American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare: Chapter 2

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American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare: Chapter 2

Lee has a problem and I’m not talking about anything related to prescription drug use or alcohol. I’m not even talking about the fact that she’s living in her brothers haunted atrocity of a house. That woman doesn’t have common sense of another kind. Lee lost her job when she was in her prime and now is living in a house filled with demons, ghosts, and Blair witches and such–but she still thinks it’s a good idea to have her young daughter come over to Roanoke?

In what galaxy is this real?

The girls father has full custody and I’m glad about that. A woman who doesn’t have the right mind to realize that she is in no place to have a child around her, is surely lacking in the brain area. Chapter 2 of My Roanoke nightmare is all about how Lee F-ed up decisions regarding her daughter.

american horror story roanoke chapter 2


Flora and Lee - American Horror Story RoanokeFlora and Lee – Image Source: FX

Even with all of these facts at hand, Lee has her husband bring around Flora, her daughter, so that she can see her. After being in the house for what seems like a small amount of time, Lee witnesses her daughter speaking to thin air. And when she asks her who she is talking to and why, Flora says shes speaking to a little girl named Priscilla. Priscilla told Flora that she would make her a bonnet like her own if she helps her stop all of the blood.

A glass vase with flowers falls off the window sill at this moment. When Lee checks on the vase, she finds a bonnet next to the broken glass.

If these people don’t leave…

So Lee is not going to call her husband and say she changed her mind? I can’t understand. Why? But I’m not going to talk trash about how incredulous these characters are this season. I know It’s hard to believe that this family is remaining in this house because they stay even after all of the mystical evidence. But technically, this is us today. We are living in a world that won’t believe anything science can’t prove. Except me–I’d run at the first sight of anything.

Shelby thinks Lee is out of her mind, the same way I do. Since the last chapter, Lee is back to thinking Shelby is an exaggerator. This is how she feels though she witnessed the Blair witch twigs and self opening doors. sigh. Matt has finally realized this house is haunted but in this recession and the way his bank account is set up, he is not willing to lose his life savings. And I know what your thinking, that is not a good enough excuse, but in this economy…



Bonfire Barbeque

Pig Bon Fire - American Horror Story Roanoke Image Source: FX

That night, Matt and Shelby wake up to the sound of a pig screaming. Shelby wants to go outside to confront whatever. Shelby is blindly bold and has been incredibly lucky. In a Wes Craven film she would have died in the first five minutes. Matt is not going to let her go out there alone, so Matt and Shelby head out into the woods with flashlights. Shelby was out there like a lunatic asking the unknown to show themselves.

Within seconds, Matt and Shelby are separated and unable to hear each other scream. I mean they had to be literally paces away from each other. Then a huge pig comes running past Matt. I love pigs so I’m highly offended that pigs are a huge part of the scary stuff in this season.


Matt and Shelby meet up at a an open bon fire with pieces of hanging pig? flesh cooking. I think. On the top is a decapitated pig head. They call the cops, and this time, there is actual physical evidence that is undeniable. Shelby has acquired a reputation for being delusional at the Roanoke PD. This is the first time they have something to look at. The officer offers twenty-four seven surveillance in the form of a squad car in their driveway.


Well, it was about time they received police protection. Matt thinks now they can sleep because he thinks that everything going on in the house is related to something outside.  Not all of it is. In the middle of the night, Matt wakes up to pick up a ringing phone. An old woman is weakly asking him for help because THEY are hurting her. When Matt looks at the phone cord, he realizes its been cut. Would this be his final straw? Not at all.

Margaret - American Horror Story RoanokeImage Source: FX

Matt walks towards some light down the hall and into a full change of scenery. Two nurses are standing by an old lady in a hospital bed. The same old woman that was on the phone. The nurses are trying to get  her to take her medicine and the poor thing is scared.  Matt is demanding to know whats going on and the scene is playing on as if he’s not even there. The nurses tell their patient Margaret that her responses are back talk and then shoot her right in the head. Brains splattered across the wall.

While Matt has a conniption, the nurses laugh hysterically and spray-paint the letter M on the wall. Because M is for Margaret. Not my idea of good healthcare. I mean Matt almost died of pure shock. By the time the policeman outside came into the house, there was nothing to show him. Shelby and Lee stood there as Matt looked as delusional as his wife.

