American Horror Story: Hotel Promos may be not what expected

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The new 15 second promos for American Horror Story Hotel are here to remind us that the creepy and haunting series will be back in just a few weeks. From past experience, I already know that these promos are most likely an artistic representation of the form of horror they will be exploring, and not necessarily actual details of the season itself.

American Horror Story Hotel

American Horror Story Hotel promos

For that reason, I know that the eyeless man and the clawed hand, MAY or MAY NOT actually be in the show. Remember the freak show? The commercial, and even the opening credits, featured ghastly clowns and strange “freaks” of nature, that weren’t even present in the actual show.

I could still be wrong. The teasers for American Horror Story: Murder House, featured the patent leather suit that was a part of the story. And there seems to be a theme with the strange silver hand and the ringed claws.


There just might be something in the hand theme hmmm.


The vibe I’m getting from these promos is that there are going to be some very disturbing guests visiting Lady Gaga’s hotel. American Horror Story Hotel may feature some guests from the spiritual world and some ghoulish human beings. I can’t wait!

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