Till the Last Witch Burns? American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 5 Burn, Witch, Burn

Someone's frying

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The fifth episode of season 4 of American Horror Story, titled Burn Witch, Burn, teaches us all a big lesson on what happens to witches that are up to no good. There seems to be a lot of mischief happening in this episode from witches and non-witches, alike.  However, only one witch felt the burn and she wasn’t necessarily the worst of the bunch.

Till the last witch burns?

Fiona American Horror Story Coven


The supreme witch has been doing dirt since day one. We got a glimpse into her softer side as she comes to her daughter, Cordelia’s aide after her face is burned with acid. She confronts her daughters husband, letting him know that he’s worthless and he will not be supporting his wife and almost leaves the doctor with a head injury, after she is told that Cordelia is blind. Fiona even gains extra brownie points by reviving a still-born infant for a grieving mother.

She exposes Myrtle Snow to the council as the hooded figure that threw acid in her daughters face and proves that Myrtle has been in the neighborhood way before the council ever arrived, plotting against Fiona. Fiona even has the honor of setting Myrtle Snow on fire (Burn Witch) for throwing acid at Cordelia.  With all that being said, Fiona is still looking for the next supreme to take, whoever she is, out. Conveniently, she’s failed to mention to anyone that she killed Madison.


Hank Foxx

Cordelia’s husband is amung the two-faced on the show. Living a double life, he is the supportive caring husband at home and a sexual beast and murderer, out of his marriage. His last fling ended with him shooting the girl in the head. What he doesn’t realize is that since his wife is now blind, she has inner sight, and when he touches her at the hospital, she is able to see everything that he has been up to. Wonder what his fate is going to be now.


Madam Delphine LaLaurie

Well, we all know Madam Delphine is beyond evil but this episode exposes the extent of her wickedness towards her daughters. Apparently she would scare off their suitors with bowls of slave eyes and intestines, claiming that they would have to be able to stomach the experiences of her torture chamber in order to be eligible suitors. Bonquita’s prospect makes a beeline for the exit. The daughters plot killing their mom after they realize they are going to be alone for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, Madam Delphine catches wind of this and drags her girls out of bed that night to spend the next year in the horror chamber and apparently eating shit for Christmas.



No one knows about Spaulding’s extracurricular activities, which are pretty psycho. Spaulding is up in his attic spraying febrile on his night gown to cover the stench of Madison’s rotting body. It’s unclear how long he intends to keep his rotting play doll but his new problem is that he accidentally broke off her arm.


Marie Lavaeu

Marie is out to get the witches of the coven. She has been working hard on her voodoo to bring up the dead. Her army of zombies is out to kill on her orders. Zoe manages to chainsaw all of the zombies except for one big bald one. Somehow she manages to summon a power that kills the zombie and knocks Marie out of her voodoo levitating phase. Marie has a new challenge on her quest to kill the witches.

witch burn

Myrtle Snow –  Burn Witch

Myrtle feels the consequence of throwing acid at Cordelia’s face in an attempt to set Fiona up. The council sentences her to a good old fashion witch burning. After being doused with gasoline, Fiona’s cigarette sets the witch to blaze. But all isn’t done for Myrtle. Lucky for her, Misty Day discovers her burned body and revives her.  It looks like this witch is still in the running.


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