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October Halloween 80’s Horror Movie Month Day 2: The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead 1981 Bruce Campbell

The Evil Dead (1981) is the type of cult classic that you forget just how good it really is until you see it again. It’s impressive how genuinely thrilling and how good some of the effects are even though its considered low budget. The movie was different from the other horrors of its time with […]

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Trailer: The origins of Dracula – Dracula Untold

dracula untold

After so many renditions of the beginning of vampire life, I’m happy to say that I’m actually interested in seeing the upcoming movie, Dracula Untold. Why? Unlike past movies,  “Dracula Untold” will solely focus on the origins of Dracula, something that I’m used to catching a small summary of. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the closest we […]