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WestWorld Season 2 Ep 1 Journey Into Night

Maeve Hector Westward Season 2 Episode 1 Journey Into The Night

The premiere of the second season of Westworld promised to tell us everything that they already didn’t answer. What’s next for Delores? What will life be for Bernard after Robert Ford’s death? Will all the hosts burn Westworld down and head for the real streets to burn the world filled with empathy lacking humans? But […]

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Karellen tells all – Childhoods End Part 3 The Children


All the feels people, all of them. The end of Childhood’s End was not a happy ending. But I think we all knew that when Milo explained he was the last human alive in the beginning of part one. Through out the mini-series our main concerns involved Karellen’s motives, the overlords intentions, and what in sam […]

Childhood's End TV

Who is being deceived: Is it them or us – The Deceivers Part 2 Childhood’s End


  We are fifteen years in living in a Utopia like world and Karellen is back. There is  something brewing beneath the surface and I have to admit that the guesstimates thrown around go from mundane to extreme paranoia delirium. I’m really enjoying this show– It puts your mind to think and keeps a lot […]

Childhood's End TV

Peaceful Invaders only want to be friends – The OverLords Childhood’s End


Our supervision is vital for the greater plan. 👽☄👽 #ChildhoodsEnd — Childhood’s End (@ChildhoodSyfy) December 15, 2015 Last night was the premiere of the first episode of a 3 part event for Syfy’s new series Childhood’s End. If the name sounds familiar, the show is based on a novel written in the fifties by […]

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In the 80s Science Experiments included Bra Helmets; Weird Science Review

weird science movie review

Once upon a time in the 80’s, it was every teenage boy’s dream to create their own girl out of a Barbie doll while wearing a bra on their head. These moments from scenes in Weird Science, were some of the most memorable movie highlights in 80’s history. But what really had everyone’s attention was the idea that two lonely […]