Biggest Game of Thrones betrayals. Tyrion’s not the only one

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Game of Thrones betrayals are a dime a dozen. Tyrion’s trial for the alleged murder of Joffrey has to be one of the biggest displays of betrayal on GOT. Every person Tyrion had spoken with quoted him with murderous suggestions. Not only was Tywin happily allowing this progression to a guilty verdict and possible death, the love of his life, Shae, lied at the stand to guarantee he would lose the trial. His only ally seems to be his brother Jaime.

And since GOT mimics real-life wars and human cruelty, there is a lot more betrayal and vengeance going around then anyone can believe existed in our history books. (But it did!) These are my picks for the top Game of Thrones betrayals in the past four seasons. And remember, keep your enemies close and your friends closer!

4. Bealish betrays Ned Stark

Lord Baelish’s betrayal of Ned Stark was major because of all of the consequences that followed for the Stark family. Everyone understood that Baelish had a thing for Cat Stark and it was no great surprise that he would want to rid himself of his competition.


3. Visery’s Golden Crown

This one was more justice then an actual betrayal. Since it was long overdue, it was also very satisfying. Especially since Viserys was willing to threaten his unborn nephew in his complete arrogance. Khal Drogo “crowning” his brother-in-law as he requested was priceless.


2.Eddard Starks Death

The death of one of the humblest and noblest characters of the series left audiences in awe. How could they kill a man that was guilty of no real crime? But they did. All of that Lannister arrogance led to the betrayal of an innocent man and no one intervened.

1. The Red Wedding Lord Frey & Roose Bolton

Nothing is ever going to top the betrayals of all betrayals. Rob Stark was pardoned for breaking his promise to Walder Frey and things were suppose to move on. However, Walder had other plans. Bolton had his eye on Winterfell all along and sided against his sworn friends of the north to get dibs on the land. If you can’t trust your allies, then who can you trust?

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