My Tour of San Francisco with a F150, a Mustang, and a Fusion ; Ford Trends 2015

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Ford model cars San Francisco, California

Ford allowed me to go sight seeing in whatever Ford model car I wanted to get my hands on. I chose the three most coveted rides and set out on my journey through San Francisco. Who knew that I would have such an easy ride, even though I had no idea where I was going. San Francisco is as alien to me as taking a trip to the moon, but I had no problem reaching my destination comfortably. Check out my awesome sight seeing pics below and please do not judge my singing. 🙂


The Painted Ladies- Ford Fusion

I took the Ford Fusion out for a spin to one of the most iconic landmarks of San Francisco, the painted ladies. But I could not help but to sing softly in my head, as I took pictures of them. If you watched Full House as much as I did growing up, then you may have remembered that these houses were in the opening credits of the show, and subsequently, with the theme song in the background.

Enjoy my video below that stars my rendition of the Full House theme song, complete with missing lyrics!

The Painted Ladies San Francisco, California


Ford Fusion Painted Ladies San Francisco, California


Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California- Ford F150

I took the lean mean F150 with me to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I couldn’t believe at how photoshoppingly beautiful the view was. (Yes Phottoshoppingly is a word now. I made it.)

Ford F150 Golden gate Bridge San Francisco, California
Ford F150 Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California


Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Bride F150 San Francisco, California

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.54.07 PMAlcatraz – Ford Mustang

It wouldn’t feel right if I was riding around in Ford cars and not driving a Mustang. I left that baby for last and headed out to check out Alcatraz. The Prison is on a tiny island in the middle of the water. Took me right back to the Sean Connery and Nick Cage movie, The Rock. I was ready in my Mustang, if anyone had escaped and swam to shore, but I wasn’t that lucky.

Alcatraz off of San Francisco, California


Ford Mustang and Alcatraz San Francisco, California Ford Mustang San Francisco California

Alcatraz San Francisco, California


Isn’t this the coolest trip ever???? What car from Ford’s selection would you have driven and why? Speak to me !! comment below

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