American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare -Chapter 1

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The first episode of American Horror Story Season 6 finally revealed this season’s theme. American Horror Story Roanoke is the new topic. The creators have been stringing fans along with faux promos. Only one of the promos was said to be the right one. You can read more about that here. Those who were ambitious about their guesses had the opportunity to put in their prediction on the official website for a chance to win a Mercedes Benz. I did not win the Benz–Hell, I wasn’t even close to even knowing which promo was the right one.

This was the winning promo:

Instead of crying about my losses, I will delve right into the recap of the episode. But don’t worry about me I didn’t really need a Mercedes Benz.


 American Horror Story Roanoke

American Horror Story Roanoke

My Roanoke Nightmare – Chapter 1

It begins with an advisory: based on a true story. That in itself was enough to scare viewers into hiding in the closet.

It took me a minute to understand what was going on because the episode started with a very different approach. Instead of an expected story unfolding, this season looks like it belongs on the Identification discovery channel. Actors tell a story in reality tv style confessionals while other actors reenact the story.

The story goes that Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (André Holland) were a couple living in sunny Los Angeles. Shelby is played by Sarah Paulson and Matt by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the re-enactment. Shelby is a yoga instructor and Matt is in pharmaceutical sales. They are the idolized couple, especially when Shelby becomes pregnant and they realize they are going to start a family.

Matt gets beat up by a gang and almost loses his life. This leads Shelby to have a miscarriage and they both decide that Los Angeles is not where they want to spend their lives anymore. Matt decides that they will move to North Carolina because his sister and mother live there. They find a huge home built in 1792 on Roanoke island off the coast of North Carolina. They swore they weren’t going to be able to afford it but walked away with a few acres of land included and a dirt cheap price.

The bells should be ringing now. But they aren’t. Why is this hulk of a house so cheap?


You’ll have to excuse my inner voice of common sense, I digress. The couple moves to Roanoke and everything is dandy except for the fact that the actual place looks ancient and is falling apart.

Shelby is home alone when she hears the clattering of what sounds like hail beating on the windows and roof. She steps outside and finds that it is raining teeth. Pause for effect.

Her husband isn’t phased, because you know, human teeth on your lawn is surely a part of the the towns charm. Then Matt goes away on a trip. Shelby, who has admitted in her confessional that she wasn’t too fond of the house or the raining teeth, decides that she’s going to have a relaxing soak in the out door hot tub–at night.


While Shelby is soaking in the tub, some wild looking folks try to drown her. They push her down in the water and they disappear before she could drown. She calls Matt and the police. The police don’t find any traces of foot prints or of anyone being on the property. They think Shelby’s imagination is running wild. Matt thinks that it may be a group of local racists that have an issue with their biracial relationship.

Either way, there are no plans to move. sigh. The activity in the house picks up after that. Matt is always out of town and Shelby is even hearing the wooden window shutters banging. Matt decides to have his sister stay with Shelby while he’s in and out on his trips.

Lee isn’t too fond of her brothers yoga instructor wife, but has larger problems in her own life she should be concentrating on. Lee was up for detective when she found herself with a pill problem. During one of her highs she makes a mess of an investigation and they discover that she’s been on pills. She went to rehab and now abstains from drugs and alcohol, to be safe. But as Lee tells Shelby, she may not be an officer of the law anymore, but she’s still packing. The most comforting realization thus far.

Lee and Shelby’s first night without Matt starts off on the wrong foot. While Shelby is cutting up vegetables for dinner, she hears something in the hallway. She leans her head over to look and when she comes back, the kitchen knife isn’t on the table anymore. She finds it stabbed into the meat on the stove.

Lee enters and they have an argument because Shelby thinks that Lee is the one who did it. She’s the only in the house, right? Shelby ends up drinking from her glass of wine probably to take a breather and Lee looks like the temptation is just about to kill her. I was waiting for the drool to slide down her mouth but it never happened.

Lee asks Shelby not to drink infront of her. She does it kindly, very aware that she’s not in her own house. Shelby takes no offense. That night when Lee’s about to go to bed an empty bottle of wine rolls its way into her room. And that starts fight number 2. Lee accuses Shelby of playing with her addiction problems by rolling an empty bottle into her room. Shelby says she didn’t do it and that she didn’t finish the bottle, which leaves Lee as the only person who could have drank it. No one is leaving someone or something else as an option.

Then they both hear as a door opens on it’s own down the hall. Shelby and Lee open the door and go into the basement together.


I’ll tell you one thing. These writers have the reality of people with no common sense on target. Lee and Shelby are lucky that the only thing waiting for them in the basement is a home video playing on a tv. Granted, the video is creep status. It’s of a man running in the woods from someone. Then you see a pig man hybrid thing. Have no idea what it means.

Then the lights go off in the house and by the time Lee and Shelby make it out the stairs, the house is covered in the stick figures from blair witch hanging from the ceiling. Matt watches the video when he gets back. He thinks its the hill billies. Shelby finally starts acting like she wants to leave. But nobody packed.

Shelby ends up driving at night and hitting a woman in the street. The woman is Kathy Bates dressed like she stole an outfit from her character in Coven. Bates gets up off the floor and dusts herself off like getting hit by car was of no concern. The concerned Shelby tries to help Kathy Bates and calls out to her. But Kathy runs right into the woods. Shelby runs after her in the pitch dark woods at night.


Shelby runs until she is completely lost in the woods. She can’t say my twitter timeline didn’t warn her because all of twitter was in an uproar over her naiveté. Shelby walks right into hanging blair witch stick figures. And for the first time, possibly a little too late, she shows some sense when she begins to run. Shelby trips and falls. No comment. She notices there is a rumbling coming from the ground.

Shelby gets up and begins to run but notices that a group of people, some with torches, are closing in on her. One of them is a recently scalped man that is screaming for dear life. Shelby screams and that’s the end of the episode.

I need more info these people left me in the dark with this one. Lady gaga, Evan peters, and the rest of the usuals were not introduced. But I was not as up in arms over it, being that this first episode is just a tasting. I’m sure they will reveal themselves further along in the story.


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