American Horror Story is keeping us guessing

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One of the shows I’m most excited for this fall season is American Horror Story. Though I have no idea what I’m excited about. The creators of the show decided that this season’s theme would be a complete mystery. American Horror Story promos have been depicting very different places, time periods, and beings. The catch is that only one of  them is based on the real thing. FX network Ceo John Landgraf says there can only be one true American Horror story promo that has the real theme, all the others are misdirects. The amount of promos stacked up so far, will have us guessing till the premiere.

All of the different themes, that seem to be made up of reject ideas and possible future seasons, are incredibly creepy. I’m quite excited about all of them–except for the aliens. I feel that we already covered aliens, although briefly, in AHS Asylum. And since I’m notorious for winning the bad luck championship, it is more then likely that Aliens will end up being it. Two of the American Horror Story promos feature alien related imagery.

FX is also running a fun sweepstakes where you win a Mercedes Benz if you can guess the season theme here.

We will officially find out the real mckoy on September 14th.

American Horror Story Promos for Season 6:

Sunset Stroll
Isolated house in Wheat fields
Silenthill-like crawler in the mist
The Shadow
Tooth Wind Chimes- Maybe a reference to the Tooth Fairy?

Alien Abduction at Campsite
Swamp thing 50’s vibe

Hay people and Scythe carrying girl
Crop Circles
No Idea What this is
Experimental Surgery?
Millipede walking on woman’s face
Monster baby and killer mobile
The people under the stairs


Source: AHS Official / FX AHS Twitter: @AHSFX

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