Up for Discussion: Car Meets Technology; What’s your take on this? Further With Ford 2015

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I’m so excited to announce that I’m currently in San Francisco, CA for Looking Further with Ford 2015 Trends Conference.  Guys, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Ford is looking towards the future on the trends that will impact our society, effecting our quality of life and figuring out solutions to the issues that are of highest concern.

San Francsico: Look at the view! Breathtaking


What does this mean for you? This is an opportunity to get a preview of what the future has in store. Right now, technology is apart of everything we do. We no longer run to the bank to see our balances, we have an app for that. No longer do we call for a cab, because there’s an app for that too. I have an app for just about everything.

Yes, please make my life easier. AM I RIGHT? I need an ice machine and a fridge in my next car!

Everyone can relate to taking advantage of these advances. It’s only logical for the way we mobilize ourselves to follow in these very steps. Ford’s been cooking and they are ready to reveal some of whats been brewing in the kitchen.

I will be taking tours of Ford’s labs in Silicon valley at the heart of innovation. For all my auto aficionados and tech heads, this is the intersection where the auto meets technology. Now, you will be able to admire the framework, gush at what’s under the hood, and appreciate how the car will make life smoother, and still keep the environment in mind,  bringing longevity to mother earth.

Keep checking the blog for updates on these amazing developments straight from Silicon Valley.

What do you think about this captivating concept “CAR meets TECHNOLOGY”?

Thoughts? Comment Below 🙂

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