A Walkthrough of Chalky’s War- Boardwalk Empire season 4 episode 10 White Horse Pike

This is going to be easy

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Last season, Nucky Thompson feared for his life at the hands of Gyp Rossetti. This time, it’s Chalky White is being hunted. This week’s episode of Board Walk Empire is titled: White Horse Pike. With no back up from Nucky, Chalky goes after Dr. Narcisse with a group of his men and shoots up one of Narcisse’s establishments. Dr. Narcisse is inside. Unfortunately, Narcisse ducks for cover and only a few of his men are shot. Narcisse is able to shoot Chalky on his way out. Chalky initiates a slippery slope down the road of war with a man that may have more power then him.


Dr. Narcisse no longer wants to casually push Chalky out of his political standings. He now wants him dead. He shows up at Nucky’s doorstep clamoring for Chalky’s life because he took the lives of 3 of his men.

It seems that Nucky doesn’t want to get involved in Chalky and Narcisse’s battle, but its all a front. He is still on Chalky’s side hoping that Narcisse will see him as a backstabbing friend that is all about business, showing his true colors at a time of need. Nucky informs Chalky that he doesn’t want a war but he’ll deal with it if that’s what its come to.

Dr. Valentin Narcisse Boardwalk Empire White Pike

To make matters worse, Narcisse has struck a heroine deal with Masseria. This forces Nucky to make an agreement that heroine can be transported along with his liquor for a cut. Narcisse includes Chalky’s life in the deal. Nucky accepts.

My first reaction was to believe that Nucky had turned on Chalky because of Masseria’s political presence. What he doesnt want is to go to war with Masseria. He doesn’t like Narcisse as much as Chalky does, but he knows that Narcisse’s connections could leave him fighting an extended battle. But shortly afterward, Nucky calls Mayor Bader in an attempt to escort Chalky safely out of the city.

Unfortunetly, Bader is on Narcisse’s payroll and Chalky and Daughter are almost killed by two of his guards.

chalky white and daughter

At the closing of this episode, we see Nucky preparing for an all out war with a slew of men congregating at his headquarters. Narcisse is waiting impatiently at the Onyx club hoping that he will see Chalky’s return. Chalky’s daughter and son pick this day, out of all days, to visit their fathers club.

Dr. Valentin Narcisse and Chalky White's Daughter Boardwalk Empire White Pike

Now Narcisse has Chalky’s kids and knows who they are. Will Narcisse use them as leverage to get Chalky or will he impose his revenge on them to spite Chalky?

Does Chalky think that Nucky set up the 2 guards that tried to kill him? Does he no longer trust him?

Source: All images are screenshots of HBO series Boardwalk Empire

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