5 reasons to watch the upcoming seasons of DareDevil; As if you needed reasons!

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These comic book inspired movies and TV series are really taking over. Either you’re one of those die hard fans that is incredibly baffled at the misrepresentation of everything you know or you’re new to this world and have fallen in love with what you’ve seen thus far, either way, you’re watching every DC Comic and Marvel move out there.

A few weeks ago I finally finished seeing the first season of the Netflix TV series, Daredevil. Say what you will about me, but it took me forever to finally watch the show because of my animosity towards the movie version of Daredevil, featuring Ben Affleck. I’m pretty glad i finally gave in and watched the series, because it’s pretty darn good and very well executed. I kept thinking, “Ohhhh, so this is what the movie should have been like.”  sideeye.

Anywho, I’m enjoying the storyline and Vincent D’onofrio’s portrayal of Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. He’s not a flat character focused on power and just squashing out his nemesis. KingPin is soft spoken, almost caring,  emotionally conflicted and psychologically disturbed, the makings of a very complicated and thorough villain.

Kingpin is infamously known for his connection to Daredevil, so his feature in the show, was definitely in the stars. Viewers were looking forward to Kingpin, as much as they were Daredevil, and that’s because it’s become all about the cameos. Everyone is just dying to see how they will bring about their favorite characters and how accurately they will write them in the storyline. The lure of the last Avengers movie, was the newly added villains, and all the possible bit-part’s featuring secret characters.

Daredevil is probably not going to be any different.  Based on the marvel comic, there are quite a few connections that may have to be represented in the upcoming seasons. The writers are going to have to keep up with these cameos and intertwined stories. If you haven’t been sold on watching Daredevil, take a look at these possible cameos that may sweeten the deal and encourage you to catch up:

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Here are a few links relating to the major hints in the first season of DareDevil that may be pointing towards future Marvel guests: Hypable and MTV

What do you think about Season 1 of DareDevil? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming seasons? Let’s talk! Comment below

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