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7 kickers that make Star Wars The Force Awakens great


Star Wars The Force Awakens is still breaking records and it isn’t only the mega fans that are bringing this movie so much success. Everyone’s going to see the flick and with good reason. The plot of the story is spectacular. There is so much drama, who wouldn’t enjoy this film? Whether you have been there […]

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Unboxing 2015 Galaxy LootCrate: The Force Awakens & Halo 5 goodies

Galaxy Lootcrate T-Shirt

The Galaxy Lootcrate December 2015 has arrived! I want to point out to you non-looters, that Lootcrate makes an effort to release crates with themes that are related to whats relevant at the time of it’s release, and I truly, TRULY, appreciate it. In October, the crate was released around Back to the Future day […]