The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks American Horror Story Ep10

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Long before this episode aired, the buzz was out that Stevie Nick’s was guest appearing. Stevie Nicks’ relevance is tied to Misty Day, the hippy swamp witch’s obsession with Fleetwood Mac’s lead singer, as the ultimate white witch. For reasons I can only imagine have to be rooted in some form of selfishness, Fiona arranged for Stevie Nicks to appear at the Coven, causing Misty Day to faint and drop like a bag of potatoes.


Before we dwell on Misty’s big day, lets recap a little on the important parts from the midseason finale that will be affecting the future of AHS:

  • Queenie shot herself in the mouth to kill Hank and save Marie Lavaeu.
  • As the only survivor, Marie Lavaeu left her voodoo coven and was accepted by Fiona, her nemesis.
  • Hank’s father, the leader of Delphi, lost his only son to witches.
  • Luke was killed by his mother.


Marie Lavaeu’s vendetta against the witches she is now living with, is in her past, for the time being. The new name of the game is survival and she has no allies. We discover that Marie Lavaeu’s immortality was not a mere spell or witchy genetic luck. She sold her soul to Papa Legba, a voodoo spirit. Papa shows up to her new home and requests that she keep her yearly end of the bargain. He likes innocent souls, so Marie has been providing him with one infant a year. The first year she gave him her own.

Papa Legba Marie Laveau The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks American Horror Story

Marie Laveau makes a pit stop at the local nursery, to pick up a new born for her immortality tab. With a couple of flicks of her tongue and a eye roll, she is able to get through security and bring home a young new sacrifice.

After sharing this information with Fiona, Fiona is desperate to find out how she can obtain the same immortality. And since Fiona has no heart, she is willing to sacrifice whatever number of children, adults, animals, trees, wildlife, in order to live as long as she possibly can. Marie tells her how to conjure Papa Legba as she puts together some of her voodoo recipes. Marie had to whip something up because Fiona passes out, since she’s becoming weaker due to the presence of a supreme.

Marie and Fiona The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks American Horror Story Ep10

It’s so sweet to see Fiona and Marie getting along. After spending the entire season trying to kill each other.

Fiona conjures Papa Legba and tells him she is a supreme and how great it would be to work with him (an overall great interview.) But when Papa Legba takes her offer, he quickly tells her the deal is off because she has no soul. Not much of a surprise, since Fiona acts like someone who doesn’t have a soul, but she doesn’t seem to know how she became soulless.

Speaking of soulless, Marie tells Fiona and Cordelia that Hank was a witch hunter hired by her to kill them. Instead of Fiona pointing out her childish “I told you so” on knowing Hank’s ill intentions, she smacks Cordelia into next week. I mean, she knocked the girl right off her seat for being weak and blind. It probably would have been more rude if Cordelia was still blind, nonetheless it was still hurtful.

Cordelia googles Hank (yes, this is apparently a witches main resource) and finds out the details of her father in law, CEO of Delphi. Cordelia tells Fiona and Marie that the witch hunting organization is located near by in Atlanta.


Fiona and Marie embark on a mice maze spell? As we watch the mice in the maze, the employees at Delphi are going just as crazy running around, because the FBI has infiltrated their headquarters. The spell’s goal is to weaken Hank’s father so they can eventually get rid of him.


Fiona flaunts Stevie Nicks visitation as a celebration of Misty Day being the next supreme. The dumbest and most self centered witch of all, Madison, is upset that Misty Day is a candidate and she isn’t. She no longer has the heart murmur that kept her from being a candidate prior to dying and like everyone else, she is obsessed with becoming a supreme.


Misty is just in love with listening to Stevie Nicks sing Rhiannon and her other hits in the living room of the coven. Stevie gives her one of her shawls and Misty twirls herself into dizzy abandonment.

Madison offers to buy Misty lunch. A lunch date that consists of one shish kabob is already suspicious. As they eat their kabobs, they follow a New Orleans marching band during a funeral procession. When they reach the cemetery, Madison explains that she doesn’t need Misty Day because her own powers have increased and she shows her by reviving the man that was being buried. She then says all she wants to be is friends.


This is when the sirens start blaring in your ears. Madison is a miniature Fiona, more selfish and self consumed then any other witch in existence and she wants to be friends? Yea right! Then she tells Misty to get rid of the shawl because Stevie must be giving them out like hot cakes to fans and why would she want to be living in the shadow of another witch? More sirens go off in my head, but Misty takes off the shawl and tries to dump it in the empty casket. (The revived old man is now walking around aimlessly in the cemetery, completely lost and confused while his family is partying it up  with the marching band.)

Madison takes this time to hit Misty over the head with a brick, closes the casket, and has the workers dig Misty into a grave.Come on Misty, you should have known that Madison is always up to no good!

Nan goes to visit Luke and finds out he’s dead. She and Zoe give his mother a visit, who forgets that Nan is clairvoyant, so she’s going to figure out that she’s the one that killed Luke. Nothing of interest happens there.


Until, Nan discovers the baby that Marie Laveau has hidden in her armoire.  After a brief argument regarding the fact that Nan knows that Marie intends to kill the baby, Nan admits that her powers are so powerful that she was able to mentally make Luke’s mom chug some chlorine. (Finally, Luke’s mother is done with, and hopefully, she will remain dead) So Nan feels she can kill whoever she wants, including Marie.


Marie is amused and Fiona barges in and forces Nan to give back the baby. Nan also believes she can be the supreme and flaunts it. Her mental ability is stronger and she is able to make others do her bidding with just a thought. Her most impressive show of power is not killing Luke’s mom, but when she makes Madison turn out a cigarette and stick into her a Vagina. Lucky for Madison, Zoe was able to intervene before she burnt off her lady part.

But Marie and Fiona, see Nan as an innocent, that they shouldn’t worry about too much. Until it clicks, she’s an innocent that can be sacrificed to Papa Legba instead of this new born baby.So they both take Nan to a tub filled with water and drown her.


Papa Legba isn’t happy that the innocent isn’t as innocent as a newborn child. After all, Nan just killed Luke’s mom and she isn’t a stranger to being a bad ass. He takes Nan’s spirit with him and she is relieved that she won’t have to be dealing with the Coven shenanigans anymore. (Her sprit chucked a deuce)

R.I.P Nan


So after a long day of arguing, making discoveries, and killing people, the coven takes some down time, including Fiona. Who could blame Fiona for being so exhausted, after a long day of being self concerned and deceptive, it can take a toll on anyone. So she slumps into the sofa in the living room….where Stevie Nicks is still playing? WHYYY??


While Stevie Nicks continues to play for eternity, lets take a look at what we need to know for next time.

  • Madison mentions the possibility of Queenie being alive, but no one looks into this. Can she be making a come back?
  • Delphi CEO and Hank’s father, seemed to know that his FBI problems may be coming from something. Will he strike against the coven next?
  • Is Misty Day dead? I doubt it. But the idea is still on the table since she was placed in a casket and buried.
  • Will anyone bring back Nan?
  • The powers of both Nan and Madison became more advanced, if there can be only one supreme, whats going on with that?
  • Who in the blazes is the supreme? We are losing them one by one over here

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