Ambitious Season Finale of American Horror Story Asylum

Getting ahead is the name of this game

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Ambition Ambition Ambition! Its been a crazy season of bigger then life themes on American Horror Story: Asylum. And in the end, all that’s left is ambition.

american horror story asylum


The end of season 2 started with Johnny’s vivid hallucinations of his father and mother as he walks into present day Briarcliff. At this point we know he is Lana Winter’s son that was giving away for adoption and we know that his father, Oliver Thredson, was the psychopath serial killer, Bloody face.

And even before he was begging the prostitute he hired last episode for breast milk and maternal love, we all knew that he had inherited the “psychoness.” And we realize that he has been the Bloodyface of present day that we have had glimpses of all season, while we watched Bloody face in 1964 horrifying everyone in Briarcliff. Like father like Son!


Then he eliminates yet another couple that wants to romp in the dirty abandoned asylum to let us know how much like daddy he really is. (What’s with the sex in the asylum? Is that really a turn on?)

Lana takes the stage this episode, so that we can be informed of all the gaps we have been wondering about all season.

Lana is doing well post-Briarcliff. Colossal House. Good looking girlfriend.

She’s in her 60’s and is being interviewed in her massive estate by a reporter.


Lana’s life after the Asylum

Lana’s career has been her source of motivation for most of her actions.  She is the Mama of all ambition. Her present fame is not only because of her book based on her experience at Briarcliff and her relationship with Bloody face, but because she snuck into the asylum with a film crew and exposed the place for the conditions they kept their patients living in.

As Kit suggested last episode, she goes back for Jude. But Jude isn’t at the asylum. She waited too long after she got out to find her. We can see that although she keeps her promise of coming back, she only does so when she can benefit from it, when she can further her career.

Lana releases the video footage of Briarcliff’s conditions to the media and Briarcliff is shut down. Yey!

Even Lana’s visit to see Kit after Briarcliff’s shutdown, is an attempt at getting more exposure.

Kit got Jude out of the Briarcliff after Lana looked like she had no plans of ever looking back at the asylum. Atleast someone cared. Yes, I know Sister Jude was the cause of a lot of the pain in the asylum but her lesson was learned a long time ago.

And when Lana turns to Jude, before Mother Superior Claudia sneaks her out, and says that she’s coming back for her, I believed her. Lana lost points when she decided, after obtaining freedom, that she was going to turn her back to the place that continued to cause others so much pain.

Jude went through detox off the drugs she had been on for so long at the asylum.

Then it was fun loving Jude. Only problem is, she was a little cracked.


She would sometimes have lapses and would threaten the kids and Kit.

“You will address me as sister Jude!”


But they didn’t need to worry about it. The kids walked hand in hand with her into the forest and she never lapses again.

That’s right! Kit’s kids are aliens (or atleast half?)

Unfortunately it didn’t last long for them. Jude’s nose leaked blood during one of her swing dances with Kit’s kids. She lasted 6 months more. She gave the kids her goodbyes when she knew she was going to depart the world.

Her words of advice highlighted Jude’s main regrets:

Never take a job for the money and never let a man make you think that he is better then you.

Nothing but tears here even if she was a cruel woman at one point. And that has been the basis of Jude’s every action. She threw Lana into the Asylum to cover up the secrets that would stop her beloved Monsignor from becoming the cardinal of New York. Everything she did was for him. And in the end, he left her to rot in the asylum while he was well on his way.

Even after he had been crucified by the Santa Claus patient and deflowered by the devil nun, he too sees the way out and never looks back.

Blind ambition in all its glory, and of course, self preservation.

Lana approaches the Monsignor after Briarcliff’s shutdown. He eventually commits suicide cutting his wrists and bleeding into a bathtub full of water.

The consequences of kicking those beneath him on the way to the top.

Back to Lana’s current home and interview, she uses this interview as an opportunity to reveal to the world that she had given birth. We as the audience knew this, but when she wrote her book, she stated that she had had an abortion.

At this point, Johnny has been sitting throughout this interview as part of the crew, in the home of his mother with obvious intentions of hurting her for abandoning him.

Remember when Johnny’s with the prostitute last episode and is quieted by the stroke of her hand across his face?

Lana had visited Johnny when he was around 7 or 8 years old. She defended him against a bully and stroked his face before walking out.

Thats why he likes to be stroked. He has severe mom issues. However, the arousal due to the hand stroke is very oedipal.


Lana and son – The new Bloody Face

Interview Over! Everyones out the house. Lana’s alone. (And we all know Johnny’s has to be lingering somewhere.) But so does Lana.

She calls him out and they have a nice chat.

She knows he’s her son from the moment she sees him. Or atleast that’s what she wants him to think.

In reality, his killing pattern, so similar to the original Bloodyface, has caused the authorities to approach her with his mug shot and she concludes that he has to be her son.

The one on one between Lana and her son Johnny is a give and take about love.

Johnny has latched on to the memory of his father because Dr. Oliver Thredson wanted Lana to have him. And since Lana never came back for the boy, she became the true enemy.

The power in this scene is not in the emotion in Johnny for the love of his parents or the fact that he points a gun at her to blow her brains out, or the way Lana coos her son, even proclaiming, that there is some of herself in him, but in the realization that this is just another lesson in ambition.

POP! Lana shoots her son in the forehead.

We are taken back to the beginning. The lessons Sister Jude taught Lana in her first encounter are what drives her to have the gall to kill her son.

Jude explains that a woman with such grand ambition has to fight big demons, knowing herself of the struggle.

“If you look in the face of evil, evil’s going to look right back at you.”-Sister Jude

Lana is the last man standing.

But was it all worth it?

Now, where are our answers about the aliens?

Last we hear of them, they take Kit with them when he’s dying of pancreatic cancer.

That’s it? I wanted to know more about Kit’s kids and their connection to the aliens.

I wanted to know what their purpose with him was…

But nothing.

I’m looking forward to next season. I’m done with the aliens 🙂

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