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Fear The Walking Dead Recap Season Finale Season 2 Episode 14 Wrath North

Travis Manama Kills Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 14

To all of those viewers who are skeptical of Fear The Walking Dead, this season finale will put you in your place! It will bring life to everything that fans believe. Can’t say that season 3 will do the same, but this finale was everything. It brought back those feelings on The Walking Dead when I could […]

The Walking Dead TV

Recap: Fear The Walking Dead Premiere “Slow Burn”

fear the walking dead slow burn

Fear the Walking Dead is the zombie apocalypse situated in Los Angeles. While Rick is presumably still in a coma in Georgia, Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) awakens in a dusty church full of cluttered rooms. After stumbling through the hallway for the other people that we can only assume are there, he comes across a dead guy […]