Hide and Go Seek

And with all that in their faces, Lee still had her daughter in that house. Flora was hiding in the house the next day for her parents to find her. Lee’s husband had come by to pick her up. As soon as she said the child was somewhere in the bowels of Amityville’s spawn, I wanted to go through the TV and choke Lee. You let your child play hide and seek in a haunted house? Whats wrong with you!

They found Flora safe and sound in a closet. Flora said they interrupted her while she was offering her doll to Priscilla. And she tells her parents that she wanted to see if the gift would stop Priscilla from killing all of them. Because Priscilla said she was going to kill them all and Flora would be last. You know, out of courtesy.

Lee’s husband took his daughter out of there so fast. He accused Lee of having some involvement in what the little girl was saying, which is wrong. He left almost flying. That’s more then we can say about these folks in the house.


Lee got drunk as soon as possible. There goes her however many days of being sober. When Matt and Shelby find her she looks like a typical out of balance drunk. Also, there are multiple knives in the ceiling. I’m positive they had nothing to do with her. Matt and Shelby put Lee to bed, and sometime later the nurses we saw killing Margaret appear at Lee’s bedside. They looked just like the twins from The Shining. Lee is drunk enough to believe she is hallucinating too.

She gets up from the bed feeling like someone is watching her. This leads her to the hallway where she sees cut off pig tails covered in blood and hammered to the wall. They were squirming too. But Lee wiped her eyes and it went away. What’s with the pigs?

The Tenant – The Roanoke House History

Matt and Shelby Video - American Horror Story Roanoke

Image Source: FX

Matt and Shelby end up seeing Priscilla standing outside. Shelby even asks Matt if they both see her– just to make sure. Priscilla leads them to an outdoor cellar and disappears.

In the cellar there is another home made movie. It’s by the same guy that recorded the last movie and apparently, he was the last tenant of this house. This video clarifies so much. The man complains that the forces within the house had forced him to move into the cellar.

He says that after the first tenants of the house, there was a period of fifteen years in which the house was vacant. Then a couple and their two kids moved in and they left as fast as they got in. This attracted the attention of two nurses looking to open an assisted living home. They weren’t just looking for old people who needed care, but old people that had families that were tired of caring for them.

They determined their patients by the first letter of their name. They wanted to be able to spell their favorite word. And when they had a patient living with them, they would kill them and spray paint the letter of their name after they died on the wall. Their favorite word was MURDER and if your wondering how this guy knows all this, he found a diary.

Just when the nurses were about to reach their final letter, another super natural force interrupted the nurses. When families began to complain about being unable to phone their seniors, the police went in to investigate. They didn’t find anything that belonged to the nurses except the unfinished word on the wall – MURDE.

Later, the owners found that if you painted the wall where the word was, it would reappear on the wall. So they used wallpaper to cover it. They tried to make the house presentable so someone would buy it.

The man decides to confront the house and returns with his video cam. He tells the spirits or whatever they are to come out. The house is quiet as he looks around and then something comes out of a room and the cam goes dead.

Matt remembered his vision with Margaret and how the letter M was sprayed on the wall behind her. He goes to the same room and removes the wallpaper and finds the word: MURDE.

Matt and Shelby go back to the lawyer with the premise that they were deceived into the house. It seems that they are financially locked into staying there.

I would have been proudly homeless.

Flora’s Sweater.

Flora Yellow Sweater - American Horror Story Roanoke

Image Source: FX

So dingbat Lee decides that she’s going to sneak her daughter over. Lee knows that her husband would and could, call the authorities and strip of her parental visiting rights. This woman is hardheaded. And again, it only took five minutes. Flora sees Priscilla at the window and next thing you know, none of them can find her.

Matt and Shelby search the front law and woods. They discover Flora’s yellow sweater at the very top of a tree. Not just any tree. This tree is so high and thin at the end, you know a person didn’t put it up there.


WHAT in the blazes is Lee going to do now? Her husband is going to bring down the law on her hard. Not to mention that now we have no idea if her daughter is even alive.

I would have moved. Anybody for team homeless? comment below or message me so we can talk American Horror Story.

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