

Chris tells his father about the stolen bean situation. Travis comes forward in order to show that he doesn’t want any problems. Hopefully, he’ll be able to negotiate his way out. The guys are a little mouthy but they admit that all they want to do is sit down and eat, so they do.

The Bros


These guys look and sound like college students that got lost on the way to GYM 101. They are actually americans that came down to Mexico and got stuck due to the zombie situation. Travis gives them an update on Los Angeles and California, burning down to the ground the last time he saw them. Brandon, Baby James, and Derek, are basically having the time of their lives. The zombie apocalypse is just one big joy ride and their in it for the adventure. Their morality meters are far below Travis, with their justification being that they have to do what they have to do.

Travis picks up on this right away and has mentally noted that these are the type of people that he doesn’t want to associate with. But Chris acts like these are the friends he’s always wanted and his Dad is being a stick in the mud and not letting him hang.

Home Sweet Home

Travis and Chris get a ride from these guys and they end up checking out a nearby farm. It’s exactly what Travis has been looking for. Something secluded and high in the hills that could become a permanent home. Chris doesn’t want to stay he wants to go off into the sunset with his new blood bros.

What none of them realized is that these grounds were already spoken for. They find graves in the backyard and the person who dug them, comes out with a rifle. The bros try to pressure the man into putting down his gun and subsequently forfeiting his property. One of the bros approaches the owner, gun in hand. But this is against Travis’ moral value and he tries to talk them both into putting down their weapons. Baby James gets shot in the leg. A shot goes off,  and before you try to imagine which one of the dipshit bros let off a round, realize it was the one dying to be a part of the crew– Chris.

Someone needs too tell Chris that he is not being initiated into a frat. He is quite proud of his achievement and extends his hand to his father, as if Travis is going to take this lightly. Travis has a mighty problem on his hands. His son has no moral compass and is slipping into an area that he may never be able to bring him back from. The ongoing state of zombieness doesn’t help the problem either. I think someone is going to have to take Chris out to look at the flowers like Lizzy on The Walking Dead.  That somebody might just be his Dad.

Alicia and Elena

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Alicia decides its time to leave the security of her hotel room. She has seen the zombies outside her room through the peep hole, so escaping is not going to be easy. It actually was a lot worse then expected. She isn’t ready for the magnitude of zombies and ends up having to jump into an open elevator shaft and hanging from the steel cables. An unknown woman saves her from plummeting to her death. Then the same woman puts an axe to her neck and demands that Alicia tell her where HE is. The woman is Elena, the wedding planner that locked up the people in the hall.

Alicia doesn’t know this HE. But Elena is adamant that Alicia is working with some other people who have taken her nephew Hector. They head into the hotel room and Alicia explains her current situation and gives this basket case an ultimatum. Elena needs to help Alicia escape the hotel floor so she can look for her own family (Madison, Strand, Ofelia), and then they can worry about Hector.

The plan is as reckless as everything I’ve ever seen on this show. For newbies, this group takes a lot of risks that Rick and company would have never thought about on The Walking Dead, this early in the game.

Alicia bangs on the wall grabbing the attention of the walkers and leads them into the hotel room. She locks herself into the balcony and waits for Elena to signal that she is going into the other room. The signal is not an obvious one. She just shows up at the hotel room door and walks away. Elena could have walked off and left Alicia to deal with the undead, who start breaking the sliding glass door. But soon after, Elena appears at the adjoining balcony with a blanket. Alicia almost falls about a million flights trying to tight rope walk on a ledge, holding on to the blanket for support.

Rescuing Madison

Alicia and Elena head downstairs and find the banquet room where the wedding took place. It also leads to where Madison and Strand were having their drinks. When they reach the bar room, it’s been closed off and the zombies are climbing each other trying to break out. Elena suggests the room is blocked off because they managed to escape.. But I think Alicia truly felt that her mom was in there in zombie form.

 Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10
Infected – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Before the two could investigate, a group of people show up with Hector as hostage. They hate Elena and want the keys to the hotel. These are the remnants of the wedding party. They are livid that Elena locked the banquet room and left them to die.

There has been some heated debate on Elena’s actions the night of the wedding. The fact is that it was the beginning of the zombie apocalypse and no one knew what this disease really was. She panicked and locked everyone in the room to ensure the safety of everyone else in the hotel. Little did she know that there was no safety for anyone anywhere. Truthfully, there was enough time to escort the guests out, leaving the dad zombie and bitten bride locked up in the room.

But then they wouldn’t have had much food and supplies to survive. These zombie problems are some hard moral busters, I tell you.

Alicia tells Elena to hand over the keys. After Elena gets Hector back, Alicia opens the door to the zombies, looking for her mom. Alicia eyes a blonde zombie that could have been Madison looking back at her. She knows she’s not wearing her clothes but theres a sense of desperation in her that makes her give in to believing her mom is gone.

Elena, knower of all things in the hotel, guides Alicia to an underground tunnel. The zombies are right on their backs, unfortunately. When they reach the end, they run right into Madison and Strand. The relief that Madison must have felt, must have been beyond joyous.

Where will Madison, Alicia, and the others do now? They can’t continue to wait for Nick in the hotel. What will Travis do about his son whose mental state is declining? There are flowers he can lead him to, you know.

And is this Ofelia’s current status: via GIPHY

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