Latina stars of the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine start web series with the Ford Focus and #FearlessLatinas

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I’m all for the empowerment of Latinas. Not only because I am a Latina, but because Latinas rock and it needs to be acknowledged. The totally awesome web series Latinas on the Move, takes two Latina cast members of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero, on a road trip to meet inspiring Latina entrepreneurs that are doing big things.

While cruising the streets, the girls receive messages with exciting tips to their next destination via the SYNC with My Ford Touch. Equipped with GPS, Temp control,  and the works, this road trip is a breeze in the 2015 Ford Focus.  Each destination leads them to a Latina powerhouse, who gives them a brief look into their world.

If your still not motivated, because I was psyched, let me just say that the women they meet are some courageous business women, that think out side the box. Latina women who are in control is the new black. Most definitely. #FearlessLatinas

Here’s episode one of the web series Latina on the Move:

I mean, ABSOLUTELY! What is a fearless Latina? To me, that means, a women who embraces her roots, her culture, her femininity, and doesn’t believe in road blocks. In the words of Stephanie, “Anyone who follows their dreams and their goals without compromising any sense of self” MUY BIEN!

There are not many bosses out here like her. This tough Latina manages 200 staff members and still manages to keep humble, by referencing kindness as an important characteristic of managerial responsibility!

This web series launched on June 24th. Check out the official site for all of their videos:

Did these videos empower you and make you run out screaming, I’m Latina, hear me roar?

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Source: Ford / Latinas on the Move



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