Ford and the car that drives itself : Autonomy and the future of mobility ; Ford Trends 2015

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CEO of Ford Mark Fields
CEO of Ford Mark Fields and I

I think that Mark Field’s key note speech at the beginning of the Further with Ford 2015 conference, set the tone for what we were going to see in the future. Not only what was to be seen in the near future, but what we were going to gain from our experience. Ford doesn’t want to be seen as solely an automotive company, but a mobility company. A company whose interest goes beyond profit and is truly absorbed with the idea of getting their customers around in the best way possible.

“The best way possible” is such an understated way of putting it. I can’t even begin to explain the depth of what that truly means to the Ford Motor Company. It’s actually an equation that includes the customers needs for efficiency, careful consideration of our depleting resources, and experimenting with possible solutions to the growing problems the coming generation is accumulating.

It would be better for me to show you, then to just to tell you of how Ford is coming about doing this.


First off, Ford is doing a lot of experimentation and collecting the data that will revolutionize the options and tasks at hand. Some of this stuff is still in the phases of being explored and some of these innovative ideas are being seriously considered for marketable usage.



According to Ford, accomplishing full autonomy is the obvious wave of the future. They don’t necessarily mean that we will all be driving Kit from Knight Rider, but that we will have options other then driving the car all by ourselves. The level of human error in the world of driving has always been something worry about, but what if we could minimize that, and at the same time, create options that will assist when there are bigger things we need to pay attention to?


This is why the autonomous vehicle is being developed by Ford. Just imagine being late for work and dropping off your ride in front of your job, and having a call center look around for parking for you? I think this is a development that we could all be interested in and it was so exciting to see that Ford is coming closer to full autonomy, with the customer being their biggest motivation.


Urbanization in major world cities, has also led to experimentation with bettering the way we live, in order to deal with congestion and pollution in the growing populations. In London, Ford has been testing out E-bikes that could be used in conjunction with a car. Instead of driving to work, you could drive to the train, carry the light weight E-bike, and use the bike after you leave the train, to reach your final destination. This type of option decreases the use of gas, congestion, and overall pollution.

Peer to Peer Sharing

Another idea, is car sharing, a concept that will allow customers to earn money and provide transportation for short term use to those in need of a ride. All of this could be accessed through a simple app. If you wanted to put up your car for usage, you could register your car and make a good profit. If you need a car, you could save money by sharing the car for the limited time you need it. Again, the benefits of less cars on the rode, due to peer to peer sharing, include: decrease of gas use, pollution, and congestion on the rides.

What do you think about these alternative ideas for the way we get around?

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