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Heads will Roll

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American Horror Story Coven Epsiode 9 Head

We knew Hank was bad, we just didn’t know why. This week’s episode opened up with a glimpse into Hank’s childhood. His father has taken him on a hunting trip and is coaching him through the nervousness of making a kill for the first time. When the prey stumbles out of the woods, it’s a pale woman reminiscent of the movie The Ring, presumably a witch. Hank hesitates in shooting the woman and she uses her powers to summon a streak of fire that catches on to Hank’s fathers arm. Hank’s father shoots her in the head and reminds Hank that he mustn’t forget what they are. Now we know Hank is a trained witch-hunter, who comes from other witch-hunters, and saw a witch almost take out his father. This is why Hank is the psycho killer he is. Case closed.

Hank and his father american horror story coven  head

Madam Delphine’s Fate

Fiona takes Delphine’s decapitated head for a visit to Marie Laveau’s salon. The visit is to negotiate a partnership against the witch-hunter that has tried to attack Misty day and the coven. What Fiona doesn’t realize is that this witch-hunter is Hank and he was actually hired by Marie Laveau. On that note, Marie brushes off the request with a few insults on weakness and Fiona’s wig, and the supreme is off without an ally. Marie orders Queenie to take Delphine’s head, which won’t stop talking, to the backyard to be burned. Instead, Queenie keeps Delphine’s head in her room to watch a marathon of movies on slavery and freedom, starting with the “Roots”.  She refuses to let racist Delphine go without making some racial impact on her.

Now that Marie has turned down Fiona’s request for help, she gets a guard dog. Why would a house of powerful witches need a guard dog? Probably just to make Fiona feel better. Kyle finds the dog and kills him. Change of plans. Fiona’s new guard dog is Kyle. She makes a few magical changes and Kyle can now speak, coherently, and he can play cards. Because that’s what this coven needs a card-playing, dog killing protector.

Cordelia and her new eyes

cordelia's eyes american horror story coven episode 9 head

Myrtle Snow assures Cordelia that she was not the one that threw acid in her face. Myrtle then invites her old council buddies for a private lunch, with melon balls. This one goes to the top of the list of the strangest luncheons, as the council members are happily laughing and drinking with the woman that they burned at the stake. The melon balls have something that causes them to be paralyzed and Myrtle takes one eye from each council member with her melon scooper. The eyes are given to Cordelia, who is now able to see. However, she has lost her inner sight. The two council members were chopped up by Myrtle and thrown into a vat of acid. Mark this off as Myrtle’s attempt at giving to others.

The Nitty Gritty: Luke and Nan’s Story

Lets get down to the dirty details of what happened this week on American Horror Story: Coven

Nan has been waiting at the hospital to see Luke, who was shot last episode. He is in a coma and on a respirator, being shadowed and protected by his over religious mother. Which brings one very important question to mind: Why in the blazes did Fiona have Misty Day revive this woman?

In any case, Zoe and Madison escort Nan to the foot of Luke’s bed to try to get her some time with her man. Nan can hear Luke’s thoughts and talks to his mother on his behalf, finally convincing her that she is a good person with the gift of clairvoyance and should be able to be near Luke during this difficult time.

Nan and Luke american horror story coven episode 9 head

Unfortunately, Luke has been given some info from God, in his current state, and tells his mom he knows she killed his father.

Luke's Father death american horror story coven episode 9 head

Apparently, Luke’s Dad had an affair and his mom caught him in the act. When he proposed divorce, she put some bees in his car knowing that he was allergic to them. Nan tells the mom this info and is thrown out from his room. At least she got to spend some time with her beau.

Some time later Luke wakes up and tells his mother again that he knows that she killed his Dad. The last we see is his mother covering his face with a pillow.

Luke's Pillow Death  american horror story coven episode 9 head

R.I.P. Luke

You were one of the best looking guys in the cast.

Once again, why did they revive his mother?????

Hank shooting american horror story coven episode 9 head

Hank shoots down the place

Hank’s father is now the head of the witch-hunting organization and the CEO of Delphi Trust. He summons Hank for a chat. But Hank doesn’t hold any titles in his father’s empire. His Dad already has a right hand man. Hank is a low-level employee that collects Intel for them and isn’t even supposed to be killing anyone without their approval.

They reveal they were the ones behind the acid that was thrown at Cordelia for the sake of making it easier for him to let her go. Dad is upset that Hank has been thrown out of the coven house, which was his only purpose for the organization. Dad is also not too proud of his son becoming attached to his witch wife.  Hank tries to move back into the coven, after this encounter, to protect his wife. This time I feel he is truthful. But when he tries, Cordelia announces that she will be filing for divorce.

When Hank reaches home, he gets a dose from his other employer, the Voodoo Queen herself. Marie Laveau takes a voodoo doll and makes the man bleed at several painful points on his body. She wants the witches of the coven dead and he hasn’t pulled his side of the bargain.

Which leaves us to question what choices Hank has:

His dad wants him to be a puppet that will execute his wife when they are finished with the coven.

Marie Lavaeu wants him to execute the coven.

But, he is in love with Cordelia.

So what does Hank do?  He chooses Cordelia.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 1.38.20 AM

He shows up at the Voodoo Queen’s lair and shoots up the place. After killing majority of Marie Laveau’s people, he shoots Queenie right in the stomach. He gets to corner Marie Laveau when Queenie reaches for a near by gun and summons her power of Voodoo doll to shoot herself in the mouth, which causes Hank to fall to his death.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 1.39.09 AM

Marie Laveau as the only survivor goes to the coven she hates so much and Fiona opens the door for her.

What we have to ponder for the next episode:

Did Queenie really die? She is a human voodoo doll. But then again she may have blown her own brains out shooting herself in the mouth. Don’t know how immortal she is when it comes to that.

Is Hank dead? Luke? Lets all remember how many people have been revived in this damn show.

What are your questions for American Horror Story: Coven’s return on January 8th? Comment below or message me here to talk more about Coven

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