Whose the Baddest Witch? Last weeks ep “The Sacred Taking”

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Last episode of American Horror Story, Cordelia decides that she is done with the good witch life and plots the death of her supreme mother, Fiona. I think we all know that Fiona, who is progressively getting weaker, is not going to go out so easily.


Cordelia’s team to take out the supreme are the student witches, Misty Day, and Myrtle Snow. Yes, Myrtle Snow has recuperated successively in Misty Day’s swamp mud piles from being burned at the stake. Misty Day returns with Myrtle to the coven because there is a witch hunter that tried to attack her with a shotgun at her cozy shack in the swamps and she needs refuge.

Madison teasing Fiona
Madison teasing Fiona

Madison is the first to approach Fiona, taunting her with the fact that she is still alive. Madison pretends to be the next supreme and suggests that Fiona end her life with a bottle of pills.

Myrtle Snow revived.
Myrtle Snow revived.

Next, Myrtle Snow approaches Fiona. Yet another one of Fiona’s victims that is alive and well. Myrtle maps out the rest of Fiona’s life of decaying and implies that the Axeman will soon become tired of watching her waste away into death and leave her completely alone. To the surprise of everyone, Fiona makes her resting place requests and ingests the bottle of pills.

Once Fiona wakes up into the world of undead, she sees Spaulding. Spaulding explains to her that he was killed by the young witches of the coven and as a ghost he has seen everything. He refuses to let the woman that he adores give up her life because of these new witches, so he gives her a spoonful of liquid to make her throw up the pills.

American Horror Story refuses to give us the satisfaction of killing any one permanently. Fiona is alive and still looking to find out who the supreme is. But this time, she is very interested in the swamp witch that Spaulding said has the power of resurgence aka Misty Day. Why Misty? Because Fiona sees such a powerful witch being a supreme and she is still on her rampage to remove all of her competition.

Who is the next supreme of the coven?

The most obvious choice would be Zoe. She has to have some other significance other than killing men with her Vag. Plus, she has some super power that we are all clueless about that kicks in whenever it feels like it.

Misty Day: I don’t believe Misty Day will be the next supreme, although Cordelia believes she will because of her power of resurgence. Misty Day is a free spirit that should be dancing around  the open forest to Stevie Nick’s songs. She should not be stuck in a house running a bunch of student witches. It’s too organized and confining for such a free person.

Queenie: Realizing that Fiona did not truly believe that she would be the next supreme, but intentionally filled her head with delusions of grandeur, Queenie sees Marie as her only true supporter. Madison and Zoe find her and try to get her to come back to the coven, but Queenie was happily extracting the heart of a homeless man known for raping young girls, the heart of an evil man needed for a potion to make her stronger. It doesn’t look like Queenie will have any luck against the powers the coven possess (against Zoe especially), regardless of what this potion can do for her.

Madison: Since she was successfully murdered, it looks like Madison is out of the running for supreme. Her only lot in life is sharing Kyle with Zoe. Unfortunately, Kyle has learned to speak, more like a caveman than actual speech, and has expressed to Zoe that he loves her. Maybe Madison was better off dead.

Nan: Health has something to do with becoming a supreme. Because of that, everyone has already written off Nan as not being a possibility.

Marie Laveau: The Voodoo queen has no intentions to be the supreme of any coven. She has her own voodoo ways and is content in her place. The queen of the Voodoo people.  The only thing she enjoys, other than finishing off the coven, is torturing Madam Delphine, for all the years of torture she caused her people. So to kill two birds with one stone, she mails the decapitated head of Madam Delphine to the coven, as a warning. (Don’t worry shes immortal, so her head is still alive)

Buckle up, it seems the war between the Voodoo Priestesses and the Coven will begin soon.

image source: screenshots at FXNetworks AHS

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